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Topic: Walking through Glass
Message: Posted by: giggalo183 (Aug 26, 2002 12:05AM)
Anyone here knows where I can learn this effect and how it's done? I was told how it was done, but there are miscellaneous points I need to know.

It's very important I get it. I'm working on a new version of one of Houdini's classics and if I get it right it might be one of the greatest versions of it ever, so if anyone can help, please do so. :genielamp:
Message: Posted by: Darmoe (Aug 26, 2002 02:11PM)
Sounds to me like you need to get copies of some of the classic Illusion design books... got to the patent office and request copies that particular illusion... pay someone for the information.

Sorry for sounding so cold, but you want someone to "Give" you thousands of dollars of insight for free... I'll add, information on the effect I'm certain you're looking at, can be obtained reasonably cheap via several different books on the open market about Houdini, Blackstone and the early era of 20th century magic.

HINT... look for the illusions created by P.T. Sielbit.
Message: Posted by: giggalo183 (Aug 27, 2002 12:47AM)
Thanks, Darmoe, but just to clear it up, and from reading my post I see the confusion. I'm not trying to get it for free,--I want someone to tell me what books I can buy and how to acquire them, real magicians don't want things handed to them.

Anyways, I see you answered the question, so I thank you again.
Message: Posted by: giggalo183 (Aug 31, 2002 06:44PM)
Hey, Darmoe, can you give me one more clue? I found a few things on P.T. Sielbit and some of his amazing illusions, but no real definite information on walking through glass.

Just one more clue, like a book I should check out or website that sells it. Pretty please, this begging has to be worth something, right, Darmoe? hehe
Message: Posted by: pyromagician (Sep 1, 2002 07:25AM)
I know solo-x has it.


Well, it has walking through a mirror which can be made into glass.
Hope this helps,