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Topic: Performing in Italy
Message: Posted by: Depasco (Aug 27, 2002 03:57PM)
Hi folks,

in September, I`m going to travel to Italy and perform there. Is it possible/allowed to perform there ? Any pitches/cities where it is allowed/not allowed ? How about the police ? Are they very quick in arresting a streetperformer ?
Many questions, I know....I hope some of you can help me.
Message: Posted by: Hoelderlin (Aug 29, 2002 02:38PM)
I don't know if a real "license" is needed to do it, but usually Italian cops are really lazy toward this kind of things, and do their affairs. Anyway, Italy is not a good place for street performers; and now a bit cynic but honest thing to be aware: people will be more or less kind toward you, but will consider you not much more than a beggar. You will have a bit more success in "international" places as piazza Navona in Rome, a bit inflationed, anyway...
Good Luck.