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Topic: Which Dice routine (Dr. Sack's routine) ?
Message: Posted by: Talisman (Sep 6, 2002 09:31AM)
There are currently 3 different videos on the market dealing with that routine. which one do you recommand ? I can only afford one right now.

Talisman , Israel
Message: Posted by: RandyWakeman (Sep 6, 2002 12:44PM)
The James Lewis tape.
Message: Posted by: Paul S (Sep 6, 2002 01:04PM)
That would be 'James Lewis tips Dr Sacks' Amazing Dice Trick'.

I have this tape. Soon after buying it I noticed a few variations elsewhere, but I haven't seen these. But I was thinking that if the variations are improvements then they would be worth investigating.

As for the tape 'Dr Sacks' Amazing Dice Trick' I would say that it is taught very well, with both performer and audience views. The repetition aids in learning the routine. Set up moves for each phase are demonstrated with jumbo dice, which was a nice touch. I did think that the tape was a bit expensive given that there is only the one routine, but I did appreciate the detail. I didn't appreciate the repetition of a Bruce Elliot quote. It appears on the back of the box, again as text on the screen as an introduction, and is yet again quoted verbally on the tape. A bit over the top that, perhaps. Not necessary. Taking things a bit too far. Overkill. Belabouring the point. Flogging a dead horse. Going on a bit. Gets a bit familiar. De ja vu. etc.

Paul S
Message: Posted by: bekralik (Sep 6, 2002 10:02PM)
Reed McClintock's The Ivory Connection, which is based off of Dr. Sacks' routine. Has an extra-kicking closer.
Message: Posted by: PaulGreen (Sep 6, 2002 10:26PM)
I posted this on another website. Perhaps it will be of assistance.

Hi everyone,

I can talk about the following tape versions:

It's the Rules - Bob Sheets

Bob is a great performer and thinker. His handling changes allow the use of larger dice. This allows the trick to be done for a bigger audience.

His routine is taught quickly, but with the use of rewind technology, one can easily learn the steps. His finale where he shows all six sides of the dice really does cap the routine nicely.

Dr. Sack's - James Lewis

James does a great job teaching a classic presentation of the dice trick. You get a chance to see it performed before an audience of appreciative onlookers. This allows you to get an idea of the timing and presentational points he stresses in the explanation.

The teaching section of the tape is quite clear and the repetition really lets the viewer see what he or she needs to do to make this trick a winner.

The Ivory Connection - Reed McClintock & Steve Dobson

Reed has taken a "new" look at the dice trick. His routine is designed to be "easy to follow" for the audience. The concept of "7" is stressed to make it understandable.

He starts by producing the dice out of a purse frame and goes into the routine of changing spots from there. It flows quite well.

His finale is a shocker. It fooled me the first time I saw it.

I would highly reccommend all three tapes for the student. This will allow the choice of material and handling that best suits the individual performer. Personally, I have incorporated bits from each of these tapes.

The other tapes that have material for reference are the Steve Draun and Carl Andrews tapes.

I love the hunt! Here's to better Magic.
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Message: Posted by: jerdunn (Sep 7, 2002 06:11PM)
David Regal has a great ONE-die routine in which spots jump around and jump off the die into your hand. At the end a spot visually reappears on the die as you toss it invisibly from your hand.

Anyone remember what it's called/where it was published?

Message: Posted by: RandyWakeman (Sep 8, 2002 12:23AM)
I did think that the tape was a bit expensive given that there is only the one routine, but I did appreciate the detail[/quote]
$20 retail is expensive?
Message: Posted by: Ian Richards (Sep 8, 2002 11:09AM)
David Regal's one dice routine is "Spot Remover" and is in his book "Close-Up & Personal".
Message: Posted by: jerdunn (Sep 9, 2002 12:57PM)
On 2002-09-08 12:09, Ian Richards wrote:
David Regal's one dice routine is "Spot Remover" and is in his book "Close-Up & Personal".

Thanks, Ian. I hope some people go look it up and do it.