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Topic: Chest of Destiny
Message: Posted by: Tophie (Oct 27, 2004 10:44AM)
Does anyone have this?
It looks well made...

What exactly is the effect?
Message: Posted by: bloodyjack (Oct 27, 2004 11:20AM)
Its a prediction effect spectator chooses an object and in the bottom of the chest is a single prediction of the object they chose.
TA Walters explains the construction in "Mind Myth and Magic"
There is also a great presentation in Borodin's book 'Sheherazade' both these books are a must have if you are intrested in mentalism or Bizarre magic.
Message: Posted by: Tophie (Oct 27, 2004 01:15PM)
Anyone have any comments on the one made by Tabman?
Message: Posted by: tabman (Oct 27, 2004 07:55PM)
Well, I guess the tabman can comment.

I can say that it is well made of mahogany, rosewood and other exotic woods, lined with 100% wool gaming table (Mali cloth) cloth and hand rubbed with antique oils. The five artifacts in the case are museum quality reproductions of a pre-columbian idol head, a large petrified sharks tooth found in the shoals of Deleware Bay, an obsidean arrowpoint, a cameo found at my grandmother's old place and a blue glass (colonial America) bottle neck. The original artifacts are in my possession and I make the molds in my shop and they are hand painted to match the originals which are set in sculptures mounting clay. I work alone and it takes many hours to make one of these chests and the artifacts contained therein. There are some pretty good pictures of them on my website http://tabmantables.com

The methodology is quite simple and basically foolproof. I have a lot of respect for the late T.A. Waters and enjoyed working with him on this. He outlined two additional effects for me during our meetings at The Magic Castle that I may make someday.

I am enjoying The Magic Café very much and am happy to talk about any of this stuff and help anyone.