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Topic: Go To Hell Routine
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Oct 18, 2004 09:16AM)
In around a months time I am doing an entrance exam into a magic society. I have to do about 8-9 minutes of magic.

Last night I came up with a nice routine, strange how that time where you are just about to fall asleep is the time when good ideas hit you!

This is what I think I am going to do.

I am going to tell a story about a guy wanting to buy a ticket to heaven.
With the trick "Gospel paper tear" (paper is torn to reveal a cross and the other bits of paper spell HELL)
So the guy is refused access to heaven and has to go to hell.

Guy getting to hell and the devil given him one more chance to win his freedom into heaven.
Thus moving to a colour 3 card monte with the guy trying to guess what colour each card is but getting it wrong. Then the ending card being a picture of the devil himself...

That should take up about the time needed. I will run through it just to make.

This is a rough outline, and I am going to include a few props for humour for the colour monte, plus I could use some sort of play on my name because it really is Damien. (anyone seen the Omen films..?)

Would love to hear feedback, advice and anyone's two cents worth!
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Oct 19, 2004 12:17PM)
Why is it the trick "red ashes" comes to mind?
Message: Posted by: Clifford the Red (Oct 19, 2004 10:48PM)
Sounds great Damien!

You could do a nice devious little twist where the story, at some point, is actually you, the daemon, tricking the human, who is the spectator. It's both fun and unnerving when the spectator realizes the story isn't a story after all, they're playing for their soul! Muahahahahahah

If you are going to use a three card monte, you might use Steamboats as the Jokers have a subtle 999 printed on the face, upside down it is a bit more ominous.

You'll find some useful ideas in this line from Eugene Burger, Docc Hilford, Gene Poinc and Bob Neale.

Of course, this all depends on what Magic Society you are applying for! You might end up tied to a stake with a flaming pyre under your feet, not that I would know personally :devilish:
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Oct 20, 2004 06:33PM)
Johnathon... Red Ashes..? Please give me more details!

Clifford... thanks for the advice, I like the idea I'll really the demon, I may have to use that! Thanks also for the names, looking them up now!!
Message: Posted by: paulajayne (Oct 20, 2004 09:08PM)
Hi Damien

This routine would work with the backing music from The Omen -

Play with your name here, perhaps have 666 drawn on the back of your neck and show this at the end, or make it appear, or use the intertwined 666 instead of the devil on the card.

Black candles on the table - flash wool / paper use here.

If you can borrow a Doberman so much the better.

I have a long black cape with toppits that you can borrow.

Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Oct 21, 2004 08:58AM)
The red ashes trick, as usually performed involves taking a strip of special red paper, and burning it.. and letting it go as it burns. The paper falls, then rises up on its own, becoming a grey ash, floating. The performer then takes this floating smoldering thing from mid-air, and restores it. The exact presentation is up to you. The trick does not use threads or wires, and is quite impressive. Just a thought on a related theme of destruction and finding meaning.
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Oct 21, 2004 06:32PM)
Hi Paula, thanks for the black cape offer, but I have never used toppits before, however, if you have a doberman... ;-) Thank you for the advice again, you'll soon have to start charging me :)

Thanks Jonathon, I have a feeling that if I try anything like "red ashes" I will turn the building into a pile of "black ashes". :) I love the consept though.
Message: Posted by: sludge (Nov 5, 2004 06:04AM)
There's a town/village in Norway called Hell...


maybe the final card could be a postcard/ticket to Hell ?
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Nov 5, 2004 08:08PM)
On 2004-11-05 07:04, sludge wrote:
There's a town/village in Norway called Hell...


I wonder if it's hot there..?

Thanks for the idea, I like it alot!
Message: Posted by: JSBLOOM (Nov 10, 2004 07:09PM)
Keeping with the HELL thing,
Force the 3 sixes using vernon switch and table them face down. You can let spectator see what they picked before you switch because they'll seem them again
Deal 3 cards facedown on top of the cards you switched( the 3 sixes)
Deal 3 cards faceup from top of deck above the 3 piles
Deal 3 cards facedown on top of them from bottom
Have spectator pick up packets in any order and give to you.
Show them an even number cards and ask if they want to keep them as is or turnover then table them. Repeat until you have no cards in your hand.
you can go through them more than once:)
Then deal this one packet into two piles
Gather the piles and close like a book ( do not just place on top of each other)
Now, ther should be 3 cards facedown and 9 faceup.
Poker game against the devil.
Chances are they will not beat 3 sixes. Credits go primarily to Dan Harlan.
Message: Posted by: Carron (Nov 14, 2004 10:24AM)
Ticket To Hell!!
I love it lol great brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "go to hell"

Message: Posted by: ivan7 (Nov 18, 2004 05:24PM)
Your participant might start to dislike you or become angered. The end message of the effect (as Ive read it) is that the participant is a looser (i.e. you cant beat me at cards) and is going to hell. Nice message if you want to be a jerk.

Why not change it so they beat the devil (you) at 3 card monte and win freedom. Same card trick, different effect that wont alientate your audience.
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Nov 18, 2004 09:49PM)
Why not do a prediction in a block of ice and end on "When Hell Freezes Over?" letting the spectator be the final winner.
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Nov 23, 2004 05:29PM)
On 2004-11-18 18:24, ivan7 wrote:
Your participant might start to dislike you or become angered.

The tricks I mentioned do not need participants from the crowd, the guy in question is just in the story.

Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions, I do like the twists people are coming up with!
Message: Posted by: Ollie1235 (Nov 26, 2004 03:14PM)
At the end you turn round with a devils tail pinned from your belt?

of course, that's only if your going with the, your the devil thing.

Message: Posted by: Wolflock (Dec 1, 2004 02:48AM)
Cool name. My sons name is Damien too. Same spelling.
If you can get hold of a fickle fire, it can give you endles possibilities too.
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Dec 2, 2004 09:48AM)
Thanks for all your help everyone, I thought the entrance thing would be soon but the date has been set to 4th Feb! :) loads of extra pratice time ;-)
Message: Posted by: drwilson (Dec 21, 2004 09:35AM)
There is a fun routine in Tarbell in which the magician sends a letter to the Devil to discover the selected card. The card is off by one, the magician knocks the extra pip off with his finger. The letter to the Devil bit is funny, the Devil writes back on red tissue paper. You could go really wild with this if you just happened to have a lit candle for the ceremony and the Devil was kind enough to write back on flash paper.

Perhaps this isn't the direction you were thinking about, since the plot makes you a (humorous) partner of the Devil, but with the right performer and the right crowd it's pretty funny. It's the closest thing to bizarre magic in Tarbell.


Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Dec 21, 2004 02:37PM)
IF we're still on about this...

Bob Elliot was kind enough to demonstrate this for me at his magic shop in PA, and it brought to mind a few images...

First, using an 8.5x11 sheet of flash paper
Second, starting off with a crumpled sheet of paper in your pocket
Third, when done showing how the wrong choices lead to "H" "E" "L" "L" you can bundle up all the papers, into a ball... and light them... to have the entire sheet restore
Patter about Phoenix or salvation/Armageddon as you see fit.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Dec 28, 2004 04:48PM)
Personally I would not make the devil the victor.
Turn it around and allow the guy to beat the devil.
People will be pulling for the the guy to do just that.
Message: Posted by: drwilson (Dec 29, 2004 12:28PM)
Along those lines, read "Carter Beats the Devil."

The fun thing about playing the Devil is that he is a liar and a cheater, but according to folklore cannot resist a wager. That gives the magician a chance, if he knows that weakness and has the usual magician's skills.


Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jan 1, 2005 01:32AM)
Playing the Devil can get complicated.
Virtue may be relative.
And intentions are truly unknown.
What is left is one's word.
Which is the Devil's stock and trade... right?
Message: Posted by: Devilix (Jan 2, 2005 06:46PM)
A good song from Godspeed you black emperor would be perfect for your effect.

Its very moody and its made by people who got no hope in life. Very good.