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Topic: Spark gimmick
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Oct 15, 2004 07:26PM)
Does anyone know where to buy a gimmick that creates electrical sparks? It's for a new routine I'm creating.
Message: Posted by: paulajayne (Oct 15, 2004 07:30PM)
Look up Funken ring -



Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Oct 15, 2004 07:44PM)
I don't know how you are using it. The funken ring is good choice (Stevens Magic has them on sale right now).

If you are using it to ignite flash paper or such, a welding spark striker will work.
Message: Posted by: Andy Leviss (Oct 15, 2004 08:13PM)
If you mean sparks coming off a jerb, you want to look at a gerb or other similar device. LeMaitre makes a couple different devices that can simulate electrical sparks, you can get them from http://www.theatrefx.com among other suppliers. I've used the LeMaitre bare wire gerbs successfully for a sparking "Frankenstein" switch effect on an illusion show I consulted on.

Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Oct 16, 2004 03:35AM)
Thanks a lot, everyone. I think the funken rings are going to work perfectly. I'm gonna get one right away.

Message: Posted by: The Donster (Oct 16, 2004 10:37AM)
Why not also try sylvester the jester. his sparks fly way high. Don,
Message: Posted by: Regan (Oct 16, 2004 10:47AM)
I agree, Makin' Sparks does a good job. It is a little large and more expensive, but it really works well.

Hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: Majiloon (Oct 17, 2004 01:29AM)
Hey- Andy-

Wasn't it a Gerb- that started the Rhode Island Night club fire, and killed 100 people 2 years ago? Aren't these things a little dangerous? If so- what can you do to avoid fires?

Kelly Duro
Message: Posted by: chmara (Oct 17, 2004 10:14PM)
El Duco's sparker -- worth every cent.!
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Nov 2, 2004 01:02AM)
Wanna Flasher from MagicWarehouse
Message: Posted by: MDS (Nov 2, 2004 10:54AM)
Makin' Sparks, by Sylvester the Jester is a great product. It is a little pricey, but it is the best. You need to wind up a funkin ring every time where as Makin' Sparks is battery opperated. With the funkin ring if you wind it just a little to far the guts of it start flying out of it.

Message: Posted by: daz222 (Feb 2, 2005 03:49PM)
"wanna a flasher from magicwarehouse"

On the site, they have a thing called 'the pen' and am wondering is it worth the money? Also I had two 'makin sparks' and none of them worked! cheers, daz
Message: Posted by: Stephen Thompson (Feb 3, 2005 04:31PM)
I was on a flight on the way home from a magic convention. One of the guys had bought a funken ring. I borrowed it and fiddled with the air venty thingy and the call button over my head. I fired the funken ring and jerked like I had just got a shock.

By coincidence as the engines warmed up, one of the panels that holds up the oxygen masks feel off a few seats away and the three little masks hung down.
_________________________________We laughed___________

Another mean one is to use the ring in a lift before other people have a chance to press for their floor. After you getting a shock they will walk 10 flights of stairs before pressing the button.
Message: Posted by: Doug Peters (Aug 11, 2015 07:13PM)
Way back in college, my brother had just bought himself a (fancy-shmancy) soft-touch Nakamichi tape deck.
I happened to have a Funken-ring in my pocket...
The look on his face when I touched the power button ;)
Message: Posted by: chmara (Aug 15, 2015 06:30PM)
I have several Makin Sparks on my sales list, plus a very rare european improvement on the funken ring -- which to me has never produced enough spark to be useful.
Message: Posted by: BILL SPECTRE (Apr 22, 2016 05:22AM)
Does anyone know where I can get hold of a Funken Ring? The better German made ones seem to have gone off the radar. I would have bought a 'Makin Sparks' but I need to create sparks completely surrounded and close up. Makin Sparks is just too noisy and big to conceal. All help much appreciated!
Message: Posted by: Mark Williams (Apr 29, 2016 05:09PM)
Steven's Magic used to sell them. I think they are out of stock currently. Maybe it's worth a try contacting them.


Best Magical Regards,

Mark Williams
Message: Posted by: BILL SPECTRE (Apr 30, 2016 03:14AM)
Hi Mark, thanks for the reply. I've tried them once already but didn't hear back. I guess they're out of stock. Such a great prop can't believe there's not a massive demand for them.
Message: Posted by: BILL SPECTRE (Jul 17, 2019 09:16AM)
Just another cry in the wind for a good Funken ring. Anyone selling the good ones? Have bought Makin Sparks but it's just too big and also, it has the tendency to fire the flint when it's coming to and end, and could easily take an eye out! Dangerous if audience close up. Just don't understand why no one makes them, such a great prop.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Aug 3, 2019 08:10AM)
I have one.

Message: Posted by: John Gerard (Aug 25, 2019 04:12AM)
Any product that is remote controlled and small? I'm adding a prop to my show that needs to look like a malfunctioning radio. I've seen some larger devices, but they seem like overkill for my needs.