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Topic: Show Off 1 and 2 by Brian Tudor review
Message: Posted by: Roxy (Nov 3, 2004 08:50AM)
Just watched Showoff 1 and 2 by Brian Tudor and all I can say is he has big hands. Cutting cards to him seems so easy because he has big hands. :) I think he did a bad job in Showoff 1 because he seemed lazy to teach. He looks like he needs more sleep. Showoff 2 is a better production in my own opinion because he teaches in 2 angles.

Everything is pure eye candy and the moves look good. For people who can't do the one handed rev, a charlier cut can be substituted, I think.

That's it.
Message: Posted by: in flames (Nov 3, 2004 12:12PM)
He does seem a bit lazy to teach but he was a lot younger then. I don't think big hands matters as much as you think. I put both
1 & 2 on 1 DVD which makes it a hell of a lot easier to go back and forth.
Message: Posted by: saturnin (Nov 3, 2004 01:40PM)
Great stuff, if you are into flourishes, but he does NOT explain well.

Do yourself a favor and skip "Generation X", the explanations are even worst on that DVD, notwithstanding the fact that his voice is 3 times more boring too (always same tone).

Ronnie Lemieux
Message: Posted by: Roxy (Nov 3, 2004 05:32PM)
Why skip Generation X? Is the teaching really really bad compared to showoff 1?
Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Nov 3, 2004 06:23PM)
In my opinion, his teaching style is terrible. Folks doing flourish DVD's need to understand that we are all tangled up with the cards trying to learn some of these moves. Monotoning through each move, one time, makes learning very difficult. Good teachers review, and redo, difficult parts of their routines.
Message: Posted by: Roxy (Nov 4, 2004 03:04AM)
What other flourish videos do you recommend. I already have Cradle To Grave Project, extreme Cuts With Keone, Showoff 1&2,and my CObra vid is coming soon.

I know that many people will say The System, Cap Cuts and Ricky Jay videos but I heard bad reviews about it. Are there other videos out there?
Message: Posted by: CLJ (Nov 4, 2004 04:37AM)
The System as far as I know is getting mostly awesome reviews out there. And it IS awesome for that matter. ;) I wouldn't categorise it with Capcuts, the System is far superior. ;)

Anyways, if you HAVE got down Tudor's material pretty well, I WOULD recommend the System to you, because if you have a basic foundation of flourishing (especially tudor's material) you should have little problem with the teaching in the System.

Other than that, you made good choices buying CTG, Showoff 1 and 2 and the upcoming Cobra. You could also look into Jerry's Encyclopedia of Card Flourishes. It's not exactly a video (it;s a book) but it is a must get for any flourisher. ;)
Message: Posted by: Roxy (Nov 4, 2004 05:54AM)
Thank you for the advice. People are saying that I should avoid Generation X and Showoff with cards. If I don't buy Gen X, I can't learn the Tudor Cut, I really want to learn it , and Showoff with cards has a dozen moves I want to also learn.

I saw Jerry's Book and I can say it superior and no doubt a very good purchase. But books don't do me good. I learn better by watching.
Message: Posted by: ashah (Nov 4, 2004 08:53AM)
Generation X is the worst video I've ever seen, in terms of teaching (I haven't seen any of the other flourish videos though, so I can't compare). The teaching segment is actually comical in terms of how impossible it is to follow:
"Right thumb, middle finger, rotate, revolution cut, left packet move..."

The explanations are highly unclear, and as I said, very very difficult to follow.
Message: Posted by: Roxy (Nov 4, 2004 10:26AM)
Where else can I learn the Tudor Cut? It's the only display cut I want to learn from Gen X.
Message: Posted by: capitalprophets (Nov 4, 2004 11:34AM)
Its really a mess , he doesn't teach at all, just like his other DVD's he takes only 3-4 seconds to teach 1 move or flourish, specially in Gen X its almost impossible to get down his moves unless you watch it 50-60 times , in my opinion I don't think that even 50 times will work , unless you been doing flourish from long time now..
Message: Posted by: Roxy (Nov 4, 2004 10:54PM)
Does Brian Tudor teach flourishes in Heckler?
Message: Posted by: rannie (Nov 7, 2004 09:24AM)
Agreat souce for inspiration , but not for learning. If you are really focused and relentless in learning , you weill pick up on it.