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Topic: Some thoughts
Message: Posted by: MarkTripp (Nov 18, 2004 10:51AM)
1. Why not make the “Table of Death” on a smaller scale? Have a center pole that your hands go around and are secured. The “table” is above with a burning rope, and would injure your hands when it falls.

2. Larger scale, make a REAL guillotine. Make it tall, say 10 or 12 feet. NOTHING is tricked or faked, and if the blade falls, it will cut your hands off. The stocks are solid and you put your hands through the holes and are then secured with the examined cuffs. Need I say Ian McCall? Hands are covered, you work as the rope burns, then the blade falls you scream, shake, then, S L O W L Y, bring your hands up and run then through your hair.

3. This takes some thinking; but you have a hangman gallows. The rope is around your neck, and goes over to a large weight. A burning rope holds up the weight. It falls, you get hung. Of course you escape.

4. Or, larger scale, the “weight” is a trunk with artist A inside, and artist B is in the hangman knot. Each is trying to escape to save the other. The ending gets interesting as it can be a double exchange, a vanish, or whatever moves you.

Have Fun
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Nov 18, 2004 11:58AM)
I like number four. A cute ending might be that the male magician is in the trunk, and it has been made very clear, that if he does not esacpe, he will suffer a minor fall. The female assistant is in the noose, again made clear if she fails she dies. The set up makes it clear that the assistant is angry over the risk that she alone is taking. She escapes first and lets the trunk fall. (of course we'll find out later it fell empty). If the tension is built up correctly, this could be a great way to get the audience into it.