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Topic: What happened to the Circus, Sideshow during WWII,
Message: Posted by: Utah Showmen (Oct 6, 2004 11:13AM)
Hi All,

I found this very interesting, What a historic past.

Lee shares his families experiences, what happened to them when the Nazis invade during WWII, then it was the Soviet Union invading their homeland. He also shares his families contributions to the World of the Circus. Their history is show business history!

"For every slice of heaven, you pay with a dose of hell." Lee Kolozsy

Every word of this story is true and historically accurate. I can provide documentation for most of it. There are many who are aware of bits and pieces of it, but it has never before been told in its entirety. It is my sincere hope that the telling of this story will inspire other obscure, aspiring, and struggling Showmen to work hard at perfecting their craft. To hold their heads up high with pride in what they do. And above all… never give up!

Money Makes The Monkey Dance Lee Kolozsy

Wishing you the best,