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Topic: Ross Bertram's Legendary Magic VHS Vols 1 & 2 (Questions)
Message: Posted by: Turk (Oct 2, 2004 06:59PM)
I notice that L&L is selling the "Ross Bertram's Legendary Magic" VHS (Vols 1&2)series. In looking at the info on the tapes, it mentions that the tapes each show approx 50-60 items but only explain less than 10 effects each.


1. Are the unexplained items discussed and explained in either of his two books ("Magic and Methods of Ross Beretram" or "Bertram on Sleight of Hand")?

2. On a scale of 1-10, how difficult are the sleights needed to perform the magic demonstrated. I'm not asking for an 1-10 rating on each and every sleight covered; what I'm looking for is a generalization overall on Bertram's sleights

3. Also, are these tapes soon to be released on DVD?

4. I briefly saw an incredible card effect on vol i. (It was the first effect shown on the tape). I for get the name of the effect. Is this card effect explained on the tape or is this one of the performance only effects on that tape? The reason I ask is because I had a chance to buy the tape used but I'd hate to do so--only to discover that this effect was not explained.

5. Is Bertram's Card Exchange explained on either tape? (i.e., the one where he has two cards in one hand--one is Tenkaied and the other is openly displayed and he then causes the cards to switch places.)

Thanks for any info.

Message: Posted by: bdekolta (Oct 4, 2004 12:25AM)
Many of the items on the tapes are described in his books. The skill range varies considerably but most of Bertram's material requires some work. If you already have the books or know his "Stars of Magic" material you'll know what I mean. As far as rating the sleights on a 1-10 scale that really depends on you. My scale will be different than yours.

One thing to keep in mind is the sleights Ross uses aren't always the common sleights we've all learned. But the visual appearance of the sleights he uses is what makes them work. I've used material from his books for many years.

The tapes are wonderful to watch and aren't what you are used to seeing in magic videos. Ross and his wife shot these at his home. Some of them are set up like travelogues. They aren't strictly teaching tapes. The majority is performance only.

I believe he does perform the Card Exchange at one point. He does a section with the Tenkai material on the tape.

Bottom line if you like Ross' material you'll enjoy the tapes. If you're looking for a tape teaching you his routines you will be disappointed. Best to have the books and the tapes.

Hope that helps.

~ Dan
Message: Posted by: Turk (Oct 4, 2004 01:54AM)
Thanks, Dan. That was exactly the type of info I was looking for.