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Topic: Amazing body stunts
Message: Posted by: Itay (Sep 20, 2004 11:46AM)
Hello to you all,
I would like to ask for your help:

I am looking for stunts/feats/illusions you can do using only your body.
They do not have to be magic tricks or illusions with “secrets” (such as the twisting arm illusion)-
I just need some amazing stunts that make people entertained.

One example for such: the illusion of pulling the stretched hand from the shoulder, some finger tricks and even some basic contortion tricks etc.

I bought the Andrew mayne’s book "body morphin" (great book)
and the martin Gardner's “encyclopedia of impromptu magic” (great book).
I also heard about the "body magic" book but was not able to get it for a reasonable price.

I also learned some mime tricks and illusions such as the illusion of gliding across the floor etc, but didn’t get enough information/tricks.

The stunts/feats/tricks I am looking for do not have to be magic tricks, rather a nice illusions or amazing body feats (even if I need to practice them hard)

I will appreciate any idea or information.


Message: Posted by: SpAgHeTtI (Oct 16, 2004 06:31AM)
I can give a free effect....It is on this sito:


It's HUMAN LEVITATION I think it's nice.... :)