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Topic: Fog Behaviour Question
Message: Posted by: MikeJRogers (Sep 30, 2004 07:02PM)
Hi guys,

I have a quick question regarding the behaviour of low lying/dry-ice style fog. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was wondering if an average of say a foot of low lying fog was across the stage and an object was rolled out to center stage, would the fog part? I'm thinking that it might depend on the speed of the rolled object.

It's something I've never really payed attention to during productions I've worked on. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks for your help,

Mike Rogers
Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Sep 30, 2004 07:26PM)
It would depend on the speed as well as the volume of the item being rolled out. The volume or size would be just as important as the speed.
Could the item be further upstage, this may help by not bothering the fog further downstage.

Another option is to use large amounts of low lying fog. Don't forget... there are also machines that accomplsih this with CO2 instead of dry ice. With large amonuts of fog litterally rolling across the stage in the same direction you item is going. This may mask it as well.

Hope that helps.

Message: Posted by: MikeJRogers (Sep 30, 2004 09:00PM)

That's great info Kevin, thanks so much.

Kind regards,

Mike Rogers
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Oct 1, 2004 01:40PM)
Kevin is correct in the CO2 foggers. The key is the CO2 which is the key component in dry ice. It is cold and will hang to the floor.
Message: Posted by: kregg (Oct 1, 2004 04:47PM)
Hot air rises.
Remember, no matter which smoke (vapor) you choose... someone will invariably cough.
Message: Posted by: John T. Sheets (Oct 6, 2004 04:59AM)
It also depends on the size of the fog unit your using, & how much it pumps out. The size of stage your on, & if there are any drafts in the theater. I think the best advice would be to just play with it & experiment. I hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: MDS (Oct 11, 2004 06:09PM)
The fog will part no matter how small or slow the object is rolled out but those make the difference between if it is noticed or not.