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Topic: Escapemasters
Message: Posted by: Reno (Oct 29, 2004 05:02PM)
Subj: Escape Maters Vol. 29 # 4
Date: 10/29/04 5:56:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Rosabellhh
To: escapeartists@yahoogroups.com

Well I am so pleased with this issue of Escapemasters and all the space Cindy got, she deserves it. The one thing that helps you in this business is to be different. Now getting out of cuffs in a Hurricane. What could be more different than that? I am so happy Cindy got the Master of Mystery Award. All her publicity is fantastic, the jail escape, the gas chamber. All Cindy needs to do to go straight to the top in the world of escapes is to keep going. She is already there if she dosn't stop.
Now Tom says he and I decide who gets an award. that's because Tom always runs it by me, but he dosn't have to. He can decide all of that. This club would have never existed if it were not for Janet my wife. She started it years ago , put it all together and published it. I did nothing more than write. Escapemasters was born of a women and now another women, Cindy is giving the group the excitement and adventure that it needs through action, skill and devotion for the art.
And Toms wife Ellie is working hard to make sure with Tom the club remains alive..
So Escapemasters has three great women who are three of the great pillors of this club.
I also want to mention that some of the most valuable information ever donated to Escapemasters has come from Windy Douton. His helpful writings cover almost every road problem you could think of and his knowledge is born of years of hard work and personal experience. I want to thank everyone who helps either by writing or performing so there is something to write about. Manzini is going to town writing and has so much knowledge to share. I am glad he shares it with us. Almost every other day Manzini checks on me to make sure that I am alright. He is a true and loyal friend. His lecture notes are the GREATEST. Sturat Burrell starts his article with, "I am knew to the world of escapology." New or not he has come out of the stall at full speed and is doing great. There is something great going on here and I hope we can keep it going.
The Jail Break by Weasel Dandaw was well done and exactly what we need.
Thank you to everyone for their time and effort.
Norman Bigelow
Message: Posted by: Cindi (Oct 30, 2004 01:36PM)
Hi Norm,
A Million Thanks to you, Janet and Tom! Wow, it really is a gorgeous looking award. Better yet it certainly is "Priceless" , as positive recognition by One's peers always is. It is also great to be included in this Issue of Escape Masters with male escapology counterparts such as Stewart Burrell, Mario Manzini, Dandaw and YOU.
Funny you used the expression "take the Bull by the Horns" as I always wanted to try "Bull Vaulting" in my younger years but did'nt find where any competitions were. It involves a young Bull for which the competitor stands in front of and facing him takes hold of his horns while pushing down repeatedly which in turn causes him to push back and when enough force is applied by him on the final push upward the competitor takes a leap and with the help of the bull pushing , flips their body up and over the bull attempting to clear his back and land on their feet. It's a bizarre event but Knees are too old for it now lol.
Well I sure am glad that you all have enjoyed my escape attempts and believe me, I can't do enough! More time and resources pleasssssse!
Have a lot I want to try and it all will eventually come about.... be sure there is more Cindini in the making. Got to run ... have three escape performances this Halloween weekend.
Be well.
Message: Posted by: WEASEL DANDAW (Oct 31, 2004 04:43AM)
Thanks for the kind words folks.

I have not recieved my copy yet, but look forward to it coming through my door any day now.

It's great to see Cindini receive the recognition she deserves and has worked so hard for.

Way to go Cindi.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Oct 31, 2004 05:46AM)
Yes Cindi Congratulations.
Message: Posted by: Cindi (Nov 1, 2004 06:47AM)
Weas and Donster

Thanks Guys!

"Have you hugged your straitjacket today?" :)
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Nov 1, 2004 08:10PM)
I still need to get one. but I will when I do.
Message: Posted by: GUNNARSON (Nov 12, 2004 10:53PM)
Congradulations Cindi !!!!
I just had a chance to read it.You are doing some great escapes. Keep up the good work!

Also hats off to Norm and Tom for all their hard work on Escapemasters !
Everyone on this board should be a member or is I hope. They do a great job with a wealth of information to beginners and pros alike.
I look forward to each issue !
Dean Gunnarson
Message: Posted by: Cindi (Nov 14, 2004 09:39AM)
Hey Thanks again everyone!
It's awfully nice to add "Award Winning" to the escape resume :)
Well this only spurs me on to try more and more. So in fact, next Saturday if all goes as planned, I will be attempting my first underwater Coffin escape. I created the Coffin a couple of months ago with Halloween in mind but once I was inside it hit me that I would rather submerge it for sure. I really consider this attempt as a "Trial Run". I hope to attempt a more elaborate performance publicly in the future. It's difficult enough to get friends to assist when the "water" element comes into play. The idea tends to freak them out. So getting a public entity involved in it "these" days is another matter of hair pulling Sheeesh! (yes I have been denied already)
Anyway, all updates will be posted on the website. Gosh I sure hope everyone here has as much fun as I do in this art cause I sure Love it!
Sooooooo let's get busy :)
Message: Posted by: SANTINI (Nov 14, 2004 10:24AM)
Way to go and good luck to you Cindi!

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact me.

All the best, Steve Santini
Message: Posted by: WEASEL DANDAW (Nov 18, 2004 10:54PM)
Go for it Cindi.

I'll be with you in spirit.

Message: Posted by: Cindi (Nov 19, 2004 08:37AM)
Hey Weas thanks!
Yes I better work really hard now as I won't want to "dampen" your Spirit in the coffin... (Insert one of those laughing smileys that Riley uses here)

From the Mermaid's Sepulcher