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Topic: Best
Message: Posted by: Eddy (Aug 27, 2002 05:31AM)
Who is the best of them all?
Message: Posted by: Payne (Aug 27, 2002 10:33AM)
I am.
Message: Posted by: x-treem (Aug 27, 2002 09:43PM)
Houdini? Thurston? Blackstone (either), my Uncle Pete and his tired old "coin from your ear" trick at a family get together? Am I close to answering your question?
Message: Posted by: Chris A. (Aug 27, 2002 11:02PM)
A silly question really.

Best escapologist?
Best card man?
Best Coin Man?
Best illusionist?

"Best" is purely subjective anyways. I enjoy the work of many performers without having to have them somehow compete against each other....
Message: Posted by: x-treem (Aug 27, 2002 11:28PM)
OK smart remarks aside, it is often bad to ask, "who is the best," and here is why; The best at the top of my list, may very well be at the bottom of someone elses list.

Some new kid on the block is going to say that Blaine and Lance Burton are the best because that is all they know at which time the "pros" will say, "What are you stupid? What about all the work such and such a person has done."

The battle lines are drawn and people takes sides, "If he stands up we'll all stand up, it will be Anarchy!" (gotta love the Breakfast Club)

In the end nothing gets answered.
My thoughts.
Message: Posted by: AngelMerlin (Aug 28, 2002 03:10AM)
I do think that there are peolple that are the BEST at something. For example, I think that making BIG things dissapear and/or levitate, we have two that are clearly over the rest: Franz Harary and David Copperfield.