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Topic: The Jacket
Message: Posted by: AceOfCards (Dec 7, 2001 10:46PM)
I was wondering what to do to keep my jacket from opening during my act?

I know Tony Clark says a coat hook and Victor says an elastic band but I havenít used either. What I have been using is kinda like what Victor says, elastic, it is a womens black hair thing. (I donít know what to call it.)

It works but occasionally comes off. I was wondering if you had any ideas or if I should just go get a coat hook?

I also started this topic so if any of you had any questions about the jacket you could post them also. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Dec 7, 2001 10:54PM)
First let me welcome you to the CAFE !!

:wavey: :dance: :yippee: :bigdance: :)

Second, those things called buttons work wonders on keeping my jackets closed. :wow: :heehee:

I have tried using elastic and havenít had a problem, however at this point in time, I for the most part donít wear a jacket.

Anyway, please feel free to tell us a little more about yourself in the new arrivals section! :D


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Message: Posted by: AceOfCards (Dec 7, 2001 11:02PM)
I am talking about tail jackets and doing dove manipulation. On tail jackets there are no slots for the button to go into.
Message: Posted by: Bengi (Dec 8, 2001 03:35AM)
In my dove routine, I wear a white "dove-tail" tuxedo.....and why, may I ask, would you want your jacket to stay closed?

There are many different "steals" to use.....front, hip and tail pocket. With a closed jacket, you are robbing yourself of some very beautiful steals, as well as vanishes.

Leave your jacket open, as well as your mind.....and think of the many opportunities waiting for you inside that jacket!!!

Bengi :rolleyes:
Message: Posted by: AceOfCards (Dec 8, 2001 10:34AM)
I like to move around alot when I am performing, and sometimeís my jacket swingís open and someone might catch a glimpse of clips and holders or even the pockets that I have in my jacket, that is why I want to keep my jacket closed. I do tail vanish and hip steal but that has nothing to do with my jacket being closed or open. Anymore comments or suggestions would help though.
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Jan 9, 2002 01:30PM)
You could get a short length of chain (jewelry quality) and attach a nice button to both ends. Make a buttonhole on each side of your coat, and button the ends of the chain in them. You can get all the supplies you'd need in most craft stores.

:patty: Mary B.
Message: Posted by: Jeb Sherrill (Jan 12, 2002 07:34PM)
I like Mary's idea here. It would be a nice look in addition to its practical use.

I might use a single piece of thread actually looped once through both sides with a needle. That way, in the middle of your act (say when you've already produced several things and there's nothing to see anymore), you could break the thread and move on to other steals and vanishes that would be good with the jacket open. Best of both worlds as it were.


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Message: Posted by: AceOfCards (Jan 13, 2002 07:16PM)
Thanks Mary and Sable. I think I am going to use your idea Mary. A friend of mine who is a close friend to the Hamners let me see his Jacket and his had the chain. I am actually in the process of getting a new jacket. Thanks for all your help.
Message: Posted by: Jason Purdy (Oct 15, 2005 11:53PM)
An old topic I see, but you never know?

Why not try a coat hook AND elastic band? Or snaps sewn onto the elastic and the "mated" snap on the inside of your coat? This way your coat will still flex and you could un-hook and/or un-snap as needed.

Elastic comes in many colors and sizes... as do hooks and snaps.

Some people snap the bottom front of the coat to their pants to keep it in place. Again, you could try this with a piece of elastic for added flexibility.