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Topic: Escape show for romaina
Message: Posted by: dave.m (Sep 24, 2004 02:01PM)
I am looking for some cuffs,and other escape props, that I could use in a show that I am planning for street kids in romaina.. I go to vist the kids every year taking them aid, food and gifts there are about 200 boys and girls fro the age of 10 living on the steets in the area that I vist, next yaer I i hoping to rasie money to buy a van or bus that will be used to do a soup run every day,
I would realy like to do a graet show for the kids just so that they can have some fun, I will also be taking the show,around wales to raise awreness of the work I do in romaina and to rasie some money, if any one can help with props I would only use them for these pouposses and not to make money for my self, I have a filmwhich I can post to any one wanting to see the work I do in romaina...thanks for taking the time to read this post....
dave muckell
e-mail dave.m@workwithyouth.com

I would like to thank cannon escapes for there help
and others that havehelped
Message: Posted by: Michael Lee (Sep 24, 2004 06:35PM)
Hi Dave.

Good for you ...Children are Truly a gift from God ! & in this day & age ther IS NO reason for a Child to Ever go hungry / homeless
Children have always been inspirational for many of the pieces I do in my show & you just can never do enough for them ...especialy in a Country of need such as Romaina.

There is much more to presenting a show than only having props.
May I suggest that you invest in a book on The History of Magic or street performing ,also a book on Magic...The Mark Wilson course is a truly wonderful book that will give you more than enough material to do a show.

Can I also suggest that you do a simple 15-20 minutes & leave em wanting more......As Even 20 minutes to some one just starting can seen like a Life time !

It sounds like you work as a single (By yourself) so you should take care when it comes to doing escapes as the best formula is to Always work w/ an Assistant.

Yes the Cannons are 'Pro's & they will lead you in the right direction....A Comedy Thumb tie routine is always a safe bet , a cut & restord rope routine that segways into a Comedy spirit rope is Also another way to go.

In any case Bring Positive Energy, Love , Color & Excitement to your show & you can't go wrong.

Also remember that some small "close up" magic , is in many ways more powerful & Amazing as it happens close up & on occassion in there hands.

Remember that one or two Escape acts are just as effective to begin with at least until you have accquired your ' Sea legs' so to speak

With out getting to Heavy, Try to Convey to your Young Audiance the message that Any Challenge Can be Defeated and thru focus & positive thinking & by instilling in them things like (Education & a positive Work ethic) Escape IS indeed Possible.
David It IS YOUR JOB to instill in them that Hope & faith Can & Will move Moutains.

I wish you all the best, spread Love & Magic & good will during your travels.

Message: Posted by: Steve Baker - Mr.Escape (Sep 24, 2004 09:30PM)

Michael Lee just gave you GREAT advice,take it in,
apply the information, and build on it!
With a good foundation you can take your "MAGIC"
in any direction you choose!

So let your light shine and be a beacon to those
children in need !

May God Be With You,

Steve Baker
Message: Posted by: dave.m (Sep 25, 2004 01:50AM)
Thank to both of you theses are truly helpfuly word that have beentaken on board, I do do some routines but I alway find it hard to link the trick togetherat , no one has ever give me any bad remarks about the show I have done in church I just realy want to get it right for the kids so that they have a gret time...

pleaseif any one could send me some ticks that I couldmake shuch as A Comedy Thumb tie routine is always a safe bet , a cut & restord rope routine that segways into a Comedy spirit rope, please do thanks dave
god bless