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Topic: Bottle Production
Message: Posted by: variable75 (Dec 8, 2001 07:09PM)
Distinguished Guests-

Thank you for all of your wonderful input into this forum. IMHO this is the best on the net. Here is a question I have been tossing around for awhile. I would like to open with a bottle production during my strolling act, and then go into my version of coin in bottle. The more I think of it the more I am not so sure this is a good idea. My main concern is the coin itself. As many of you are aware these tend to break at unpredictable times. That being said I would love anyone's opinion on that set. I think the two effects work wonderfully together and I feel like I need something to justify the bottle production. Any thoughts?

Thanks and Happy Holidays.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Dec 9, 2001 01:13AM)
I think it's a fine idea. Try using two bands in the gimmick--this cuts down on the breakage factor significantly. You might also consider a card in bottle, or card under bottle (as in card under glass) routine to round out the set.
Message: Posted by: donaldlaporte (Dec 9, 2001 06:16AM)
In Simon Lovell’s book ’Simon Says’ there is a good bottle production, you might want to check that out. And as Tom said, two bands,...it does cut down on breakage. Great advice TOM.

don :kewl:
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Dec 9, 2001 06:39AM)
Actually there is an entire routine on the market right now, by Kevin James, which follows this theme.

In it, you begin by lighting a piece of paper (flash paper) and it visibly turns into a bottle that is handed out for examination!

A 50-cent coin penetrates in and out of the bottle - cleanly and visually! You even do an “Explanation” of how it is done by sticking your finger through a ‘trap door’ in the bottle!

There’s even more - you then unscrew the bottom of the bottle (actually comes off) and then in an instant it is screwed back on and immediately passed out for examination.

You then take a cocktail napkin and cover the bottle, poking a hole so the top of the bottle can be seen. Pour a little water from the bottle (to empty it) and then crush the paper into a ball. The bottle has disappeared!!! The napkin is given to the spectator as a souvenir (if you can call it that), and you call it a day.

Kevin James’ Perrier with a Twist comes with everything you need to make this reputation making effect work for you.

Highly recommended.

It’s a powerful multi-phase routine that is perfect for strolling environments and is modular, so you can skip some phases if you wish, or if time allows, perform the entire routine.

Everything needed is provided (except the flash paper).

See it at http://www.magicsmith.com
Message: Posted by: Stephen Long (Dec 9, 2001 09:38AM)
I’ve always wanted to learn how to do that ’screw the bottom off the bottle trick’.

Any other sources where I could find info on it?

Easy to come by?
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Dec 9, 2001 08:43PM)
I believe Daryl has a version.
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Dec 13, 2001 03:26AM)

David Penn does a nice double bottle production - the first production is a Slydini item and the second is his own invention which works rather nicely for table hopping situations when someone orders a bottle of wine or has a complimentary bottle.

I remember seeing Bob Reed’s bottle production awhile back but can’t remember too many details. I seem to remember it being similar to the Slydini production? It’s on one of the Magic Of Jeff McBride tapes.

The most popular production of the last few months is Damien Vappereau & Jean-Mark Sainclaire’s Splash Bottle production from Magic Dream 2000. This, in my opinion is stupidly cheap... the harness alone would cost somewhere near the price of the effect to make yourself - it’s that good quality. You’ll probably see every other dealer demming this at the next convention.

Also check John Lovick’s fantastic "Buttoned-Down Bottle Production" from his Skinny Lecture notes. The Skinny Notes has some of the best ’workers’ material you’ll ever come across... a definite must for everyone!!

Troy Hooser has an effect titled, "Nectar Of The Cards" that produces a bottle from a close-up mat. Nothing too original though - just a visual variation of the Bob Read production.

David Harkey has a nice effect in Simply Harkey. It’s a brilliant book... if you buy one book this month, make it this one!
A few of the items send you on a bit of a scavenger hunt as Mike Close would say, but it has some killer, non card close-up (with a few card items). Message In A Bottle is probably the most original use of a certain very old move (think rowing boat) that I’ve ever seen.

Also check out Sean Taylor’s Coin in Bottle effect... probably the best work I’ve seen on the effect.

Hope that helps!



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Message: Posted by: MichelAsselin (Feb 2, 2002 10:28PM)
Jim Pace has a nice Perrier production as well. His act is on tape and plays very well. And he works out of a vest.
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Feb 3, 2002 12:05PM)
Bob Read's bottle production (as Andi mentioned above) is a beautiful thing to behold; plus NO gimmicks.
On the market some years back was a production of a bottle, using three silks, called -- I believe -- It (or the Thing, or something equally nondescript; any help here?)
But I assume you want to produce an empty bottle (since you are doing coin into bottle immediately afterwards). That makes it a bit easier (the weight factor) so any of the above would work well.
The two effects would, indeed, work well together.
As for justifying the bottle, how about a "confusion" theme: You announce that you are going to do a coin trick, and the bottle appears, leaving you (apparently) flustered; but, having promised a coin trick, you take the coin and etc., etc.
Peter Marucci
Message: Posted by: James Fortune (Feb 6, 2002 07:38AM)
Gone are the days, I think, where I could effectively perform Bob's bottle production.

I think 'cuddly' is the best expression to use :lol:

Hey ho! :yawn:

Great authoritative post Andi as always. (looking for a thumbs up smiley - can't find one - ah well)
Message: Posted by: funmagic (Feb 6, 2002 08:36AM)
I think the effect Peter mentioned was called
'What'. I used to use it to produce my nest of bottles for the multiplying bottle routine, however, I don't think it would be practical to use the prop in a walk round situation.
Message: Posted by: brainman (Feb 16, 2002 05:53PM)
Produce Norm Nielsons bottles and exchange them?

Simply Harkey is a really good book...