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Topic: Coin Classics vol 2?
Message: Posted by: Jonas (Nov 6, 2004 05:24PM)
I would love to hear a review of Coin Classics volume 2.

A shop im visiting in 2 weeks has it and I liked the first volume, but in some cases, follow ups sucks. :P

SO... Any opinions on the DVD?

I would also like a 2quick little description of each effect in the DVD. (Also which one is not taught as I guess its like that, it was in vol 1.)

Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: dmdk (Nov 8, 2004 09:00PM)
Yes, 2 tricks do not teach.
Message: Posted by: Jonas (Nov 10, 2004 05:25PM)
Exactly, and you might happen to know which as well?

Would like hearing a review.
Message: Posted by: dmdk (Nov 10, 2004 09:53PM)
You can find the review from the web site V Coin Vanish