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Topic: The best close-up case I ’ve found
Message: Posted by: Von (Dec 10, 2001 10:23AM)
In my local club everybody has started carrying their close-up and some parlor size magic in cases that were bought at Lowe’s.

I have bought 3 for myself and have ended up selling 2 of them.

They are made as tool boxes. Constructed of shiny aluminum and inside have perforated foam so you can custom fit it to your magic. They are lockable and are carried like a brief-case when closed.

You can put a close-up pad in top of the case and when ready to perform pull it out, close the case and lay the pad right on top of the closed case and perform.

The case lid has a removable foam piece that when the case is closed will press firmly against your magic to keep it from moving around.

Check it out at Lowes

$25 for a good case. :)
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Dec 10, 2001 10:34AM)
Thanks for the information Von, I'll have to check it out. Yea, like I need another case!

Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Dec 10, 2001 10:53AM)
Excellent Von!


Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Dec 10, 2001 12:19PM)
We all need more cases :bg:
Message: Posted by: Von (Dec 10, 2001 06:56PM)
The current price on this case is $20, maybe for Christmas only. Its made by Task Force. :bigsmile:
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Dec 10, 2001 10:21PM)
Hmmmm I like that better then my Kmart close up case :rotf:

Pulling out credit card, time to head to Lowes! :idea: :fruity:
Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Dec 11, 2001 11:10PM)
Hey Von!

I went ahead and got the case at Lowes tonight!

I love it! Holds the props in place, looks nice and above all holds a lot of my stuff!

Thanks for the great tip!

Message: Posted by: Tricky (Mar 24, 2002 07:28AM)
grrr wish we had lowes in GB
Message: Posted by: mikeB (Mar 24, 2002 10:57AM)
Went to B&Q yesterday and bought one of their aluminium tool cases for just over £10. No foam insert but sections you can move around. I'll need to add more and possibly some foam as well. They come in two sizes.

Maybe worth checking out.


Mike :stout:
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Mar 24, 2002 08:50PM)
I am also guilty of owning a couple of these types of inexpensive cases, I found mine at Walmart for $30.00 cdn. Well made and highly recomended for anything you want to carry too be well organized and protected.

Message: Posted by: templemagic (Apr 30, 2002 01:05PM)
Hi. If you go to http://www.repromagic.co.uk you will see an advert for a close-up case that I like and use. It starts as a case and unfolds to create a little table. It is about £100.

Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (May 6, 2002 12:01AM)
Can you be a bit more specific with that link? I went there and couldn't find any ads for cases or tables...
Message: Posted by: JBmagic (May 14, 2002 03:17PM)
This is a great tip!
I thank you very much for this info. i made a trip and picked one up, checked it out at home, and am now heading back to pick up another 6 or 7!

Thanks again!
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (May 22, 2002 07:00AM)
You guys are so lucky...ever tried fitting juggling props into a case like that?! I have a flight case that used to house a guitar amplifier. Looks well cool :righton:


Message: Posted by: Rcitgo (Jun 4, 2002 06:52PM)
I use a leather doctor's bag. I got it from Hank Lee's.I ordered it along with the Magic Box by Arlen.They said both were in stock. I got the doctor's bag in a few day's.I waited a month for the Magic Box.In otherwords they lied about having the Magic Box in stock. :bluebikes: :bikes:
Message: Posted by: berseus (Jun 24, 2002 10:33AM)
For those of us living in England Dixons sells a small aluminum camera case for 8.95 which is excellent to carry your close up stuff around in.
Message: Posted by: bdormer (Jun 29, 2002 03:44PM)
For anyone interested in the Lowes cases - I have 3 (one about 3 years old, two new). The OLD ones (square corners) are slightly bigger and will hold my large close-up pad in the lid without wrinkling. I was somewhat disappointed that the new cases (rounded corners and a tad shallower) wouldn't take my closeup pad without putting a curl in the edges. On the up side, the cases sell (on the East Coast) for about 17 bucks. But now I have one "oddball" case.
Message: Posted by: TOBIAS (Aug 16, 2002 04:13PM)
I love mine. I have three sizes.

I use the small one for almost every day use. It holds:
a close-up pad
6 decks of cards
two packets
2 rolls of silver dollars
4-2" sponge balls
two additional coin purses
3 jumbo coins
cups & balls
4 final loads
peanut can
rubber band ball
3 spoons
4 super sharpies
a knife
a empty bag
two silks
/2 jumbo paper clips
2-2" die
4-1/2" die
250 business cards

Then my small black box I only let special people look inside. It is where I keep MY stuff. Now think is it possible to fit all this stuff in a small close up case? :dance:
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Aug 23, 2002 10:03AM)
I just ordered the smaller closeup case from magicsmith about Three weeks ago then found out its back ordered for who knows when.

Does "we stock what we sell" mean anything?

I hate waiting for packages more than anything else in the world.
Its not the bigger MAK one, its the smaller one for $35
Anyways does anyone else have this case?
Is it any good?
Message: Posted by: MagiclDave (Aug 23, 2002 11:53AM)
I bought one of those regular breifcases made for paper and other things for business men at a yard sale for $5 and then went and bought a drawer organizer that i put into the briefcase and it works sooooo well for only a total of ten dollars!!!

-Dave :bikes:
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Aug 23, 2002 04:38PM)
This one is a very small case, 9"x15"x2"deep
or around the same size as my retangular closeup pads. I will be fabricating a steel frame to support the lid and allow the bottom to drop down as an angled shelf that is also supported. On the bottom of the frame I will attach a flange for a stand. Around that I will skirt the three (outside)sides with a nice red or black velvet skirt.
Message: Posted by: Victor Brisbin (Aug 28, 2002 02:14AM)
I'm kind of a basket case, and now available at just $49.95. But what would you pay? I'll slash the price in half, AND throw in the Ginsu Knives.

Seriously though, there are many cases - how much stuff do you want to haul to your close-up show? Less is more, in my opinion. I like and use the doctor's bag, which affords some audience members a few jokes (At least I hope they were kidding!) I like using different cases for different shows - packed, checked, and ready to go! :cucumber:
Message: Posted by: Vincent (Aug 29, 2002 10:07AM)
Great Ideas!!
For what my 2 cents is worth, I try to keep my close-up act in a case about the size of a shaving kit. Actually, come to think of it, it is a shaving kit. About 8" x 8" and about 4-5" thick. Two compartments that zipper shut. It holds a lot of stuff.
I figure if I need more than what this case can hold I'm either in serious trouble or I have to work a gig that will last about 24 hours!! Ciao,
Vinny D. :die: :magicrabbit: :die:
Message: Posted by: steve proescher (Aug 29, 2002 10:14AM)
There are some bags at Best Buy which are used for video cameras. They are about the size of a doctor's bag...sort of a spaceage dr bag. They have several and various sized compartments, some sewn-in elastic thingies to hold knives and paddles, zippered mesh compartments to hold coins, etc.

some come with shoulder straps and or belt loops. Most of them are under $50.

I've also seen some at kmart and walmart.
Message: Posted by: Packman (Sep 9, 2002 08:27PM)
I found my case at Lowe's hardware. You can check the out online at Lowes.com It is one of the aluminum tool cases. You would not beleive what all you can fit in them!!!!!!!
Message: Posted by: Erik Anderson (Sep 11, 2002 10:28AM)
I've used a doctor's bag for about 2 years now in a number of different restaurants. It is small enough to carry with you. (In a really crowded place I work out of my pockets anyway and put the case somewhere out of the way where I can get to it when I need to.)

And while it doesn't carry everything, I really don't want to look like a pack mule going from table to table anyway so I rotate the material I carry. It carries more than enough to see me through a multiple night of work. It opens on top, stays open, takes up no more space at my feet open than it does closed, and doesn't tip over when open. And on occasion, standing, I've "lapped" a sponge ball or chop cup ball off the table into the open case on the floor.

It's easily organized. I built a divided tray that sits in the bottom using cardboard and black duct tape (it's never seen anyway) for just a couple of dollars.

I've used briefcases, camera cases, tape cases, shaving kits, etc. This is by far my favorite. It looks professional, it fits my style and it fits the places I work. That I suppose is what is important, whatever you use.

Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Sep 11, 2002 07:24PM)
I used to use a Halliburton camera case. It's made of aluminum, has a water tight seal and two locking latches. This case is lined with foam and so rugged that you don't have to worry about airline baggage smashers or run-ins with elephants in heat. Unfortunately, it's rather pricey and so heavy that a few years ago I decided to rest my case.

My substitute is a small leather shoulder bag that I picked up in the Plaka in Athens. It has a main compartment and an outside pocket, both of which are closed by a buckle down flap. When I bought it (cheap) it was raw leather, light in color and quite stiff.
Numerous applcations of Neatslene (a boot grease) have darkened the color and made the leather very soft and flexible. It's light weight, looks good and works just great for me.

Still holding the bag,

Message: Posted by: Apprentice (Sep 26, 2002 04:16PM)
Can anyone send me the Lowe's link to that $25 Aluminum case everyone is talking about?

I can't find it on the site under toolboxes.

Message: Posted by: TiendaMagia (Oct 5, 2002 08:02PM)
Great tips!
I just need to know the equivalent in Spain
Message: Posted by: Danno (Oct 11, 2002 08:48PM)
I don't have much to say beyond what has already been said except that I just bought one at Lowes and it really is terrific. Looks professional, cheap, and it holds SOOOO much. This has really got me organized. Thank you to whoever found this originally!

Message: Posted by: Steve Hook (Oct 12, 2002 01:30PM)
Does anyone have a link to the chest at Lowes.com? I can't find it either.


Steve H :hotcoffee:
Message: Posted by: Tommy1324 (Oct 13, 2002 12:40PM)
I got the same case from Lowe's myself.It was suggested to me from a magician in Atlantic City.Now I was lucky enough to get it autographed by Jeff McBride when he was performing there this past spring.So I guess I'll hold onto it for quite a long time.
Message: Posted by: sebbyg (Oct 13, 2002 01:53PM)
I believe the LOWES case is called the Guardforce 18" Heavy-Duty Aluminum Tool Case. you can see it on line here:

Message: Posted by: M. Perk (Oct 17, 2002 06:38PM)
I don't understand using a Doctor's bag for holding magic gear. Does a doctor use a magic wand when he operates? Of all the Doctors I see or know, not one of them has the old Drs. House call bag. You think someone would make a bag in the shape of a Magician's hat.
I have one of those close up cases that Kingstardog mentioned. Serves it's purpose nicely except for small items get knocked around. I might check out the case from Lowes everyone is talking about. For 20 buck it can't hoirt.

M. Perk :)
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Oct 18, 2002 07:55PM)
I like the doctors bag look. I think it's better than a metal looking case.

It's a little mysterious, leather, old, and wizardish.

And like you say, doctors don't use them anymore so we should!!!

When I have my close-up case open kids especially like to peek in there, etc.

With a bag like that, nobody can see inside unless they're looking straight down on top of it.
Message: Posted by: Russ (Oct 19, 2002 10:42PM)
I have just won an auction on eBay. It was for a "Deluxe Magic Close-up Case w/ Pad". The measurements are 14 14 X 8 12 X 2 34 (a little larger then a 3-ring binder)and made out of oak wood.

The case, when unlatched has a slight tilt up at the back for better spectator viewing. There is a space cut out in the top for an Apollo "table hopper" pad. I haven't had a chance to use it, but I think I am going to like it.

I have all ways had reservation about using something like this in a restaurant environment. With something like this, I don't have to stuff my pockets. Have you ever had someone ask you if you "are you glad to see us or is that a Jiggernaut in your pocket?". :)

I think it is made by Deluxe Magic. Been unable to find an online dealer that sells them. Has anyone heard of them?

If you are interested in what it looks like I'll send you picture of it.

I just though I would give it a try and if it doesn't work out, I'll just try something else.

Message: Posted by: Apprentice (Oct 21, 2002 03:34PM)
Thanks for the links and tips.

I've tracked down a version of the metal close up case where I live. Thanks to everyone.
Message: Posted by: BobSmith (Dec 4, 2002 07:34PM)
Went to Lowe's tonight and picked up the $20(US) case. I've paid more money for some horrible magic videos/tricks/supplies - in comparison, this case is worth WAY more than 20 bucks.

My wife and I own an entertainment business and these cases could be used for microphones, music, and countless other items.. in addition to my magic. :D

This model is from a company called Taskforce. I have to believe you can buy this somewhere besides Lowe's, so here's more info: Distributed by L G Sourcing, Inc. (http://www.lgsourcing.com); Item #24981

Just get one. Hey, it's almost Christmas! :happyxmas:

Bob Smith
ShowTime Entertainment
Southeast Michigan
Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Dec 17, 2002 01:43PM)
I've been looking for a case like that with foam for YEARS and now here you guys are showing me where to get it for $20. SHWING! Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Spade (Dec 20, 2002 07:40AM)
Would anyone of you guys know where to get a good deal on a case in Canada?
Message: Posted by: Leland (Dec 20, 2002 09:19PM)
I was at Wal-Mart just buying everyday items when I came across an overnight cosmetic bag. It kind of looks like a small briefcase and it folds out and it can be hung from a door of any other place and has compartments and large pockets. It is big enough to hold my cups and balls and just about everything I need and a whole lot more, all for the clearance price of $2.50. Talk about bargain hunting. I went back and picked up an extra one for back up!! Keep your eyes open , you never know what you may find!
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Dec 23, 2002 10:18PM)
I went to Lowes yesterday and bought an incredible wood tool-chest and tool-box. The chest is for at home, has a large top storage area and a dozen drawers that hold cards, coins, ropes, etc. The tool box is large enough to hold all of my close-up stuff and looks very professional. Bought them both for under $80!!
Message: Posted by: Chris Boyd (Jan 26, 2003 08:34PM)
The only thing I don't like about my Lowe's $20 case are the removable, repositionable barriers for the bottom section. No matter how you work it, you can't use all of them. I played with them for an hour and couldn't figure out what they were trying to do.


Other than that, it is top notch.
Message: Posted by: MAGICBYTIM (Jan 28, 2003 01:08PM)
I have not had a problem using all the barriers. I have several of these cases. I bought the first one for $75. Then I found them at Lowes. I don't use all the barriers in the case at the same time anyway since some of my close up things are larger than the sections.

I also keep my video camera, mic and regular camera in one of these cases. These cases are very good protection for traveling.
Message: Posted by: Snidini (Feb 4, 2003 08:14PM)
For those of you that do not have a Lowes near by, I have just picked up a technicians tool case from Home Depot for $17.99. It sounds much like the Lowes model and looks great, is sturdy and holds quite a bit of stuff. These are located in the tool department and the sales person said they have been very popular lately. At that price, I wonder why.

Message: Posted by: Faroshuffle (Feb 7, 2003 03:31AM)
Another Lowes Tool Case fan! I bought one a while back from Harbor Freight for around 20 bucks, but it was pretty cheap construction. This Lowes case is GREAT!!!!!

See what happens when we network our sources! :stuckinbag:
Message: Posted by: rowdymagi5 (Feb 12, 2003 01:57PM)
I went to a sporting goods store, picked up an aluminum pistol case. It has removable foam cut-outs so you can customize the case, and of course it is lockable. I paid $30.00. Seems almost exactly like the Lowes product. I would reccomend the Lowes case, seems like the best deal.
Message: Posted by: Gerald (Mar 12, 2003 04:37PM)
For something different than at Lowe's: there are some really great cases at Office Max or Office Depot if the soft sided type is your cup of tea. There are really nice leather cases for around $100, down to nylon/canvas type for around $30. All have compartments and pockets in different configurations and sizes. There are also brief cases, catalog cases and travel carryons which might be of interest.

Message: Posted by: indianajones (Mar 13, 2003 10:01AM)
How do you place your gimmicks with magnets like Raven and Bat to keep them from demagnetizing each other in a bag?
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Mar 25, 2003 10:53PM)
I have 3 of the tool cases that I bought from Lowes. I use one for my general purpose stand up show, one for all my silks, and one for my wireless mic. I also bought a chrome tray jack from a restaurant supply company for $14.00 that matches my case and it looks great on stage. Not a bad table for $34.00.
Message: Posted by: Mysticated (Mar 28, 2003 11:12PM)
Thank God I found this post! I was just saying to myself "Self, you need a better way to carry your stuff!" This should be great! Thanks for the info.

Well, I got the case and then put it all together with all my stuff, realized that it looked kind of empty, and then I bought more stuff!!! Dangerous stuff that empty space is!!! :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: Chris Boyd (May 11, 2003 11:00AM)
Yup, Mysticated isn't lying....he really, TRULY did purchase this case. I saw it with my own two eyes.

Scout's honor.
Message: Posted by: Michaels (May 11, 2003 11:01PM)
I own both the case from Lowes and the one from Home Depot. IMO the case from Lowes is nicer looking with the black tip corners. However, the case from Home Depot is more functional because the corners are square and there is more usable space.
Message: Posted by: lhughes (May 13, 2003 10:01PM)
First off thanks for the tip on the cases from Lowes. In Canada, I have seen aluminum tool cases like Lowes in Canadian Tire (check website) and other hardware stores (Revy,Home Depot). I bought mine in Canadian Tire ( my son bought one as a gig bag for his guitar accessories - now the entire music college wants them.) Great idea!
Message: Posted by: Ashkenazi the Pretty Good (Jun 9, 2003 08:44PM)
You're all fanatics. I like that.

I found the lesser case at Lowe's per the link, but can't find a link or the brand that it's marketed under at Home Depot.

Also, where can we buy the flange for the Eureka table base besides magic dealers? Yes, I'm cheap. I'm still making payments on Grandfather's castle back home.


UPDATE Jul 27 2003


I ordered the flange from Viking directly - they shipped it the next day. Great folks.

As for the Lowes/Home Depot case: Budget-wise, go the aluminum case at either Home Depot or Lowe's (you can find a link in this thread). At $25, the case is amazing, tough,and presentable.

However, rather than sticking a tripod mount onto it, a friend suggested having the case rest on piece of wood which I painted black, and into which I drilled 4 holes for the rubber feet to fit into.

It's stable, looks sharp, and the case doesn't have a tripod mount sticking out of it.

Message: Posted by: R2 (Jul 27, 2003 09:03AM)
If you have a "Harbour Freight Tools Store" in your area they too have the cases at a lower price than the Home Improvement Stores....

I purchased four of them several months back.
Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Jul 30, 2003 09:19AM)
I have a case I bought off of ebay just want to make sure that what you are talking about is the same case. The Lowes aluminum cases have plastic walls, with aluminum edges? :worry:
Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Aug 4, 2003 02:50PM)
Several years ago, I went into a camera store and bought a professional camera bag.

The bag has moveable dividers, so I can configure the interior any way I need, the external side pockets fit my combo cups & balls set on one side and the final loads on the other, thought I usually keep them inside the main portion of the bag, anyway.

The front has 2 flat pockets on the exterior side that are perfect for three decks of cards each, or for a P&L card box or any prop of similar dimension.

The back has a flat, zippered compartment that's perfect for a clipboard, notepad, etc.

Also, internally, there is a mesh bag at the top which is perfect for putting my gaffed coins and smaller items (like reels and ITS's) into for safekeeping.

It has both a top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Cost, though, is a bit high at about $100 US.

But it holds EVERYTHING, wears like iron, doesn't weigh anything, empty, and is properly padded to insure the safety of my props.

Wouldn't part with it, frankly.

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.
Message: Posted by: Monte (Aug 4, 2003 07:41PM)
I have found a doctor's briefcase and that has been perfect for walkaround and restaurant work. Inside it has "slots" what sections of the sides are blocked off and allows perfect space of cards and rope etc. :dizzy:
Message: Posted by: John Macmillan (Aug 16, 2003 08:32PM)
On 2003-08-04 20:41, Monte wrote:
I have found a doctor's briefcase and that has been perfect for walkaround and restaurant work. Inside it has "slots" what sections of the sides are blocked off and allows perfect space of cards and rope etc. :dizzy:

Any particular manufacturer or model number on your case?
Message: Posted by: Neale Bacon (Aug 17, 2003 04:42PM)
I don't know if there is Rona Hardware where you are at, but I saw their perfect close up case.

I went to Home Hardware but the case I saw there was too big.

Rona had a 2 piece set with a large black aluminum case and a smaller silver one. My son and I split the cost as he wanted the larger one for tools, so it only cost me 20.
Check it out! Rona is a chain in Canada that took over Irly Bird by the way.
Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Aug 19, 2003 03:21PM)
On 2002-10-17 19:38, M. Perk wrote:
I don't understand using a Doctor's bag for holding magic gear. Does a doctor use a magic wand when he operates? Of all the Doctors I see or know, not one of them has the old Drs. House call bag. You'd think someone would make a bag in the shape of a Magician's hat.

I have one of those close up cases that Kingstardog mentioned. Serves it's purpose nicely except for small items get knocked around. I might check out the case from Lowes everyone is talking about. For 20 buck it can't hoirt.

M. Perk :)

In ancient times, some did. Magicians, in some cases (wizards, sorcerers, etc.) WERE the local medical help.

Also, magicians are often given to calling themselves "professor" or "Doctor," so a medical bag isn't too over the top, IMPO.

My personal preference is a modern camera bag with adjustable/removable partitions, but, when working for costume gigs, I fit the carrying gear to the period I'm working.

At Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, I use a Sporran (the Scots kilt purse) and internal pockets in the costume. For Science Fiction Conventions, I have a lunchbox that has a Radiation Hazard Label on one side and a Biohazard warning on the other.

For outdoor gigs, I use a photographer's vest—LOTS of pockets, easily accessible.

You get the idea.

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.
Message: Posted by: Dave Schutt (Nov 3, 2003 06:31PM)
Here is some updates and clarification on the Lowes/Home Depot cases. I spent my Sunday bopping between the two stores looking at the cases.

Lowes-"Task Force" has shapeable foam in bottom plus some inserts to section of areas. The top is like an egg carton shaped foam to keep everything in place. Price with tax was just under $30.

Home Depot-"Work Force" does not have foam in bottom but has more dividers to section off the box. The top is like a screwdriver holder. You might be able to fit a TT in the top and various Pens Thru Whatever. The price for this one is $19.95.

There is no doubt in my mind the Lowes model is definitely worth the $10 extra to be able to customize it and have a tight fit when you close it. I suppose the other case could be useful for bigger props but you'd still have to get some foam to keep your items protected.
Message: Posted by: cigar808 (Feb 20, 2004 01:11PM)
After reading all the posts I went over to my local Lowes and picked up one of these cases. It'll work perfectly for my needs. Thanks to everybody for your input on this.
Message: Posted by: Magic.J.Manuel (Feb 22, 2004 10:12PM)
What? Hasn't anyone seen the GigRig.com? Only $1,200 cheap! There is one at http://www.Magicauction.com for only $800 cheap! It is no cheap case, with fine walnut outer shell, slots, hooks and loops for loads. Top opens for a small staging shelf in back when lying on its side, plus, plus, plus.

Granted this is a gorgeous case but who buys this sort of thing? I got a techie work case for my computer tools years ago and another for magic. Plus a salesman's sample case for my kids show and one airline-proof cargo case when necessary.
Message: Posted by: waltsal (Feb 28, 2004 01:30PM)
Some of the most unique cases are sold at Hobby Lobby stores-- they are Indian/Chinese- made wood with leather coverings and straps with brass pins. Periodically, the store puts them on sale at 50 percent off. They look magical and mysterious and I recommend them to those looking for something different and striking.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Mar 30, 2004 11:46PM)
Thanks Waltsal.....I need to check that out. I got a nice carry on from a thrift store for about $4....saw a real nice blue foot locker at another for about $14 but they had already sold it. I too like the unique looks to bring in for a show....