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Topic: David Copperfield TV specials
Message: Posted by: 3mjo (Dec 12, 2004 10:45AM)
Hello! I am interested in David Copperfield's TV specials "The Magic of David Copperfield". Is there anybody who knows how and where I can get them? I am most interested in his early TV specials from 1977 to 1980. I am from Germany and all German magicians I talked to don't know where I could get them. I hope anybody is able to help me.


Message: Posted by: TOTALLY MAGIC (Dec 15, 2004 07:33PM)
His DVD has clips from the past. You can get it on his website.
Message: Posted by: 3mjo (Dec 16, 2004 06:44AM)
Yes I know. I own his DVD "Illusion". On this DVD there are only few clips from the past, but I am interested in the whole TV Specials. Perhaps kmows anyone where I can get them.


Message: Posted by: LordM (Feb 7, 2005 02:57PM)
3mjo I have David Copperfield's 15 years of magic, that might have what you are looking for.
PM me or email me if you want: info@joaopedroso.com

Message: Posted by: magicHart (Jan 28, 2006 12:27PM)
David Copperfield #15 was the "Fires of Passion" special in 1993. Copperefield #16 was entitled "Unexplainable Forces" and I believe was the last TV special. The "15 years" was a highlight special reviewing all of the years...I can't rembember exactly what year it aired....logically it should have been after "Fires of Passion." In any case, I have all of the Copperfield specials on tape, separate tape for each year.
Not sure what good that does, would love to get them transferred to DVD...concerned about what would happen to the quality.
Message: Posted by: ChristopherD (Feb 1, 2006 03:37PM)
Copperfield has released the early stuff on VCD in Asia (but not in the west)

I've seen them on e-bay, but be careful, the region coding on the disks may not play in all DVD players. That's why I havn't gotten them. I'd love to have that early stuff as well. Good luck and let me know too.

Message: Posted by: closeupmagician (Feb 5, 2006 06:08PM)
I have all of the Copperfield Specials on DVD. They go all they way from "The Magic of ABC" to "Tornado of Fire," both the American and the International Versions. Truly great stuff..
Message: Posted by: gibson99 (Feb 13, 2006 05:57AM)
I am also interested in finding somwhere to purchase his entire catalog of specials. I probably have many of them on tape somewhere but it would be nice t ohave them on DVD.
Message: Posted by: doublelift (Feb 13, 2006 10:21AM)
If you are a member of S.A.M. they have a video library which may have what you want.
Message: Posted by: magicHart (Feb 24, 2006 04:56PM)
Curious how closeupmagician has all the secials on DVD in both US and International?
Message: Posted by: ChillSauceMagic (Feb 26, 2006 09:59PM)
I have also seen many collections of all of davids work on ebay, but like mentioned above, they are all coming from asia and other countries and might not be coded correctly for american use. I would suggest checking http://www.themagicofdc.com/ for more information regarding these videos.