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Topic: Coins from cards
Message: Posted by: Tysmagic (Nov 25, 2004 09:09PM)
I was considering making a coins and card routine. My idea was to start off working cards then have a spec. pick out four cards. These for cards each have a different coins printed on it, for example the british pound, an american half dollar, an australian penny, and some type of yen. I then reach out and pull each coin off of the card in any order you, ie the spectator, want. Then into a coin routine of some type.
I have an idea on how to pull most of this off. What do you all think about it? Is there already something out there like it? Thanks for all of your feed back :).
Message: Posted by: harris (Dec 17, 2004 11:01AM)
Sounds like a fun routine.

I have used a computer scanner to put pictures on blank cards using clear avery labels.

Although coins from between cards have been around a long time(Jerry Andrus' routine was reprinted in a recent magic magazine) I have not seen coins coming from pictures of cards. That of course does not mean it has not been done.

Are you going to have the cards shown as blank after the coins are "taken off".

You might also consider the tie with coins on it for a similar effect. My tie(a gift from my nearly normal wife) has old USA coins such as Franklins, Liberty half dollar and Morgan Silver Dollars.

Be safe and creative,

Message: Posted by: Carron (Jan 24, 2005 06:35AM)
You could use these cards with the coins printed on them for a little matrix routine it would be a nice touch,

Message: Posted by: timofy (Feb 24, 2005 04:51AM)
Australian penny
What the? do you mean Australian dollar.

Back to my point you could start off with ani-matrix (which is a wonderful Jeff Pierce routine) and then go into the rest.

Watch ani-matrix here

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