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Topic: Straightjacket Escape Times
Message: Posted by: mitchert (Dec 18, 2004 02:23AM)
I know that the theatrics of struggling to get out are a big part of SJ escape presentation, but what's the minimum time that a normal person (e.g. one not trying to break the world record) will take to pull it off? Also, how long should I anticipate having to practice until I can get out in under, say, three minutes? (brand of choice is humane restraint). This is a totally new skill for me.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Dec 18, 2004 08:20AM)
I'll say no longer then 10 minutes. it has been done in a few seconds to a few minutes.
Message: Posted by: Arkadia (Dec 18, 2004 10:37AM)
I agree with The Donster, no more than 10 minutes. I recomend less than 10 minutes including the straping with the help of the audience.

You could probably get out of the SJ quite quick. If I was to do it fast I wouldnt use the method I am using right now which takes a bit longer but looks more impressing (I think). Find a way that fits you and try it out. Also, learn how to get out of the SJ in all ways possible. When you have managed that you are probably ready for the stage. (Most often the audience do as they are told and you really have to tell them to pull hard on the straps. But it could happen that I tricky member of the audience wants to make it tough for you.)

And last, but not least; work on the patterline. I wrote mine down and that really helped.

Message: Posted by: AJP807 (Dec 18, 2004 12:57PM)
I usually get out in around 2 minutes, as I choreograph my escape movements to the music I use for maximum presentation. I really wouldn't recommend escaping in less than a minute, even if you are not using music. This will make it look too easy and will not really give you sufficient time to build up suspense. Just my two cents.
Best regards, Tony Parisi
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Dec 18, 2004 01:15PM)
I've seen it done in 50 seconds. and I'm willing to bet the jacket was gaffed. plus it was to close to the top of his shoulders.
Message: Posted by: KerryJK (Dec 18, 2004 05:22PM)
How long it'll take you to get the escape down depends on how fit and flexible you are (make sure you stretch and warm up properly beforehand), how good you are at relaxing and focusing in performance (one of the natural symptoms of nerves under pressure is tensing of the muscles, which immediately makes even simple physical contortions much harder), what size SJ you have and I suppose how quick a learner you are generally.

If you've practiced enough and are in control of the situation, getting out quickly isn't too hard (actually the longer you go the more you'll wear yourself out). Bit boring though, much more fun to milk it! :)
Message: Posted by: Don Randini (Dec 18, 2004 10:20PM)
If it takes more than 3 minutes to get out of any sj, you probably should not be getting up in front of an audience to begin with.

Don Randini
Message: Posted by: RickSilmser (Dec 21, 2004 10:19PM)
Hi ya, Mitchert...as far as the jacket goes, first...have some good patter with lots of humor, always remember that the time you take to do something is not as important as what it is you are doing. If you entertain your audience, the time will fly.

Second, a good music bed while you have the darn thing strapped on is always good. In the years I was doing the jacket, I found that there were dead spots (no talking) especially if you get someone who can't follow directions and you have used up all of your patter.

Third, depending on your presentation should determine the type of music you use to execute the escape. Even though you have used humor during the straping, you should consider doing a serious extrication, the jacket is a serious item and you don't want it to look to easy.

As an added note...after the escape is done...toss your jacket into the audience, they just love that stuff and it's a great way to end the escape.(someone will always return it to you)

Also...if you are serious about doing the jacket, NEVER, EVER, use a tricked jacket. Someday, you'll get caught (advice from Mrs.Dunninger to me). Besides, you can handle the jacket with complete confidence if it's a real restraint...

Have fun, my friend...
Message: Posted by: mitchert (Dec 22, 2004 01:07AM)
Thanks to those who have given their advice. FYI, I'm not anywhere close to performing this on stage, but just experimenting with new things. As far as gimmicked jackets go, I'm definitely all about the real deal. *Any* trick, illusion, escape, etc. that doesn't allow for examination or that has to be done behind a curtain instantly loses 99% of its credibility. Audiences are too skeptical and know too much. You can do the best escape in the world and if any part of it involves cuffs that you won't show off or a curtain, everyone thinks there was zero skill and 100% $$$, gimmicks, and/or covert assistant help involved.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Dec 22, 2004 02:51AM)
I agree but conditions do vary for gimmicked stuff.
Message: Posted by: MarkTripp (Dec 22, 2004 05:39AM)
On 2004-12-18 23:20, Don Randini wrote:
If it takes more than 3 minutes to get out of any sj, you probably should not be getting up in front of an audience to begin with.

Don Randini

How fast you can really get out, is not the same thing as the showmanship and selling of the effect to an audience.

Escapes are a performance art; as such it is the AUDIENCE REACTION to our efforts, rather than our own feelings about it, that need to be examined and worked for.

When I saw the first 10 second escape I just shook my head and said the people doing that knew nothing about showmanship.

There are many things about this question that we do not know. Who is the show for? Is this a comedy club? A cub scout show? Is this a "challenge"?

Years ago with my USO show, the people putting me in the jacket decided to "go their own way" and put it on in such a silly way that the darn thing almost fell off. Now, I could have done it in abvout two seconds...

...of course I did not. Just because they were foolish and made it easy didn't mean I would be foolish too and not "sell" the effect.


Keep those two words in mind.

Mark Tripp
Message: Posted by: TaylorTheGreat (Dec 23, 2004 06:51PM)
I have done some escapes in the past, but wouldn't know where to get a SJ, plus I probably don't have the money. Where did all of you get your jackets? It's not like they're available at Wal-Mart!

Message: Posted by: AJP807 (Dec 23, 2004 08:16PM)
Taylor, way in the back of Walmart near sporting goods, there's a small "restraint" section, look for the jackets there....ok I'm just kidding. There are several good sources for jackets on line. Here's one http://www.cannonsgreatescapes.com
Best regards, Tony Parisi
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Dec 24, 2004 02:42AM)
Taylor you can also get a straitjacket thru pastorclyde and even on E-Bay.