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Topic: Effect From "Television Dove Magic"?
Message: Posted by: DJ Trix (Sep 20, 2004 03:31PM)
Hello everyone!

I am just starting to finish off everything in my act and polish everything cause I am moving to vegas this summer. I have known for quite a while I needed another dove production and I had my eyes set on this one for about 2 years. I finally want to begin working on it and get it going. In "Television Dove Magic" From Ian Adair there is a effect called "My 'Dove From Billiard Balls'" by Franklin! The effect is that after the the production of your 8 billiard balls the dove appears on the top of them from nowhere.

Well it does say how extremly hard this is to master but my question is, is it a pipe dream or is it surefire when it is finally mastered? Another question, I have no idea how I would construct the special whale bone pocket the effect talks about, I have no idea where to get whale bone and who to make it for me. I wanted to know if some of you guys out there could help me out with this and let me know through here or a PM. Also if someone knows about this effect and could make the pocket (I know a lot of you out there have some you sell) I would love to grab one from you at any reasonable price. This would really help me out guys and make my Christmas...

Thanks everyone,

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Sep 20, 2004 05:45PM)
Hello DJ,

I don't perform this trick but I am aware of it. Whalebone is the commercial name for a stiff piece of plastic used in dressmaking to make skirts stand out full. (See, if you lived in Dixie and saw Southern Belles regularly, you'd know! You'd make sure your contacts were the right prescription too!)

Actually some ball droppers and other cloth sleeves (gimmicks) have it in the "mouth" to keep it closed until you are ready to produce something. Then you just squeeze at the ends and it opens up and the ball, egg, die, etc. just drops out. A good substitute is the blade from a metal tape measure. Just cut it to any length you want and have it sewn into the gimmick.

Using one piece instead of two will keep a container open instead of closed. (It works like a basket ball hoop except that it is flexible.) Look at some of Michael Ammar's stuff and you will find all kinds of uses for it. Of course, it is not exactly what he uses. But the effects possible are very much alike.

(And Lucy thinks I'm nuts because I keep pieces of old broken measuring tapes? Why, I'm an artist! OK, not really.)

Good luck on your move. Enjoy!

Magic By Sander

Warning! Metal measuring tape blades will cut you and they love magnets. (That should load you with more ideas on how to use those treasures!)
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Sep 21, 2004 01:10AM)
Bob Swadling's pull apart holder is much easier for this effect.
Message: Posted by: DJ Trix (Sep 22, 2004 09:58AM)

Thanks a million my friend, all the info was good, do you have any idea where I can buy the effect or construction plans to have someone build it for me? I know it is a pocket and then the whale bone is on the mouth but I am confused as to how the whale bone is placed.

thanks again...


Thanks for the info! Is this the version where the holder ends up wrapped around your wrist? If so I can't use it because at this point in my act I am sleeveless. If not and you can give me more info that would be great!

Any of you guys who make holders and would like to make a custom one for me please please give me a pm, price is not a issue at this point!

Thanks everyone!
Message: Posted by: kregg (Sep 22, 2004 10:42AM)
Assuming that you're using a flash four. You could set up an In******* H****** when you go for the final four.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Sep 22, 2004 11:06PM)

Just think of the whalebone as the string in a laundy bag except the ends don't stick out. Even in a vest, a continuous loop of the "stuff" will mash flat against your body. Weight in the bag has no bearing on the bag being opened or closed. (Empty, it is also a great place to ditch things.) A Velcro spot will keep it flat. I don't use invisible dove harnesses. If my doves look free it is because they are! (That upsets some folks. But you don't have to. Instead, pull the bag wrong side out. I don't do the billard ball thing but it works with a card fan!) To say any more, we need to move to the Banquet Room.

I don't know anyone who sells such a accessory and the world's best magicians' tailor (Slydini) is no longer with us. Ask George Schindler at Showbiz Services if he can help you. He is east and you are west, but the gimmick is very light weight and cheap to ship. Vegas has some really good costumers that might can help you too. The three best places for costume help are New York, Vegas, and New Orleans. Mardi Gras probably has all of New Orleans busy right now getting ready for February. Your new home is an excellent place for costume help. We envy you.


Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: DJ Trix (Sep 23, 2004 06:22PM)
Bob Thanks SOO much!!

I am actually doing the version with card fans! Not billiard balls. So you spoke about saying too much in this forum well if you could pm me that would be great. And I would love to see if George Schindler can help me out. Do you have a E-mail Address of a phone#?

thanks for all your help bob it has been great!!

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Sep 23, 2004 09:09PM)

For George Schindler at Showbiz Services


My regular emails are below. AmazedWiz adresses will usually find me.

You'll like this with card fans and a good birds. You can also pop a balloon and produce a dove on a wand. (Now just where is there a photo like that? Look around.) By the time you straighten your arm the load is no where near you. (Thank God for self-propelled loads!)

Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Sep 24, 2004 07:56PM)
Whalebone is still available in fabric stores.

Another item that might work is a snap open type change purse. It is two pieces of metal (spring steel) that are attached at each end to small hinge like piece. I would cover the spring steel with duct tape and then fabric to take away the sharp edges.

I will look at Adair's book and see if it is something I might want to tackle.