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Topic: Square to circle routine
Message: Posted by: Ste (Aug 23, 2002 09:40AM)
Hi to all!
This is my first official mail after the greetings!
Basically I works in kid shows (hobby) and I think the for this kind of show one of the most important thing is the presentation of the routine.
I’m not sure to be become a quite good performer for now but I think that in this years I improved my-self a lot. With this word I mean that all that situation created with children like the breakway wand or the nest of wand ….are fantastic for them (I’ve done some examples because I don’t know how to translate that kind of situation in English, sorry!).
One of the props that I’ve never used is the “circle to square”. Since I got it I didn’t find a good presentation of it that satisfy me. Unfortunately I don’t like to use it only as a gag of some second.
So I think to use it as gag with kids in the same manner as, for example, the break wave wand.
I give the circle to the kid say “Can you keep one moment this cirle” I change into square without looking and then surprised to see him with a square in his hand. Then I take again the square re-changing it into circle and so on creating an hilarious comedy.
But I think there are some problem:
- First the change (in particular from square to circle) is not so fast.
- Then when I gave the prop to the child it “fall down” meaning that it doesn’t stay in the right position as square (sorry for translate, I hope you understand!!).
Does any of you use it and try some routine as the one above explained?

Bye Bye
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Aug 23, 2002 10:15AM)
You should be careful with this item and kids, as they can get their fingers pinched in it. (so can you) Its definatly a flash performance type of thing. I have used it with small tabletop items to make a special "magic space" on the table. Some one told me that they saw a guy with doves use it for a apearance and perch.

Dont let the kids handle it. Nothing would be worse than to have a kid injured by one of your props. :bawl: :bawl: :bawl: :bawl: