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Topic: My First Time
Message: Posted by: Jon (Nov 13, 2004 06:57PM)
I had my first time doing magic to people who aren't my friends or family about a week ago.
Anyway, I did the "Arm Twist" to this guy who was apparently a med student.
Well... that was funny ! He warned me not to do it ever again, because it damages the nerves...
Message: Posted by: Regan (Nov 13, 2004 07:42PM)
Sometimes magic can just blow the minds of the well-educated.


Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Nov 15, 2004 07:47PM)
It is thought that the more educated a person is the easier they are to fool because they contrive the effect as more complicated than it actually is. There is an exception that threw me off the other day.

I recently discovered that intelligent people who can think in reverse (like Sherlock Holmes)are difficult to fool. It took me several months to figure out why I could not fool this one particular person.

I tested my theory by giving them a puzzle to solve that required backward (reverse) thinking and they were good at that.My mystery was solved and now I know why they cannot be easily fooled by magic tricks.
Message: Posted by: JJDrew (Nov 16, 2004 11:10PM)
Magic for medical people can be great! This wasn't exactly magic, but my mother is a registered nurse, and I was explaining to her that I performed the human blockhead trick. When she discovered that this meant I could shove a long nail in my nose, she flipped!

"Don't do that! That's a sterile cavity!" (Yes, she actually said "sterile cavity")

I just LOVE the term "sterile cavity!" I use it every time I do the blockhead now. Thanks Mom!