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Topic: Who wrote the gambling / cheating articles in Magigram
Message: Posted by: Doha Dealer (Oct 7, 2004 11:49AM)
I used to subscribe to magigram years ago (mid to late 80's at a guess) when it was still around and I was still at school. My magazines are now in a different country to me so I can't easily look them up.
I remember there was a great column on methods used to cheat in card games (mainly poker) and other scams. I used part of the material in part of my English GCSE speaking exam where you had to give a 10 minute talk. I mixed in a few effects and demos with some of the fascinating stories, the examiner loved it so much they aske dme if I could keep on going - I ended up speaking and doing effects for well over an hour totally throwing out the examining programme!
Any how I was wondering if anyone knows who wrote the column and if they have any books or perhaps dvd's out?