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Topic: When No One is Left to Remember, the Knowledge is Extinct...
Message: Posted by: Utah Showmen (Oct 26, 2004 01:14PM)
Hi All,

"The human race has always applauded achievement. There are cave paintings remaining from the prehistoric era to prove this. Architecture in ruins which is still studied and admired. Music which has survived the ages, and the work of playwrights and artists long gone to dust remains to be enjoyed by those yet to come.

A live performance leaves no trace but a vanishing memory…

Like the flame of a candle, it is departed all too soon. Without a trace. A live performance is an event that lives and dies. The most fragile form of Art. I have spent a wonderful lifetime enjoying and studying the work of the finest Performance Artists of modern history. My Peers. My Friends. My Teachers. My Family.

Performance is the mainstay of the culture of my people. Show People.

When no one is left to remember, the knowledge is extinct…

In my lifetime I have seen much hard won knowledge of Showmanship disappear with the deaths of those who held it secret. This is wrong. I believe that those who learn are obligated to teach.

A flame can ignite another…

This is my mission. To teach the coming generation of infant Showmen, taking their first baby steps, as much as I can, about all that I know…"

Lee Kolozsy

Wishing you the Best,
John Robinson