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Topic: Help!!! Old comedy magician
Message: Posted by: dearwiseone (Sep 17, 2004 01:33AM)
Hi there! I once saw video of a comedy magician (older) who reminded me very much of Victor Borge. He came on stage with his little cart that said something like "World's Greatest Magishen" and did some comedy bits. He didn't actually do magic tricks, just comedy.
I know this is very vague, but that's all I remember. I know I'll recognize the name as soon as I hear it! Any help would be greatly apprecciated!! THANKS!!!
Message: Posted by: David Charvet (Sep 18, 2004 08:34PM)
Sounds like the one and only Carl Ballantine.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Sep 18, 2004 09:45PM)
Sounds like Ballantine to me also. Did get to see him work at IBM in San Diego a few years back. He doesn't do the magic much anymore but the timing is still there.
Message: Posted by: dearwiseone (Sep 19, 2004 01:28AM)
THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!
I knew I'd recognize the name when I heard it. You guys are great, thanks so much. The next step is trying to get ahold of a tape of him, or footage of his shows. Any suggestions?

-I can't believe you guys got it with my terrible description!
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Sep 19, 2004 07:37AM)
I'll look to get the name of some of the specials he was on. I think most of them were in the 70's or 80's.
Message: Posted by: Dr_Stephen_Midnight (Sep 19, 2004 06:26PM)
Plus, you might want to collect old segments of the TV sitcom, "McHale's Navy," where he played the con-artist/sailor Seaman Gruber.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Sep 21, 2004 11:35PM)
Ballantine is either 86 or 87 this coming Sunday and will be attending a birthday party in his honor.
Message: Posted by: Nicholas (Nov 22, 2004 09:19PM)
I think he used to be on the Ed Sullivan show on a fairly regular basis.
Message: Posted by: Ian McColl (Dec 24, 2004 06:44AM)
Victor Borge played the piano and did comedy.

Message: Posted by: Werner G. Seitz (Dec 24, 2004 07:10AM)
On 2004-12-24 07:44, trunk8 wrote:
Victor Borge played the piano and did comedy.

He did COMEDY!
To compare anybody with Victor Borge is a disgrace to *art* :(

Victor Borge was absolutely the GREATEST..

Carl Ballantine was probably funny -YES, I've seen his act a couple of times!-...but IMHO Ali Bongo's act is much more funny as well as some others..not to slag Carl Ballantine, but I really have problems to get his act compared with anything Victor Borge did...

Maybe there is a BIG difference in the european humour and the american one..that might explain it, nevertheless Victor Borge had GREAT success in the States, so the difference can't be that big :)
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Dec 24, 2004 10:22AM)
I have to say this, it is more than timing that Ballantine brings to the stage.

The stage at the San Diego IBM Convention was huge. Many of the big illusion acts were lost on that stage even with thier huge props and stage sets. Yes, it was that huge of a stage.

Ballantine walked in front of the curtain and commanded that huge stage with his act. It was like flying back in time to the Vaudeville days. A single man comanding the stage is an extremely rare thing to see these days. Balantine's framing is impeccable.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Dec 24, 2004 09:47PM)
I agree as I also saw Ballantine at San Diego. He is a true actor that knows how to command a stage with a minimum of props. Vito Scotto also could do this.

I do agree that Victor Borge is in a class onto himself. It was entirely a different kind of comedy.