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Topic: Very Strong Magnets Source
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Sep 4, 2002 02:52PM)
If you have an old computer hard drive that is no longer any good, take the drive apart and have a look around. Surrounding the coil end of the arm that has the heads on it, is a magnet (usually a pair mounted on metal plates) that is incredibly strong. I have one set where I can put one in the palm of my hand and the other on the back of my hand and the attraction is strong enough to actually be a bit uncomfortable.

Hope this helps someone.
Message: Posted by: MichaelSibbernsen (Sep 4, 2002 05:29PM)
You can also purchase Neodymium magnets inexpensively at http://www.wondermagnet.com.
A large variety of sizes and shapes.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Sep 5, 2002 02:36PM)
Radio Shack has some nice little ones (1/8 to 3/16 across) pretty small but mucho powerful.

Message: Posted by: MichaelSibbernsen (Sep 5, 2002 06:29PM)
Yes, good you bring that up. They are the "Rare Earth Magnets" Radio Shack Cat. #: 64-1895.

Although RS carries many other magnets, these little guys are the only Neodymium Iron Boron variety. The others are ceramic.
Message: Posted by: Timotheous (Sep 9, 2002 09:52AM)
Need to warn you guys about the Neo's

They are so strong that if you have the large ones they can pinch the crap out of your fingers... like a clamp!!!

And can do strange things to credit cards at a distance... not to mention computer monitors and television sets!!!

Great stuff though... You should pick up at least a pair to play with.. IMHO

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Sep 14, 2002 09:44PM)
Yes, on eBay you can get ones that about 1 inch square, and you DONT'T want to get any flesh between two of them!

But these little "neos" have gotten magnets down to a size where they are much more useful in Magic than ever before.

Message: Posted by: Dano (Sep 16, 2002 01:07PM)
Edmund Scientific has a huge selection of all types, large & Small :bigsmile:
Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Sep 16, 2002 05:17PM)
Likewise American Science Center in Chicago. Many magnets. Also all sorts of stuff, weird and otherwise, that may inspire creativity. I never walk out of the place without a bag full of things that make me wonder why I bought them.

Message: Posted by: Merlin! (Sep 26, 2002 05:33PM)
If you live in Canada, there's a company called Lee Valley Tools that sells rare earth magnets for cheap, they range in size from 1/4" to 1" in diameter. They are very cheap, as the 1/4" ones are only 40 cents each, and the 1" ones are only $12.95 for a pack of 5, and the smaller magnets decrease in price if you are buying them in bulk (as low as 28 cents for the 1/4" if you buy over 50). These are Canadian prices, so they are even cheaper in American dollars. They also have other cool magnets (such as spherical, and hemispherical ones). Go to http://www.leevalley.com, or phone 1-800-267-8767.
Message: Posted by: DoctorAmazo (Sep 30, 2002 11:05AM)
I just "harvested" a magnet from an old hard drive (wish I could get the data off of it as easily, but that's another story...)

It's perfect for making a decent-looking Deep Astonishment wallet. Now I can trash that awful plastic thing!
Message: Posted by: Browndini (Oct 11, 2002 07:17PM)
I have bought those neo magnets, but what is there to do with magnets?

I know some stuff like, linking rings, but I need help on some effects, por favor.
Message: Posted by: DarkKnight (Oct 15, 2002 05:05AM)
I buy from http://www.themagnetfactory.com
they have loads in all different sizes.
Message: Posted by: James Peters (Oct 21, 2002 02:07PM)
There's loads of things you can do with magnets! For instance ...
Clip it to the inside of your shirt, and you can do some pretty funny (as in comedy) routines with balancing stuff (2 steel discs, do as I do, and it never falls off your arm/shoulder etc).

James. :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: Amadeus_Magi (Oct 28, 2002 07:54AM)
Hey I see you guys are talking about magnets....
I've encountered the site that sold Neodymium, the world's strongest magnet.
check it out at http://www.indigo.com/magnets/gphmgnts/rare-earth-magnets.html
The magnets are supplied in various sizes and I think it's not too pricey
Hopes this helps
Message: Posted by: MrX (Nov 23, 2002 04:32PM)
For what it's worth, I just ordered my first 2" magnet from wondermagnets.com. I hear they're terrific.

As for the question of what you can do with magnets, let me just say that I sent two waiters and a bartender screaming out of the room by moving a fork and spoon at a dinner table just by having everyone concentrate on them really hard. No strings and you can wear a T-shirt.

PK effects are some of the purest magic you can do, IMHO.
Message: Posted by: bizarrewreck (Dec 1, 2002 01:23AM)
But are the magnets we're talking about here as strong as the Micro 5?
Message: Posted by: Peedlkyle (Dec 4, 2002 04:25PM)
I'm thinking of buying from http://www.gaussboys.com. And I have another question: I know these magnets are as strong as the M5, but do I need one as big as the M5 (2x2x1.5 I think it is)? I'm considering buying a 1.5x1.5x1 Epoxy Coated so if it shatters I don't get cut. Any opinions from someone who has a Micro-5?
Message: Posted by: tkuhns (Dec 4, 2002 11:44PM)
Don't any of you folks ever worry about erasing someone's credit card with these magnets? It would appear that they wouldn't have to stand too close to you for this to happen...
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Dec 5, 2002 01:07AM)
How about magnets to do small levitations? Just wondering.
Message: Posted by: Peedlkyle (Dec 5, 2002 03:18PM)
The credit cards will get ruined but you do have to stand pretty close to them for it to happen. You should be much more worried about computer and TV screens. They recommend that you stay 2-3 ft. away from these. Worries me...but I'm gonna buy one anyways.
Message: Posted by: Merlin! (Dec 6, 2002 11:14PM)
Another computer-related source (in addition to old hard-drives) are old cd-rom drives, some of them (not all) that is, if you can find an old, out of date one (the older ones are actually the ones which have the magnet on them, and are extremely cheap), at a computer store, (be sure to check if it has a magnet on it by the following procedure).

Look on the bottom of the cd-rom, it also sometimes has a warning label on the top warning about the strong magnet mounted to the bottom, anyways, look at the bottom of the drive for a piece of metal which is a slightly different colour than the rest of the casing, check if it is actually a magnet with a paperclip, or something magnetic, if it sticks, you're in luck.

The manget is usually attached to the casing by two small screws. When these are unscrewed, you have an extremly thin, fairly large (about 1" x 3" x 1/32") magnet. This is the only place I know of that you can find a magnet this thin. It is useful for many things --use your imagination. For example, it can slide into places most other magnets cannot (please realize that all cd-roms do not have this magnet, don't stress out if you can't find it, just don't buy it)
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Dec 14, 2002 01:11AM)
Unless you position the magnet a few inches from someone's wallet credit cards will not be erased. Well most credit cards anyway.

If you look at any credit card you may have the magnetic stripe will likely be either a very dark brown (almost black) or a light brown. The dark stripe indicates that the mag stripe is high-corsivity and has a tremendous tolerance to magnetic fields. Visa and MC regulations require that all CC's bearing their brand must be Hi-Co. Amex and Discover have also followed and use Hi-Co. Some cards (such as CitiBank Plat) use colored mag stripe but it's Hi-Co.

"Non-secure" cards, such as gas cards, store credit card, etc., use low-corsivity mag stripe and this could be a problem. Lo-Co can be erased rather easily!

Just be careful where you position yourself and you shouldn't ever have a problem.
Message: Posted by: hitmouse (Dec 17, 2002 11:08AM)
Possibly more accessible and commonly salvageable than an old hard drive are the strong donut shaped magnets which sit at the apex of the cone of old audio speakers. How many obsolete HiFis gather dust in attics and garages?
Message: Posted by: ReaL2ReeL (Dec 23, 2002 04:21PM)
There is a "Restoration Hardware" store in the mall, here, and as I was checking out I noticed a pack of 6 really small, really strong magnets. They measure 1/4" diameter, and 1/8" thick. I grabbed a pack for the heck of it, I'll figure out something to do with them later, but as small as they are, and the strength they have, I couldn't resist. Just a thought.

Message: Posted by: Webhead93 (Jan 13, 2003 11:39PM)
I got six .47"dia. x .11"thk. neodymium super magnets from Hobby Lobby for $2.99. They had some other sizes too. I don't know if you all have a Hobby Lobby where you live but it is a great place to find magic supplies. I also got some Krylon Low Odor Clear Matte Finsh while I was there to use as roughing spray.
Message: Posted by: Bill Fienning (Jan 18, 2003 05:21PM)
Another warning about powerful magnets: Don't get a quartz-controlled watch near one. The magnet can damage the little motor that runs the watch.
Message: Posted by: MxJoKeR (Mar 23, 2003 03:39PM)
Are the hard drive mags nearly as powerful as a neo b/c? I know that a speaker mag
is not.
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Mar 28, 2003 12:56PM)
The magnets out of a hard drive are very strong. I use 4 of these magnets to hold my magic table together. One easily holds about 50 sheets of notebook paper to the refrigerator. :)
Message: Posted by: CardFan (Apr 4, 2003 10:33AM)
I use an hardrive magnet hidden in my sleeve to stop watch and it works sometimes when I hold the watch 2 inches away from it.
Message: Posted by: redstreak (Apr 4, 2003 07:32PM)
You can get some on ebay that can lift several hundred pounds!
Message: Posted by: Robert Black (Sep 23, 2003 10:40PM)
Stopping a watch is a simple thing as the mechanism is light and delicate, the magnetic fields is large on a neo magnet. As an example my amp cabinet sits a little over 20" away from my TV set and you can still see the magnetic fields in the the extreme corners when you have a blue screen from a vcr on. Lifting power on magnets are useless as a gauge of distance strength. I have a micro 5 and it's very powerful, unfortunately not powerful enough for a killer routine I have worked out. I am still on a never-ending search for a magnet with twice to triple the power of a micro 5 in half the size, it seems that is what will be required for my routine to be work. It must from a 9" - 12" distance have a large enough field to reliably penetrate 1" - 1.25" of wood. In short it needs to be able to give heart attacks from across the room. The search continues.
Message: Posted by: CardMaker (Sep 24, 2003 03:24AM)
Robert, good look with your search!
If you found the right one - would you post it here please?
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Aug 10, 2004 05:25PM)
I had the good fortune of getting several old hard drives to destroy and was able to stack several identical magnets together. I put it on a steel door frame and it very nearly supports my full weight.
Message: Posted by: blade (Sep 25, 2004 01:59PM)
I have a magnet from a hard drive. Is it a neo? It's not not as strong as a neo. What am I going to do with it? Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: Magic.J.Manuel (Sep 28, 2004 11:49PM)
Small ones the size of a button are available at Jo Anne Fabrics.
Message: Posted by: ceeswing (Oct 1, 2004 03:04PM)
Blade, The magnet from a hard drive is not a neo
but you can move objects with it.


For all the searchers of really strong magnets

BTW I have seen the new Micro 10 on e-bay
(its a double Micro pk5)
Be very carefull....


Message: Posted by: BlackShadow (Jan 2, 2005 05:58PM)
Strong magnet in a ring is very for various moves. The hard drive ones are especially good and easily available,
Message: Posted by: Dennis Loomis (Jan 3, 2005 02:42PM)
I have a strong magnet under the table in my dining room. When I think I might be doing magic there, I put my Riser/Loomis Micro chop cup under the table. I then do a one coin through the table move. (Just a false placement.) Hand with the coin palmed goes under the table, closed empty hand hits the table above the spot where the Chop Cup is. The hand under the table removes the Micro Chop and palms it, moving the coin to the fingertips. Hand is brought out into view, and the coin shown. I can now produce my Chop Cup any way I like to start my routine.
Dennis Loomis
Message: Posted by: ElliotLachman (Jan 3, 2005 04:02PM)
This is the magnet for the M5, it has a pulling force of 110.5 lbs.

Message: Posted by: indigosteve (Mar 5, 2021 10:21AM)
[quote]On Oct 28, 2002, Amadeus_Magi wrote:
Hey I see you guys are talking about magnets....
I've encountered the site that sold Neodymium, the world's strongest magnet.
check it out at http://www.indigo.com/magnets/gphmgnts/rare-earth-magnets.html
The magnets are supplied in various sizes and I think it's not too pricey
Hopes this helps [/quote]
Thanks for the link but we sold this domain 3 years ago. We are still in business & you can find these at: https://www/indigoinstruments.com/magnets/rare_earth
Message: Posted by: indigosteve (Mar 5, 2021 10:22AM)
Oops, I should have put the new link in simply as: https://www.indigoinstruments.com/magnets/
sorry about that.
Message: Posted by: shaunjay (Mar 14, 2021 12:25PM)
[quote]On Jan 3, 2005, ElliotLachman wrote:
This is the magnet for the M5, it has a pulling force of 110.5 lbs.

https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=BY0Y08 [/quote]

I completely agree with you was just going to recommend KJ Magnetics!

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