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Topic: Alan Warner Mini-Magic
Message: Posted by: dking66 (Nov 3, 2004 02:58PM)
I think Alan Warner is a genius craftsman! I just started collecting his mini-magic items. Those of you who have some of his pieces... what do you think is his best piece? Also, anyone want to sell their Warner "Millennium Collection"?
Message: Posted by: donsmagic (Nov 3, 2004 03:37PM)
I collect Warner myself. I've had fun with the Die N Dice. The ending really packs a wallop. My friend has Warners Millennium he wants to sell. Please PM me.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Nov 6, 2004 10:35PM)
Not all Warner pieces are great Magic, but each is definitely a fine example of superb craftmanship.

It is not necessarily his "best", but no collection should be without his Mummies IMO.
Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Nov 7, 2004 01:47AM)
His most intricate piece is Voodoo..amazing mechanics, only equaled by the casket in Fool's Gold.
Message: Posted by: donsmagic (Nov 7, 2004 08:26AM)
I've had a lot of fun with his Lightning Box and Captive Card.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Nov 7, 2004 10:53AM)
On 2004-11-07 02:47, GeorgeG wrote:
His most intricate piece is Voodoo..amazing mechanics, only equaled by the casket in Fool's Gold.

This is a good example of the craftmanship vs effect discussion. The mechanics are wonderful, but the effect is just ok. Now when this is combined with other (non-Warner) effects into a routine as George Robinson has done, then you have something!
Message: Posted by: dking66 (Nov 7, 2004 01:48PM)
Lightning Box and VooDoo have to be my favorite... but the Jack the Lad is simply superb! Great magic... and great props!
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Nov 7, 2004 07:01PM)
I still like his wandering mummy. However, the newer ones are not as well made as his older ones. That is generally the case with his props, unfortunately. He is, as far as I know, having other people make the props for him because of his arthritis. The wood doesn't seem to be as well-seasoned.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Nov 7, 2004 08:48PM)
Plus he's turning out a lot more volume now thanks to the increased demand via the internet (too bad!).
Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Nov 7, 2004 10:53PM)
Bill.. I don't where you are getting your facts, but I know for a certainty that Alan does ALL the work himself. Although the choice of teak wood Alan gets from his supplier is more beautifully grained than his older pieces, the wood is more prone to expansion or warping. Storage location is more critical, but as the wood ages it stabilizes. However, I have only seen the problem in some pieces, not all of them.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Nov 8, 2004 12:49PM)

Congratulations! You have probably the most complete Warner Accumulation in the entire world.

For whatever it's worth, we make a practice of "oiling" our Warner pieces once a year (usually around the week after Christmas). Some pieces are close to 15 years old and (knock on teakwood) we've had no problems.
Message: Posted by: dking66 (Nov 8, 2004 01:52PM)
Julie or George!
Can you give me some suggestions on "oiling" and "care"? What kind of oil do you use? How do you store or display your pieces? Thanks!
Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Nov 8, 2004 04:01PM)
Check out my site: there is a link called [url=http://users.adelphia.net/~gguerra/descriptions/teakcare.html]"teak care"[/url] where I have information from Alan himself and from George Robinson. As you see in my site, I now keep my collection in drawers, though I have expanded to three drawers, now. I find this help "insulate" the pieces from extremes in humidity and temperature, This dresser chest is a heavy solid rosewood piece with each drawer section isolated by wood paneling. The chest is in the middle of my bedroom away from any direct sunlight. Had to move out my clothes, but my wife was OK with the idea, knowing the value of the collection. The rest of my magic is now in a walk-in closet, after my wife installed custom shelves inside. Weird place for a magic collection, but it is cool and dark (no fading/bleaching worries, especially on the books).

It's ironic that you said that. Back in November of 2001, I was quite jealous of Andy Martin's growing Warner collection, and news at the time was that Alan may retire due to respiratory problems attributed to chronic inhalation of fine wood dust. I had no Warner pieces whatsoever, then. Well, circumstances changed and because of my friendship with both Andy Martin and Alan Warner, building the complete teak collection was a matter of time. Two of the pieces in my collection were even once part of Alan's own collection, so they are particularly special to me.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Nov 8, 2004 05:34PM)
I had an opportunity to purchase several of his early painted pieces from a Magician from overseas who was visiting our country. I did not because he did not have the actual pieces with him--boy was that a BAD decision!
Message: Posted by: cardcltr (Jan 7, 2005 06:18PM)
If anyone has any alan warner pieces that they want to sell,please let me know by email or post online.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jan 17, 2005 12:57AM)
Will send pictures you requested upon receipt of your e-mail address...:)
Message: Posted by: JL608 (Feb 1, 2005 09:03PM)
Just wanted to enter my vote for Voodoo which is a real fooler. My favorite Warner piece without question!
Message: Posted by: magringo (Apr 24, 2012 06:43AM)
I'm thinking about buying Alan Warner's Lightning Box -- is it self-working or does it require switches? Any comments on Li Chang's boxes or Matched? They look so nice ... thanks
Message: Posted by: simcoscor (Apr 26, 2012 01:01PM)
Hey Danny, those three effects are great and almost self-working. I would say that Li Chang's boxes is the one I prefer of those three : the two little boxes are superb and the inner workings are astonishing! Great item!

Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Apr 26, 2012 02:47PM)
WOW!!!!! What a great display!!
Message: Posted by: magringo (May 15, 2012 08:37PM)
Is lightening box self-working?
Message: Posted by: fregis (Jul 31, 2013 03:34PM)
That is INDEED a very nice collection!
...But (sorry...), I don't see the point of having a collection hidden in boxes...
I love to see my magic collection on shelves everyday!
(Wasn't easy to preserve it from the sun thought...)
Seeing my magic makes me have new ideas ( and makes me want to play with it...)
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Aug 6, 2013 08:53AM)
Simcoscor has many great collections and is a master at arranging and organizing them beautifully.
Message: Posted by: reed kammerer (Sep 13, 2013 08:16PM)
I have a few of these great effects. How often do you put teak oil on them? What is the best oil to use? Any other oiling tips
Message: Posted by: deanbarlow (Jun 18, 2015 11:31AM)
Hi guys,
I am looking for the instructions to Alan Warner's 'School Daze', can anybody help please?