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Topic: Longest Palindrome
Message: Posted by: WhiteAngel (Dec 26, 2004 10:46AM)
I found this the other day, thought I would share.

Star? Not I! Movie – it too has a star in or a cameo who wore mask – cast are livewires.

Soda-pop straws are sold, as part-encased a hot tin, I saw it in mad dog I met. Is dog rosy? Tie-dye booths in rocks.

All ewes lessen ill. I see sheep in Syria? He, not I, deep in Syria, has done. No one radio drew old one.

Many moths – I fondle his; no lemons are sold. Loot delis, yob, moths in a deli bundle his tin. Pins to net a ball I won – pins burst input. I loot to get a looter a spot paler. Arm a damsel – doom a dam. Not a base camera was in a frost, first on knees on top spot. Now a camera was a widened dam.

Ask: Cold, do we dye? No, hot – push tap, set on to hosepipe. Nuts in a pod liven.

A chasm regrets a motto of a fine veto of wars. Too bad – I all won. A sadist sent cadets – a war reign a hero derides. A bad loser, a seer, tossed a cradle – he begat to cosset – a minaret for Carole, Beryl, Nora. We’re not as poor to self.

I risk cold as main is tidal. As not one to delay burden, I don’t set it on “hot”. A foot made free pie race losses runnier. As draw won pull, eye won nose. Vile hero saw order it was in – even a moron saw it – no, witnessed it: Llama drops – ark riots. Evil P.M. in a sorer opus enacts all laws but worst arose. Grab a nosey llama – nil lesser good, same nicer omen.

In pins? No, it is open. If a top spins, dip in soot.

Madam, as I desire, dictates: Pull aside, damsels, I set a rag not for a state bastion. A test I won e.g. a contest I won.

Kidnap, in part, an idle hero. Megastars, red, rosy, tied no tie. Blast! A hero! We do risk a yeti’s opposition!

He too has a wee bagel still up to here held.

Demigods pack no mask, cap nor a bonnet, for at last a case is open – I left a tip – it wets. A dog wets too. Radios to help pay my tip, pull a tip.

Ale, zoo beer, frets yon animal. Can it? New sex arose but, we sots, not to panic – it’s ale – did I barrel? Did I lose diadem, rare carrot in a jar of mine? Droop as tops sag – unseen knots.

A cat ate straw as buck risk cud; evil foe, nil a red nag ate? Bah! Plan it – silage. Model foot in arboreta.

I, dark Satanist, set fire – voodoo – to slat. I design a metal as parrot, I deem it now. One vast sum is no ten in set – amen! Indeed, nine drag a yam, nine drag a tie. Dame nabs flower; can we help man? Woman is worse nob.

Mud level rose, so refill a rut. A nag of iron I made to trot I defied – I risk leg and its ulnae. Can a pen I felt to bid dollar or recite open a crate, open a cradle, his garret?

Sample hot Edam in a pan. I’m a rotten digger – often garden I plan, I agreed; All agreed? Aye, bore ensign; I’d a veto – I did lose us site. Wool to hem us? No, cotton. Site pen in acacias or petals a last angel bee frets in.

I met a gorilla (simian); a mate got top snug Noel fire-lit role. Manet, Pagnol, both girdle his reed bogs.

Flan I reviled, a vet nods to order it, Bob, and assign it. Totem users go help mates pull as eye meets eye. Son – mine – pots a free pie, yes? No. Left a tip? Order a dish to get. A ring is worn – it is gold. Log no Latin in a monsignor, wet or wise. Many a menu to note carrot.

Cat in a boot loots; As I live, do not tell! A bare pussy, as flat on fire, I know loots guns, fires a baton, nets a hero my ale drop made too lax.

If it is

to rain, a man is a sign; I wore macs, no melons rot. I use moths if rats relive, sir, or retire.

Vendor pays: I admire vendee, his pots net roe. Nine dames order an opal fan; I’ll ask cold log fire vendor to log igloo frost. Under Flat Six exist no devils.

Marxist nods to Lenin. To Lenin I say: “Mama is a deb, besides a bad dosser.”

Gen it up to get “ova” for “egg”. I recall a tarot code: yell at a dessert side-dish sale. Yes/nos a task cartel put correlate: E.S.P. rocks a man. I am a man, am no cad, I’m aware where it’s at!

Fire! Its an ogre-god to help, man, as I go. Do not swap; draw, pull a troll!

It’s not a cat I milk – calf, for a fee, sews a button - knit or tie damsel over us. Mined gold lode I fill until red nudes I met in a moor-top bar can. I sit, I fill a diary – trap nine men in ten-part net – oh, sir, I ask, cod nose? No, damp eel.

So, to get a name! I say, Al! I am Al! Last, I felt, to breed, deer begat.

To can I tie tissue – damp – or deliver Omani artist – a man of Islam.

In a den mad dogs lived on minis a signor who lived afore targets in at. As eremites pull, I, we, surf, fantasise, mend a bad eye. No hero met satyr; Tony, as I stressed, won’t, so cosset satyr.

A vet on isles made us sign it, a name. Foe man one sub.

Aside no dell I fret a wallaby; metal ferrets yodel, like so. On a wall I ate rye. Bored? No, was I rapt! One more calf? O.K., calf, one more, bossy! No! Lock cabin, rob yam, sip martini. Megastar was in a risk.

Cat? No, I’m a dog; I’m a sad loyal pet. A design I wore – kilts (a clan); if net drawn, I put it up. Royal spots snag – royal prevents rift.

Composer, good diet, are both super, God – label it a love of art, lustre. Video bored, no wise tale e.g. a mini tale – no sagas seen. Knack: cede no foes a canal.

Pay – as I sign I lie; clear sin it is; e.g. “Amadeus” sign I – lira for ecu, decimal – sin as liar.

Trad artistes pull a

doom, a drawer won’t.

Is it sold loot? No, I suffered loss. A man is god; Amen! I came nice Tahiti (sic).

It’s ale for a ban if for a fast – is role to help mash turnip? Use zoo? No - grasp order – use no zoos. Warts on time did sag.

No grade “X” “A” Level? Oh, “A”! I’d a “B” or a “C”. So – pot? No, we lop. Date? Take no date! Bah! Play L.P.

Miss (a lass, all right?) flew to space in NASA era. Rose no (zero) cadets ate raw. As a wise tart I fined rags red Lenin, we help pay bet – a risk – cash to Brian. I put a clam in a pool – a pool wets.

Mahdi puts a stop to harem – miss it in one vote, lost in one, veto of none. Post-op, no tonsil; I ate; no tastier, eh? We sleep at noon time so I dare not at one; no time stops as I time tides. A bed: under it, roll; in a mania, panic!

In a pond I did as Eros as Lee felt tenrec. “Ink” – list it under “I”. Termites put pen in a way. Democrats wonder, I too. To slay moths a dog did.

I saw elf; elf, far now, is a devilish taboo, rag-naked. I hid a bootleg disc. I, saboteur, toss it in. Oops! No legs! Laminated, a cask, conker in it, negates all if it is simple.

Hot pages are in a mag, nor will I peer, familiar tat, so lewd, native rot. Toner, ewe wore no trace; vagabond ewes do. Oh, Ada! Have pity! A pitiable eel – “Oh wet am I!” - to save, note: bite gill as I do.

Call a matador minor, eh? As I live, don’t! Is torero no rigid animal debaser if tipsy? Ale drew esteem in a matador. A bolero, monks I rate play or go dig rocks; a can I step on.

Go! Gas – it evades a bedsit – set a roost on fire. Boss sent a faded eclair to green imp or dog, I’d don a belt to boot it; if Ada hid a boot, panic.

I mock comic in a mask, comedian is a wit if for eventide. Vole no emu loved is not a ferret, so pet or witness a weasel if not. I hired less, am not so bossy, as yet amateur.

To stir evil, Edna can impugn a hotel: bad loos, hot on Elba: I may melt. Tart solicits it rawer, gets it rare. Push crate open; I ram buses, use no trams.

Did I say, not to idiot nor a bare ferret, to trap rat, strap loops rat? Stewpot was on. Hot? I was red! Lessen it! Fine man on pot? No, pen inside by a bad law. So I made rips – nine delays.

Some Roman items in a.m. ordered “Is room for a ban?” “It is,” I voted: I sat pews in aisle. Beryl, no tiro to my burden, made off for a contest, I won kiss. I may raid fine dales. I raid lochs if I to help am.

Forecast for Clare v. Essex: If no rain, a man is ref. Fusspots net foxes.

Senor is a gnome, latinos’ bad eyesore. Help misses run to border, Casanova, now, or drab hotel.

Ma has a heron; I sleep, pet’s on nose, sir! Rev. I rag loved art live – fine poser. Ultra-plan: I feign, I lie: cedar to disperse – last one? No, last six. Enamel bonnet for a dark car to toss a snail at. In it all, Eve lost; Seth’s a hero slain on a trap – Rise, Sir Ogre Tamer.

Upon Siamese box I draw design. I, knight able to help, missed an alp seen in Tangier of fine metal pots. Tin I mined rages – order nine, melt ten. Tone radios; tones are not to concur. Ten-tone radar I bomb – best fire-lit so hostel side meets eerie mini red domicile. A gulf to get is not a rare tale; no time to nod.

Row on, evil yobs, tug, pull. If dogs drowse, fill a rut. An era’s drawers draw. Put in mid-field in a band I dig a tub deep. Staff on a remit did refill a minaret.

Sam’s a name held in a flat, or, sir, bedsit. I wonder, is it illicit ore? No ties? A bit under? Retarded? Is ‘owt amiss? I’m on pot; not so Cecil, a posh guy a hero met. A red date was not to last so Cecil sat.

Tip? An iota to pay, a dot; sad, I drop item. I’d ask, call, Odin, a Norseman’s god: “Pay payee we owe radio dosh o.n.o.” I to me? No, I to media.

Peril in golf – is ball a “fore”? K.O.!

Vexed I am re my raw desires. Alto has eye on nose but tone-muser pianist is level-eyed. I lost a tie. Blast! In uni no grades are musts. Avast! Never port! Sea may be rut.

Part on rose? - It’s a petal. Define metal:

Tin is … (I gulp!) can!

I am a fine posse man, I pull a ton. Ron, a man I put on, I made suffer of evil emu’s sadism. Leo’s never a baron - a bad loss but evil – topple him, Leo’s lad. Assign a pen, can I? A pal is note decoding.

Is damp mule tail-less? No, ill; I breed for its tone. Radio speed, to grower, grew. Open a lot? No, stamp it; if for a free peso – not ecu -deign it. Times ago stone rates, e.g. at Scilly, display a wont.

No wish to get a design I, Sir Des, I’ve let? No bus sees Xmas fir. O.K. – cab – tart it up; tie lots – diamond, log or tinsel; first end errata edit. So “le vin (A.C.)”, Martini, Pils lager, one tonic.

I pegged a ball up to here when I got a top star role, Beryl. Gun is too big – won’t I menace? Yes? No?

Ill? A cold? Abet icecap’s nip. U.S.A. meets E.E.C. inside tacit sale – see! Beg a cotton tie, ma! No trial, so dodo traps exist. Arabs under-admire card label good hood stole.

In rage erupted Etna. Will a rotunda, bare villa, to tyro. Lack car? Non-U! Get a mini! My, my, Ella, more drums per gong; get a frog – nil less. Rod, never ever sneer. Got to?

I disperse last pair of devils (ah!) here today or else order cash to breed emus. Said I: “Are both superlative?” C.I.D. assign it lemon peel still. I wore halo of one bottle from a ref (football) – a tip; so hit last ego slap a mate got.

Late p.m. I saw gnu here (non-a.m.) or an idea got a dog to nod – I made felt to boot.

Fill in a lad? Nay, not all, Edna – lash to buoy. Did you biff one Venus? Not I! “Broth, girl!” ladies ordered – “No, with gin!” – a fine plate, maybe suet; no carton I made rots in it.

Med: a hill, Etna, clears in it. Ali, Emir, to slap in/slam in. All in all I made bad losers sign it – alibi. Set a lap for a level bat.

A bed, sir, eh? To put cat now? Drat! Such an idyll of a dog’s lair! That`s it, open it – a cage! Big nit sent rat! Some day (A.D.) send ewe. No, draw a pot now, do! Of wary rat in a six ton tub.

Edna, ask satyr: “Tel. a.m.?” No, tel. p.m.; Israeli tuner is damp. Use item: “Anna Regina”. No! Dye main room (“salle”) red!

Nice caps for a sea cadet in U.S.A. – Now I, space cadet, am it, sea vessel rep. Pin it on Maria, help Maria fondle her fine hotpot. No! Meet; set up to net, avoid a lesion. Set acid arena: Bruno one, Reg nil. Like it to sign in? Even I am nine-toed! I vote votes.

Oh, can a nose-rut annoy? No, best is Dorset. I know, as liar, to snoop, malign. “I’ll order it to get a bedroom door,” began a miser I fed.

Am I to peer, fan? Is a door by metal? Ere sun-up, drowse, nod, lose magnet. Food? Buns? I’ll ask. Corn? I’ll ask. Corn – I snack. Cats snack (cold rat). Sum for a bag: nil. First, is remit “traps in net”? Yes, on a par. Coots yell over a dam I made. Bared nudist went a foot, I made roots. I tip a canon: “Row, sir, at same tide; man one: row tug.”

Sewer of denim axes a wide tail – a terror recipe to hero made manic. I, to resign? I ? Never!

“OFT I FELT ITS SENSUOUSNESS” – title fit for evening is erotic; I named a more hot epic – error retaliated – I was examined for ewe’s gut, wore no named item.

A star is worn on a cap, it is too red. Am I too fat? Newts I’d under a bed. Am I mad? Are volleys too crap? A nosey tennis part-timer sits rifling a bar of mustard.

Lock cans, stack cans in rocks, all in rocks, all I snub. Do often games, old ones, word-pun use; relate, my brood, as in a free pot I made fires, I manage brood. Moor debate got tired rolling, I lampoon, so trail saw on kites.

Rod sits, ebony on nature, so Nana chose to veto video. Ten in main evening is O.T.T. i.e. killing; Ere noon, urban eradicates noise, lad, I ovate not. Put esteem on top (to hen, if reheld).

No fair ample hair – am not I nipper-less? Eva estimated ace caps I won as united. A Caesar of space, Cinderella’s moor, Niamey Don (a Niger-an name), ties up mad sire, nut! I, Lear, simpleton male, try tasks “A” and “E”

but not “XI”. Sanitary raw food won top award one Wednesday – a demo.

Start nesting, I beg a cat. I? Nepotist? Ah, trials, God! A folly, Dinah, custard won’t act up; other is debatable. Velar: of palate; sibilating is “s”.

Resold: a bed, a mill, an ill animal – snip, also trim. Eilat in Israel can tell I had ‘em. Tin I stored (am I not raconteuse?) by a metal pen. If a night, I wondered, rose, I’d all right orbit on sun, even off.

I buoy, did you? Both Sal and Ella, Tony and Alan (“Ill if too bottle-fed, am I?”) do not. God! A toga! Ed in a Roman one, rehung! Was I, M.P. et al., to get a map? Also get salt? I, hospital lab to offer, am, or felt to be, no fool – a hero.

Will it sleep? No, melting is sad ice. Vital re-push to be raid, I assume. Deer, both sacred roes, Leroy (a doter, eh?) has lived for. I, apt sales rep’s idiot to greens, revere vendors selling or fat egg-nog reps.

Murder O’Malley, my mini mate – gun on rack. Calory total: liver, a bad nut or all I wanted (“et puree garnie”): lots. “Do, oh do, ogle bald racer,” I’m dared – N.U.S. bar at six.

Esparto, dodo’s lair to name it, not to cage bees, elasticated, is nice. Esteem, as up in space, cite bad local lions, eye can emit now. G.I. boots in ugly rebel or rat’s potato gin (eh?) were hot. Pull a bad egg – epic, I note, no regal slip in it. Ram can … (I’ve lost idea!)

Tarred nets, rifles, nitro, gold – no maid stole it. Put it, rat, back or if Sam (“X”) sees sub on televised rising, I sedate Goths. I won’t – no way.

Alps, idyllic stage set, are not so gas-emitting, I educe. To nose, peer, far off, I tip mats onto lane. Power grew or got deep so I dare not stir. Of deer, billions sell. I ate lump – mad sign, I do cede – tonsil a pain, acne pang is sad also. Elm I help pot, live – tub’s sold; a ban or a bar, even so, elms, I’d assume, live for. Effused am I not, up in a manor, not all up in a mess.

Open if a main A.C. plug is in it.

Late men I fed late – pasties or not. “Rapture” by a maestro prevents a vast sum erased.

Argon in units, albeit at solid eye level, sits in a … (I presume not) … tube, son. No eyes: a hot laser – is Ed wary?

Mermaid, ex- evoker of all A.B.s, I flog. Nil I repaid. Emotion! Emotion, oh so do I dare, woe!

Wee yap-yap dog’s name’s Ron. An idol lacks a dime tip, or did, as today a potato in a pitta slice costs a lot – tons. A wet adder ate more hay. Ugh! So, pal, ice cost on top? No, miss, I’m a two-sided rat, erred nut, I base it on erotic ill; It is I, red now; it is debris, rot.

Alf, an idle he-man as “master animal lifer” did time, ran off at speed, but a G.I. did nab an idle if dim nit. Upwards rewards are natural life’s words, God. Fill up guts, boy, live now or do not emit one later. A rat on site got flu.

Gaelic, I’m odd Erin, I’m Eire, esteemed islet. So hostile rifts ebb. Mob, I.R.A., dare not net R.U.C. – no cotton. Erase not, so I dare not nettle men in red rose garden – I’m in it.

Stop late men if foreign at nine. Esplanades, simple hotel, bath, gin – king is Edward IX; obese; Ma is no pure mater. Go! Rise, sir; part anon.

I also rehash tests – ‘O’ Level Latin, Italian. S.A.S., so, to track radar. Often nobleman exists alone – not sales reps – I do. Trade ceiling, i.e. final part, lures open if evil trade.

Volga River rises on no steppe. Elsinore has a hamlet – Oh, Bard, row on Avon!

A sacred robot nurses simple hero’s eye; dabs on it a lemon. Gas, iron, Essex often stops, suffers in a mania. Ron fixes several crofts, acer of maple. Hot, I fish; cold, I arise laden; if diary amiss, I know it set no car off. Foe-damned ruby motor, it only rebels.

Ian I swept aside to visit, in a bar of moorside red, Romanis met in a more mossy ale den. Inspired am I, Oswald. A bay bed is nine p on top. No name, niftiness- elder saw it. Oh no! Saw top wet star’s pool – part star, part otter. Refer a baron to idiot, Tony, as I did.

Smart ones use submarine.

Poet, arch-super-artiste, grew artistic. I lost rattle; my amiable, not oh so old, able to hang up, mina, can deliver it, so true. “Ta, matey!” – says so Boston (Mass.) elder I hit.

On file S.A.E. was sent – I wrote poster re fat on side, volume one – loved it, never off it, I was in. Aide mocks a manic; I mock comic, I nap: too bad I had a fit, I too. Bottle ban odd, I go drop mine, ergo trial ceded a fatness, sober if not so, or a test is debased.

A vet is agog – no pet’s in a cask – corgi dog, royal pet, a risk no more.

Lob a rod at a man I meet. Sewer delays pit fires – a bedlam in a dig – iron ore rots it. No devil is a hero – Nimrod.

At a mall a cod is all I get. I bet on Eva, so Tim ate whole eel bait, I pay tip, Eva had a hood sewed. No B.A. gave car to Nero, we were not to rev it and we lost a trail; I’m a free pill, I wrong a man. I erase gap; to help miss it, I fill a set. A gent in ire knocks a cadet.

Animals’ gel on spoon – it is so true to basics – I’d gel; too bad I hide kangaroo baths – I lived as I won raffle, flew as I did go, dash, to my, also too tired now, star comedy: A wan, inept, upset I’m retired, nut; its ilk, nicer. Nettle feels a sore; sad, I did no panic in a pain, am an ill or tired, nude, based item; it is a spot.

Semitone, not a tone, radios emit; no, on tape; elsewhere it’s a tone.

Tail is not on; pots open on foot, even on it, so let oven (on, it is) simmer – a hotpot’s a stupid ham stew.

Loop a loop, animal – cat up in air.

Both sacks I rate by apple hewn in elder’s garden if it rates, I was aware – tasted a core.

Zones or areas, Annie, cap, so twelfth girl, lass, alas, simply (alpha beta) done, Kate. Tadpole won top Oscar, Obadiah, “O” Level axed.

Argon gas did emit no straw, so ozone sure drops argon, oozes up in Ruth’s ample hotel or sits afar off in a bar – of elastic, is it?

I hate cinema; cinema dogs in a mass. Older effusion to old – lost, is it now? Reward: a mood.

All upsets it.

Radar trails an Islamic educer of a riling issue, damages it in Israel. Ceiling is, I say, a plan, a case of one deck. Can knees sag as one Latin image elates, I wonder?

Oboe diverts ultra foe, volatile bald ogre – push to berate; I’d do, ogre. So, p.m., Oct. first, never play organ’s stops – lay or put it up in ward ten.

Final cast like rowing – I sedate play, old as am I, God! Am I! On tacks I ran; I saw rats. A Gemini tramp is May born.

I back colony’s sober omen of lack of lace. Rome, not Paris, a wonder.

Obey retail law – a noose killed oyster. Reflate my ball, a water-filled one. Disabuse no name of emanating issue.

Damsels, I note, vary tastes so cost now desserts. I say no! Try taste more honeyed. A bad nemesis at naff ruse will upset. I, mere Satanist, e.g. rater of a devil – (Oh wrong is a sin!) – I’m no devil’s god, ***ed.

Animals, if on a mat, sit. Rain, a more vile drop, made us site it in a cottage. Breed deer – bottle fits a llama.

I lay, as I emanate, go to sleep, mad ones on docks – air is hot. Entrap, net, nine men in party raid - all if it is in a crab-pot room, an itemised, under-lit, nullified old log den – I’m sure voles made it rot in knot.

Tubas we see far off lack limit. A cat on still or tall upward paws to no dog is an ample hot-dog, ergo nastier if tastier, eh? We, raw amid a conman, a mama in a mask, corpse et al., err.

Octuple tracks at a son’s eyelash side distressed a tall eye doctor, a tall ace, rigger of a vote: got put in egress; odd, abased, is ebbed, as I am, Amy, asinine lot! Nine lots! Don’t six rams live? Don’t six exist?

Alfred, nuts or fool gigolo, trod never if gold locks all in a flap on a red rose; made nine or ten stops.

I heed never, I’m Daisy, a prod never, I terrorise viler starfish. To me suitors, no lemons, came rowing. Is a sin a mania? Rot!

Sit! I fix a looted amp or delay more, hasten not. A baser if snug stool, wonkier, if not - Alf says - super, a ballet to no devil, is a stool too. Ban it, actor, race to no tune.

May names I wrote wrong (Is no man in it, a long old log?) sit in row, sign irate Goths; I dare drop it. At felon’s eye I peer, fast open – I’m nosey, esteem eyes. All upset, ample hogs resume totting. Is sad nabob tired? Roots don’t evade liver in Alf’s gob.

Deers I held right; oblong, apt enamel or tile rifle on gun spot to get a man – aim is all. I rogate, minister. Feeble gnats, alas late, prosaic, a canine pet is not to consume hot.

Loo, wet, issues old idiot; evading, I sneer, obey a deer, gall a deer, gain alpine dragnet for egg I’d net to ram in a pan I made to help master. Rags I held, arcane poet, arcane poetic error, all odd; I bottle fine panacean lust. I’d nag elks I ride if editor toted a minor. I fog a natural life.

Roses, or level dumb ones – rows in a mown, ample, hewn acre. Wolfsbane made it a garden in May, a garden indeed.

Nine mates, nine tons I must save now on time – editor raps a late man. G.I.s edit also, too. Do over if tests in a task radiate. Rob ran; I, too, fled.

“Omega” – list in alphabet.

A gander, a line of live ducks, irk cubs. A wart, set at a cast on knee, snug as spots.

A poor denim for a janitor, racer, armed aide, solid idler – rabid; I’d elastic in a pot, tons to sew.

Tubes or axes went in a clam, in an oyster. Free booze – lap it all up. Pity, my apple hot, so I’d a root stew. God, a stew! Tip it at feline! Posies, a cat’s altar often, no baron packs. A monk caps dog – I meddle here – hot? Pull its leg! A bee was a hoot, eh?

No, it is opposite. Yaks I rode wore hats, albeit on deity’s orders. Rats age more held in a trap, nip and I know it – set no cage now.

It’s eta; no, it’s a beta – Tsar of Tonga rates isles. Mad Ed is all upset at cider, is Ed? Is a madam too? Snip? I’d snip, spot a fine position, snip nine more cinemas.

Do ogres sell in a mall? Yes, on a barge so rats row tubs.

Wall last canes up or Eros, an imp, lives to irk, rasp or dam all tides sent. I won’t – I was no Roman – even I saw tired row – a sore. He lives on. “No!” we yell.

Up, now! Wards are in nurses’ sole care. I, peer, fed, am too fat? Oh, not I, test no dined ruby ale; dote not on salad it’s in – I am sad.

Locks I rifle so troops atone re war. Only rebel or a crofter animates so cottage beheld arcades, so trees are sold, abased. I redo, rehang, I err – a wasted act; nests I’d – as an owl – laid. A boot’s raw foot, even if a foot to master, germs (ah!) can evil do.

Pan is tune-pipe – so hot notes, paths up to honeydew.

Odd locks, a maddened (I was aware) macaw on top, spot no seen knots, rifts or fan, I saw. Are maces a baton, madam? Oodles, madam? Rare laptops are too late – got too lit up.

Nits rub – snip now, I’ll abate, not snip, nits I held.

Nubile Danish tomboys I led to old loser as no melons I held; no fish to my name. Nod lower, do I dare? No, one nods a hairy snipe. (Edit: one hairy snipe, eh?) See silliness, else we’ll ask cornish to obey deity’s or god’s item. I, God, *** it! I was in it! To Hades, acne trap, sad loser! As warts pop, a dosser I – we – vile rat, sack! Same row, oh woe! Macaroni, rats, as a hoot, tie. I vomit on rats.
Message: Posted by: Avrakdavra (Dec 27, 2004 07:07AM)
On,on, on,
no,no, no!
Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Mar 3, 2005 09:33PM)
That's ridiculous. I have a friend who would go insane over this.
Message: Posted by: Shane Wiker (Mar 3, 2005 11:25PM)
Wow...As long as that is, it's only 4,973 words. Here's a 17,259 word palindrome. Of course, it doesn't make much sense, but still...

A man, a plan, a carpus, AEC, Rickey, EKG, navettes, Sorcha, Basil,
BSHA, Tizes, Ojai, AOU, Lana, Juta, Tildi, Komsa, REME, Rab, Manado,
Opaline, Bess, a rgen, a hcl, a robalo, Caracalla, Hagai, Dax, a
pixel, Alo, Eda, AMS, Rom, Ron, Ali, Alf, Rob, Edi, Alb, Edo, Pta,
ScB, a lien, a rom, Leal, Tanana, OSA, LLB, a sav, ROT, OSD, a bid,
Annabal, Kiona, a rim, Assam, a dual, a lye, Solis, Nora, DSM, Ven, a
longa, Rella, Eire, Tulsa, Far, Tsuga, Seel, Ardis, Risa, Vera, Tihwa,
a guy, FAA, a nat, a dagga, a nap, Elam, CMG, Eva, Elgan, Dia, Dib,
Reg, Gus, Cas, Red, a nan, Anam, Dis, Nedrah, CAP, TEL, Edina, CFI, a
dust, Casi, a cit, NbW, DCL, Vela, a bust, a sip, PMA, an aid, NbE, a
sin, Nel, a harp, Abe, Neh, a cps, Dacca, Ebba, a nov, Neb, ABM, a
grog, Tanya, Aila, Diaz, Sur, Ney, Oren, Mela, Cela, Dem, Iran, Erb,
ASN, SSM, Mel, Vala, Lek, Haber, Ieso, libri, Dora, a ter, CAB, Ver,
HSM, an apse, a spa, Loma, Dec, Ikara, Bop, Root, a get, Ino, CTA,
Kier, an aga, Laver, SJD, IPA, Islek, Aidan, Namen, APS, Ori, Vin, a
bap, Apo, APC, Lima, Nidorf, IAM, ARE, Cila, Pera, Feb, a liza, USA,
Swat, Rafa, Assen, a nerol, Liva, Cram, Levana, MSA, an arg, Marva,
Giles, Amos, Musa, a lamina, Atlas, Duala, Dior, a com, Alana, Lavona,
Phina, ERP, Amri, a lin, a mor, a mitra, a rat, a lie, Rida, Dew, a
beer, Cal, Dea, Deb, Saba, a lit, Eri, a cabana, Mala, Tav, eide,
Nema, a ream, Roda, a loca, a mola, Lema, Bena, Reeda, Tab, Tam, Tal,
Tan, Norina, EbS, Buna, ilia, Nevin, Parca, a cor, CSE, AFB, Bega, a
pan, Sib, a tor, a net, NYC, Kaja, Sin, a sugar, Lam, Mar, a tam, a
tan, AFM, Lad, Nast, Riana, Lida, Lab, MAA, Mac, Mab, Mae, Mad, Iden,
Plana, Mah, leva, Law, DATA, a tuna, Man, Leros, LHD, Arde, a nom,
Bina, a naira, a liar, Hon, Tala, Tura, Ned, Melena, an oka, amis, a
mir, a rove, a duc, LSM, Alita, Dine, Elik, a grama, FFI, Siva, OWI, a
mot, Ario, Ima, Reeva, Omor, Vte, an o-o, ELAS, Yerga, Tse, Sussi, an
ilk, Aviv, Torp, Yeh, Obola, PCA, Yama, Ally, Eur, a nil, a clam, Nod,
Nada, Lehar, Arran, Hale, Dar, a nit, anis, Irra, Nos, Sidras, Tera,
Elga, Leda, Mode, Sida, Bona, a treble, Nava, Sande, Yedo, Allah, Mas,
a dreg, Pam, Iasi, a neral, a moan, a div, Rep, Otes, Nita, MatE,
Braga, Elura, Isus, Etan, SMD, SMB, Arden, SbW, ECA, SBA, Camus, Rein,
Anitra, Ate, Yard, Ivon, MVD, ATS, Elara, a muon, Arp, a crab, Zak,
Lamas, notes, a zap, Kaela, Dona, a civ, Feer, Niger, Mak, Tanga, a
vert, Noma, Acima, Dael, Nabal, a din, Tol, a maar, Tob, Cita, Tod, a
lab, Para, a lag, Alodi, Zeus, a cir, Hus, Elita, Nonnah, AAE, STM,
Nole, Serb, Sera, Ranie, BEW, Emad, Idas, Mina, Elo, Nidia, Adela,
Anu, Kara, Rap, Isle, Kari, a drag, a tid, Mil, Lib, Lin, Hatta, NEbE,
Kaya, cava, Taka, Latina, Ahola, Sumer, Even, a mag, a bun, a bul,
BSS, a mat, a mas, a mar, Deena, Daddah, Urd, a lap, TPN, Adila,
Lewes, a ton, DOP, MRA, Gola, Boma, BMEd, Naga, Abadan, Gula, Kaleb, a
paca, a novel, a vas, Hopi, Libra, Libre, Sieg, a role, Agni, Attu,
STOL, Talie, a navar, Sile, Gee, SSD, Ema, BAS, Sunil, a mud, EMU,
BAg, Dibri, Rolan, Ban, Abana, NRAB, a belga, an eel, a rem, Bara,
RMA, Ari, an ale, Ark, Resa, RADA, Ain, Rod, a roc, a hod, Cut, a
diam, Avon, Dada, a hire, a lop, Brad, Marta, Maat, a nog, a tela, a
mona, Etra, Curt, Leon, Ravi, Tiana, a tale, Amer, a yam, Mara, Aleen,
Sara, Yam, Alitta, Mika, Deer, Tiga, Gad, an ire, Lati, Air, Salem,
Adi, AIC, mota, Avra, Iva, Alon, Allen, Nika, Nay, Lita, Pan, Ervin,
Syl, AHSA, Yoga, AISI, a dorab, Nah, a rad, a nail, a tola, Goda,
Kela, Jara, Abo, Blok, Neda, Uela, a gram, a rode, maremme, Aym, Ivan,
Weil, Feil, FERA, Maro, Soo, Kus, Tada, Mada, Ahir, Flor, Dan, Tita, a
yen, USV, Ugarit, NASA, Reba, Basset, ESE, Rettig, Rampur, YHA,
Molossus, Sybaris, Sansk, Bap, Mulki, a roke, Iris, IAD, a rial, Ihab,
Murat, Revell, a nock, a yds, a puna, Akaba, Kansu, Halie, Hsi,
Rennane, EHF, Aqaba, Wsan, Luna, Ker, Redroe, Letti, Faletti, Wald,
Eddy, Orna, Ora, Assyr, a lea, Luben, pools, Alain, Neibart, Eyde,
Ynez, Zipah, Sfax, Reynosa, Ewall, Ebony, Brith, Gilford, Nassau,
Lapith, Sayed, Argile, Haimes, an anole, Eng, Napaeae, Vaclav, a
morel, CSA, Cari, Danit, Ramadan, Rojas, Saimon, Omari, Gean, Ugo,
Gar, Calama, Kale, a model, Otaru, Alatea, NATO, Yenan, Iapyx, a barb,
Ezarra, Tsai, Grobe, a zebrass, a villa, Hts, O'Kelly, Bisbee, Bath,
Emlyn, Ivanna, Ruth, Supt, Eris, a dele, Venola, Banat, Undis, Abbai,
Ralli, Arakawa, Raseta, Bonnet, an amowt, a battik, Rubetta, LPG,
Nebr, Rana, eats, Irazu, Mroz, M-day, Taku, Kruter, Iambe, Cure,
Prevot, Saud, Repeal, LeCroy, Wash, Ceres, sabalos, Oeflein, a psalm,
Irfan, Olli, Arges, Siu Shue, Yup, Uda, Frame, Garofalo, bons amis,
Eysk, a loner, Omri, Sabra, Barea, Hsian, a disuse, Orczy, Bee, Zara,
Asar, RATO, cocos, sata, Zoila, masais, Eritrea, Banda, Wallas,
lawmen, Tupler, Race, Reviel, Lamaism, Ygerne, Gahl, IHS, a roll,
Elaina, Regan, a mora, Odlo, Salina, Braca, Gal, Bleuler, Thor, Gery,
Erfurt, Sindee, Hara, Gladis, Ahl, Ieda, Sela, Hwang, a mort, Radha,
Mekong, Falk, Danas, Ikaria, SWbW, NHG, a trumpet, Nanine, Selene,
RCAF, Logan, an up-bow, Sapir, Dale, ICBM, Aldora, Hebr, Eyre, Panay,
Adv, Lory, Tonga, hippi, Camm, Ocana, Manteca, Fasto, Olcott, a lpW,
NNP, Yucatnel, a vesta, Islam, Batna, Clo, Ivana, Mehalek, Aeaea,
Rgen, Ulani, Defoe, Renelle, Kulun, a pie, cargoes, Ilene, Puss, Edna,
Jer, DNA, Roy, a motto, Dira, an ore, Gyor, Ladino, Cardinal, Elbe,
RPQ, Erastes, Sayer, Omak, a taster, Ebert, Imitt, eyes, Welton,
Kabir, a bot, Moyra, Noble, Sabino, Yates, Oralee, Haukom, Ogata,
Fayola, Msgr, Fae, Belita, Lovash, Cufic, Nanning, Ilario, Manus,
Madalena, HCM, Ardath, Gilba, Tiv, Elsie, Leann, Etna, Arta, Nisan,
Irita, Consett, Evie, Isborne, Gauss, a baba, Ezr, Ufa, Sat, Seif,
Orgell, an atm, Baker, Uele, Zsa, Tojo, Rodmun, a cranage, Kragh,
Saki, Ricard, Raji, Goes, a pack, Arola, Vale, Dirk, Uno, Kienan,
Elmer, Ellamae, Dosh, Tomsk, Nahshu, Ohaus, Uruk, a doe, Nakada, Edam,
Omar, Obala, Saw, Oceanid, Emmi, Janus, Obaza, R. Bayer, Felipa, Amur,
Tseng, a terbia, Baler, UAW, a spirant, cates, Satanist, Uwton,
Racine, Brout, Pesaro, Tsana, a jole, Mlaga, Yamato-e, LCL, Bleier,
Deth, SEbS, Revere, volcanos, newsmen, Imelida, Fenner, a wile,
Matane, Rog, Nasia, Danna, Milli, a mster, Paff, NABAC, Enesco, Damia,
Bruni, velamina, Hock, Cabot, a dag, Gahanna, Elke, Egan, oodles,
Ohara, Ogdon, Ysabel, Palos, Tejo, Menado, Yand, Ronald, Orran, Nessi,
Necho, UHF, Argades, Logi, Raglan, a gnu, Likasi, Irus, Sam Elliot, an
agr, Uke, Madaras, Nanna, Haida, Lajoie, Salba, Vardon, a limper, TSF,
Nina, a tef, Fatah, an imaret, lekanai, spacemen, Adair, Tut, Riva,
Kass, Ill, Low, Mikan, an alb, a fallal, Edin, Ozona, a ruga, Nanny,
Salomi, paise, Dev, OTC, UAR, Ysaye, hsien, Urbani, Sereth, Gupta,
Namara, Nakuru, Jesse, Banares, Iey, Leesburg, a misc, a fare, Genie,
HJS, Byrn, EHFA, a word, Epp, an acacia, Mortie, Cedalion, a loin, a
regalia, Paros, Ikeja, MEPA, Kayne, Edea, Butyn, Nodab, Franni, Lauro,
Bib, Tarra, Foss, a cippus, a war, a rattan, a guan, a giron, a
suitor, Gatun, Adm, Cdoba, LaMee, KCMG, Etana, Mascia, lanais, Eli
Shamir, a batter, a snub, Darra, Edana, Espoo, Catie, Meggi, Frodi,
Muharram, Dacia, Kasai, T-men, a jerbil, a camp, Tamayo, Cocalus,
Omero, T-bar, an app, Mugabe, Neddie, Renny, Retha, Lillo, Cod, Elat,
Alliber, okapis, lapins, Rapallo, Danni, a tramcar, Sadiras, Mark,
Cuban, Y-level, Negus, Pape, Ewan, Alfadir, Damiani, Samala, Sade,
HRIP, USM, Isidor, Tips, Adlei, Falito, Ardy, a flora, Casie, Renae,
Navarre, Debi, Katar, a carte, Prud, Labuan, Hukill, Ehman, Emmit,
Recit, Ona, Orgel, Lala, Ralina, partes, a pilaf, Menard, Carpo, Caen,
Ilana, L'Otage, Mlar, Uganda, Paine, Raab, Ehr, a plain, Edan, Owades,
Behan, Irrawaddy, Laws, Neddra, Hilo, VOR, Ewold, Ptah, salpae,
Sorrows, a kana, Tomah, Him, Esau, Bahamas, Rhene, Gant, Manet, Ramos,
Susanna, Murton, Orola, Kimon, Ellis, a presto, Grenada, Nace, Cimah,
Tacy, a basnet, Rameau, Qatar, Usanis, Abakan, Oka, Natal, Papen,
Igal, a major, IHD, Lufkin, a jake, Berg, Emalee, Pang, Tait, Rocray,
Dimond, Yahgan, Arela, Babel, Bazar, magi, referda, Mable, Gelya,
Denny, Trammel, yaws, a kab, MHA, Raul, Ute, bigae, Daedala, Eos,
Delbert, Nanak, Idaho, Teide, Caye, Ohl, Lahore, udos, Colt, a mair,
Rahr, Roddy, OLLA, Nela, Gram, a die, Ratlam, a wab, Musil, a pita,
Talara, MATS, a vow, Tavel, Sikh, Torres, Seigel, Lido, Cad, Randy,
Parr, Udale, Badalona, tubas, Esmaria, Kiah, Hax, Ibanez, Rehm, Eros,
Edmanda, a cine, Jehu, Lifar, an iff, Uriia, Wahl, Laine, Locrian,
Campman, an ahu, Wayne, Knt, Epner, AAeE, Gonagle, Bevan, Ahab,
Artema, Kotta, datos, an e'en, Ifill, Ilke, Ergener, Iache, Toni,
Talanian, a gaw, a seiren, Ivie, Kelt, Tomasine, Baez, Metsys, an abl,
Ehud, Nihi, Thalassa, Leroy, a teil, Ujiji, Emmet, Samos, Obad,
Lochia, Damick, a hag, Sipple, Duce, Tarrah, Stark, Sumatra, MSArch,
numina, Nabila, a mara, labra, Tathata, lamias, Iman, Aella, DAB, Bub,
a ger, Garik, an agron, a shed, Rabi, Raamses, Saloma, Pel, a satin,
Egadi, Ovalle, Sabbat, Redd, a wat, Axa, a sei, lenes, Leff, entea,
Hayse, Majka, Robaina, Leonid, Rahmann, a bolo, Calli, Mello, Cini,
putti, Liman, a grommet, Ina, Jam, a satai, Rube, Popele, mesela,
Gdel, a cedar, Elmira, Savage, Parma, Tine, Leeann, a catnip, a sadi,
Cyler, Trask, Silas, Sooner, Egor, a mitt, a colt, a nullo, Carl,
Imelda, Ebro, Odab, Olga, Callida, Cairo, Ledeen, disli, Ramsden, a
bib, DAE, Josi, VanAtta, Mell, a gib, a tat, Surt, Koo, PSAT, a tuba,
Micro, Sartin, Kemme, FAM, Simona, Ollen, a sipper, Pareto, Reger, a
bayou, Bang, Isa, Remde, ROP, a kaka, a kas, Ulrika, Fangio, Camb,
CTC, Sedan, epitra, MDO, Oralia, Matless, a hodden, a mina, Hoku,
Rotow, Caaba, a lila, Prosser, Peraea, Belgrano, Danl, Ednie, Tally,
Saml, Ohare, Tini, Anna Bruss, Odawa, Balkis, a jad, Sucre, HBM,
O'Casey, Anita, Weekley, a ganef, Urdar, Basir, Rodie, Meta, Gabi,
Tarah, Proxima, Nelli, Kano, MedScD, Nox, an anniv, Cot, Nobe, Olaf,
Ickes, a hiss, a caffa, TSgt, Caesar, Cusanus, llanos, Norbie, Nejd,
Narah, Celia, Wake, Carboni, Daladier, a rattrap, Marabel, a charas,
Wang, AeE, Dasya, Helda, Laney, Ena, a lay, Nabis, a sim, a dauk,
Sunny, Loja, Telfer, Pasay, Gari, Dasie, Gresham, Isaiah, Saito, Csel,
Sinas, EdB, Bud, a buran, Alemannic, Orelia, RFA, Kyra, Sam Kim, a
darts, a mussy, Lananna, Earvin, Ulla, Bonacci, OSS, a bayamo, Otto,
Granada, Oran, Abelard, Olea, Basile, dos, Mort, Oleg, Natalee, Keese,
Negress, Alcaeus, Sita, San, Rola, Dnitz, Tokyo, Haslett, a bde,
Cremona, epeidia, Mia, Letsou, Kelci, Lacaille, BAgSc, Dwaine, a
tabla, Kum, an akala, BWC, Alamo, Enugu, Leto, Kahn, Etienne, Jobi,
Ken, Lorolla, Padriac, Liz, Nedrud, a habanera, Merca, Nile, Derain,
Novia, Hoppe, Evars, FSR, Dede, Bogan, Saros, Ermine, Dao, Limoli,
Kaffir, a cad, Nath, cusk-eel, Alage, Neses, Sinan, tapemen, Marion,
Erin, a named, an anabas, Saktas, a leno, Roz, Dall, Erv, Sola, Lello,
Hutu, Tad, Levan, a jab, Neilah, Gaspar, Warp, Inanna, Mert, a tip,
Oca, TNT, Sumatran, a cab, Matabele, Capet, Sarine, OHG, Nedda,
Sarpedon, catalos, Susu, RDTE, Jada, Erulus, a tob, Raetic, Ula, BSMT,
Lanae, Mamore, IPBM, Ilan, Oise, Ernesto, BBA, Lea, Kim, Radom, a
dial, a senna, Vaish, Aisne, Tromp, Calle, Wohlen, Nadean, Nepean,
Eve, Lasala, a pav, FFA, Iznik, Lamar, Ewens, BIE, dates, Salli,
Ramah, Obel, Leboff, Uball, Ifni, LFO, Oyama, Na Ming, Esq, Olatha,
BAgE, Damara, Haye, Vinita, Pori, Tabor, a cadette, Jaye, Lapp, Osage,
Parik, Ubald, Barr, a motte, Nasi, Tawsha, Noni, Hobey, Cargian,
Algol, Sal, UFO, Ninus, Aymara, BCD, FBI, Remsen, Niort, Erato, Vidar,
Ezara, Dion, Arapahos, Ama, Amalia, varia, Pate, Nahtanha, Detta, RPO,
Madai, Rosalie, Noella, Ebsen, a moth, Supple, Hanus, Ajmer, Illimani,
Sill, Uhde, Canaan, Ivanov, a segar, Rabat, Idalia, Kary, Tem, Urga,
Zed, enemies, Sivan, a motmot, a reward, Erasme, retia, wakas, Ishtar,
GCM, Nara, Piave, Neal, Lubet, a yamen, Enarete, Moline, pix, Yafo,
Nananne, Kali, Korn, Umeko, Magna, Nepil, Lakin, Nimesh, Wally, Grath,
Guanabara, Nona, Andee, Madag, Sui, robalos, a gin, Nehru, Ottie,
Woking, a groma, vivariums, Nudd, Dorpat, Rok, AgE, Valle, Idabel,
Udall, a caus, tubmen, Love, dados, Ary, Dana, PVC, Lipp, Sacco,
Nasya, Moe, Damalis, Sachsen, Idou, Damle, Snapp, Alcman, Tupamaro,
Idalina, Nazi, Raimes, a repp, a radar, Goebel, Liber, Iole, O'Fallon,
a mus, Tasiana, Lassie, Wymore, JHVH, Yamis, Ailin, UCCA, Banaras,
Suhail, Ivonne, Lai, Saphra, Gila, Kayla, Gaza, Jehiah, Nantes, Sura,
Oyo, Yee, Orrin, Riksm', Uuge, Vahe, Pall, Amram, a facia, Somalia,
Vita, Mokas, Venite, Petar, Tinaret, Selden, Ivanah, Sorci, Denebola,
Haile, Dee, Samar, Dagan, Kata, Ai Kato, Oban, a wkly, Cap'n, Kidd, a
rot, tutus, Tubman, a llama, Hanoi, Cramer, Oebalus, Rusk, Cudlip, a
raob, a rete, Vaasa, HLBB, an aeon, a caf, Lowney, Ogg, Rubia, Raton,
Ivah, Cindi, Yasmin, Bon, Kamilah, Omsk, Caz, a lute, Save, Genova,
Paco, Callan, Orten, Neddy, Olfe, Kidron, an oba, Jaela, ROSPA, Ard,
UAM, Aug, Susa, Isma, Ionic, Ife, Tiamat, Soane, Ellan, MFS, Ogallala,
saris, Blen, Naji, velaria, Tia, Kashden, Alanna, Bruhn, Isabel, a
hamaul, Latta, Kazak, Nizam, IATA, Yager, a glede, Irme, Rahab,
E.H. Moore, Mohave, Babb, a nation, E-boat, Neiman, YCL, Lihue,
Albion, Rekha, Matrona, Mania, Tatman, Anette, LSS, a lash, Goya,
Sulla, Cahan, Billi, H-beam, Mammon, Evania, RDX, Norbert, Sula, Ragg,
a hewer, CCA, Janela, Gaynor, a baya, hagia, Meda, Yona, Cai, Lucas,
nemos, Lait, to-di, Fusan, Oenone, Onega, Tumaco, Vanir, a coati,
Elinor, Omer, an arcs, a hash, Carya, Midis, a homo, kokos, a motion,
Matsys, Natalia, Tanner, Brion, Els, a laity, a hush, a tana, Jeff, a
rigadoon, Saks, Caves, Rese, Warram, a stool, a galea, Gabaonite,
Ravid, Noman, Nicaea, bemata, Pigs, a lepton, a jeer, RuPaul, Fall,
Ibagu, Maewo, Hama, Olav, Ramiah, Che, Pani, Leeke, Gaeta, Hansel, a
prong, Isador, Neper, Callao, Datnow, a tele, Kalfas, Adlai, Lahoma,
H-steel, Farrel, Tucana, Rupert, Italia, Terah, Albarran, Rebak,
Nellie, Crellen, Kulla, Ragnar, Paik, Kinkaid, Okolona, Magena, Faun,
Unni, a parr, Overton, Evy, a pater, rags, Silber, Tima, Sis, UNESCO,
DMX, Ule, Surat, Marius, Traci, Vacla, Tadd, Eanes, Roper, Emarie,
Kaete, Nadja, Cara, a tay, a kola, Nama, Keb, Zakaria, Dave, Negros,
Sela Ward, a bob, an aero, Kreit, Symer, Abia, Pocatello, Cato, Jarib,
a star, a kagu, Estele, Carbrey, Emme, freemen, a musk, a rein, a
lope, Papp, USAR, Rabaul, Uta, Ergane, Ilan Adler, EGmc, Cade, KANU,
Orban, Aigneis, Alberti, Ogaden, Ralf, Orpah, a rozzer, Omoo, Barabas,
Rona, Sosanna, a knit, a krs, Upis, SOGAT, Ilka, osar, HMS, a mirk,
Cartan, Idaline, Jany, Omora, Secrest, Ibadan, Sinaloa, Gat, Yoho,
Camas, Aoki, Vespucci, halos, Orr, Eogene, Latia, Weinreb, TCS, Ivory,
Tevis, Sena, DFC, Mitra, Patsy, Saxe, Rinna, Netta, Malay, Orv, Mboya,
Bedad, Wabash, Cassini, a merc, an assoc, a mode, Godart, Seram,
salpas, Ier, a lava, Zama, Japanese, Nidaros, a sports, a drug,
Isidro, Chew, Hayton, Saidee, Bai;, Bain, Ase, Nagy, Aldabra, Bello,
Ivor, nomina, Janine, rates, Rodez, Oruro, Nimrod, Nally, Ramayana,
Hanau, QNP, a jinni, LBJ, Yaron, Allard, ferias, Teilo, Juba, Selah,
Norita, Geer, PSS, a pataca, Rwy, Kudva, T-stop, Sanfo, Leif, Fadden,
Egbert, Saipan, Wotan, ais, Sobor, ODT, a career, Fine, Cinelli, Brok,
an ami, Elka, Dibai, Negris, Nappy, Hallie, Noelle, Morisco, gamdia,
Malet, tights, Eoin, a dagoba, Din, a maser, Allain, Rai, Lalita,
Soracco, Ranita, Czur, Cohn, IMCO, Palisa, Basho, Bail, Heddi, Lazor,
HCF, Faria, Sedda, Ela, a dun, rectums, a knar, Amari, a brit, Saida,
Tamberg, Azusa, Yeisk, Comines, a jenny, Lark, a carp, an areg, Naldo,
Maron, Yahata, Essa, Buraq, a ritz, Silda, Monah, CBD, Nemea, Goto,
GNP, Pahlavi, Veradis, Payne, Elamite, Yaker, Taro, Dnepr, Ubana, Imp,
Calah, a moat, Anh, Padus, Tammy, Kial, Okinawa, Wace, Topaze,
Brabant, Earl, Gbari, Layne, Knapp, Ochs, Ursas, Ivy, Danang, a
decare, Bilow, Canara, Takara, Nader, Brew, Ossy, a romyko, Pals,
Manisa, Sadat, Nepali, Lakemore, Garber, Eck, Lake, Norge, Ohio,
Herald, a six, an omen, Mike, Lamdin, a batata, Who, dalles, Sachi,
HSH, Sugar, Rucker, Demmy, Prima, NAAFI, Capua, Nodarse, a sac, ASSR,
Femi, Hirz, ESRO, Pavlov, Rask, Nabala, Nammu, Tamas, Selena, Pagas, a
tell, a waff, Upali, Majorca, Maiah, Glynas, Serkin, Lysias, a matt, a
megass, a malar, Zarga, Duna, MHW, Kayle, a moit, a rain, UART,
Sendai, a copy, Tane, Fennie, Parl, Danita, Leela, Rakia, Jat, Nebiim,
a tael, Balas, Savanna, Hojo, Jayme, Daryl, PHS, a slat, ivies, Indre,
Noell, McAfee, Bary, SALT, oraria, Peralta, Nadda, Jean, Edita,
Mayenne, Nils, Eumaeus, Tenner, a put, Titan, a gaffe, Dade, Vidalia,
Baiel, an ill, a date, Vanya, Riel, Cunaxa, Tat, Oileus, a tahr, Huba,
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Kelsi, API, DJS, Reval, Agana, Reik, ATC, Oni, tega, Toor, POB, a
raki, Ced, a mol, APSA, Espana, MSH, Rev, Bac, Reta, a rod, Irbil,
Osei, Rebah, Kel, a lav, Lem, Mss, NSA, Bre, Nari, Med, Alec, Alem,
Nero, Yen, Rus, Zaid, Alia, Aynat, Gorga, MBA, Ben, Vona, Abbe, Accad,
SPCA, Hen, Eba, Praha, Len, Nisa, Ebn, Diana, Amp, Pisa, tsuba, a lev,
LCD, Wbn, Tica, Isac, Tsuda, IFC, an ide, Let, PAC, Harden, Sid, Mana,
Nana, Der, Sac, Sug, Ger, BID, AID, Nagle, Ave, Gmc, Male, Pana,
Aggada, Tana, AAF, Yuga, a whit, a rev, a sir, Sidra, lees, a gust,
RAF, a slut, Erie, a ller, Agnola, Nev, MSD, Aron, silos, Eyla, Lauda,
Massa, Mira, an oik, Labanna, Diba, DSO, Tor, vasa, BLL, Aso, an anat,
Lael, Mora, Neila, BCS, ATP, Ode, BLA, Ide, Bor', Fla, Ila, Nor, Mor,
SMA, Ade, Ola, Lexi, Pax, a diag, a hall, a caracol, a boral, Chane,
Grasse, Benil, a pood, an amba, Rem, Erasmo, Kid, litatu, Jana, Luo,
Aia, Jose, Zitah, SBLI, Sabah, Crossett, Evang, Keyek, Circe, a supr,
a canal, Panama.

Shane Wiker
Message: Posted by: Wolflock (Mar 4, 2005 12:27AM)
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Mar 4, 2005 09:15AM)
I was under the impression that a palindrome had to be a sentence in our language that conveys meaning and context. IE a proper sentence to begin with. Without that criteria, we have a math problem.

Palindrome test: Start by giving it to your English teacher or an editor and ask them ...

and if it don't make sense to an ordinary reader... toss it. Means nothing, is nothing. Typographical stuff makes interesting math problems, not necessarily good communication.
Message: Posted by: landmark (Mar 4, 2005 05:28PM)
With regard to the tension between math and English:

I prefer Pi. :)

Jack Shalom
Message: Posted by: Patrick Differ (Mar 4, 2005 08:38PM)
That's 'cause pi are squared.
Message: Posted by: NFox (Mar 5, 2005 10:31AM)
I believe that [i]that[/i] is the definition of a "groaner."

Nick Fox
Message: Posted by: danelwood (Mar 5, 2005 12:07PM)
By definition, I think the original palindrome to this thread works.
Zowee, that's longer than most of the children's books I read to my kid at bedtime, and believe me, they go on and on...

Palindromes are cool, I like anagrams to.

Here's a good one (I came up with it independently)if you want to work an anagram into a routine where you do tricks for Tsunami relief, I encourage you to use it.
You can put it over as your crazy outtake on the universe and all--

Re Life, I am Nuts! = TSUNAMI RELIEF

Message: Posted by: W.F. Lewis (Mar 8, 2005 07:38PM)
[quote]Re Life, I am Nuts! = TSUNAMI RELIEF[/quote]

=Stunmai feiler

Just Kidding.
I don't care.
Message: Posted by: NFox (Mar 8, 2005 10:08PM)
I believe he meant it as an anagram, not a palindrome.

There are full word-based palindromes as well, where the words are the same forwards and backwards, but the letters in the words are not meant to be reversed. Sometimes there are even semi-palindromes where the reversing only comes from readin it out loud. An example off the top of my head: "Wow! I see Eye. Wow!" Phonetically the words are the same backwards (once again, the letters are not reversed, just the word order).

Nick Fox
Message: Posted by: stanalger (Mar 10, 2005 06:57AM)
Are you familiar with word-order palindromes? An example:
"You can cage a swallow, can't you? But you can't swallow a cage, can you?"
The first word is the same as the last word, the second word is the same
as the second from last word, the third word....
An entire novel has been written under this constraint. The author, Dave Morice,
sometimes goes by the name "Dr. Alphabet." I first heard about his word-order
palindromic novel when I stumbled across a most unusual eBay offering.
If you're reading this post before 3/14/2005, you can see the unusual auction
item by going to eBay and entering 6516636666 into the search box.

Stan Alger
Message: Posted by: danelwood (Mar 10, 2005 07:36AM)
On 2005-03-10 07:57, stanalger wrote:
Are you familiar with word-order palindromes? An example:
"You can cage a swallow, can't you? But you can't swallow a cage, can you?"
The first word is the same as the last word, the second word is the same
as the second from last word, the third word....
An entire novel has been written under this constraint. The author, Dave Morice,
sometimes goes by the name "Dr. Alphabet." I first heard about his word-order
palindromic novel when I stumbled across a most unusual eBay offering.
If you're reading this post before 3/14/2005, you can see the unusual auction
item by going to eBay and entering 6516636666 into the search box.

Stan Alger

That sounds pretty cool, and the guy sounds credible to me. If I was independently wealthy and needed something to do, I would certainly consider it (such is not the case). Also it would make a nice graduation gift to someone who just got there English Lit degree! Only 4 days left!

Message: Posted by: stanalger (Mar 11, 2005 05:01PM)
Hmmmm....The description says the winner can write as little or as much of
the novel as he/she wants. Dr. Alphabet will finish the job.

This might be a unique opportunity to design your own force book.

Stan Alger
Message: Posted by: Daegs (Mar 13, 2005 02:52AM)
Ahaha... Al Stanger(a friend and magician, creator of the poker machine sold by mendoza and hocus-pocus) has first comment on this.... pure gold!
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Mar 13, 2005 11:29AM)
Most people are familiar with palindromes where letters are the unit, such as, "Madam, I'm Adam," (or the reply - "Eve").

Nick and Stan brought up word-level palindromes (in which words are the unit, not letters). My favorite example of this type of palindrome is:

Girl, bathing on Bikini, eyeing boy, finds boy eyeing bikini on bathing girl.

There are also line-level palidromes, such as this example by J. A. Lindon:

As I was passing near the jail
I met a man, but hurried by.
His face was ghastly, grimly pale.
He had a gun. I wondered why
He had. A gun? I wondered . . . why,
His face was ghastly! Grimly pale,
I met a man, but hurried by,
As I was passing near the jail.

The most amazing work of a line-level palindrome, however, would have to be Lindon's poem, "DOPPLEGANGER":

Entering the lonely house with my wife,
I saw him for the first time
Peering furtively from behind a bush-
Blackness that moved,
A shape amid the shadows,
A momentary glimpse of gleaming eyes
Revealed in the ragged moon.
A closer look (he seemed to turn) might have
Put him to flight forever-
I dared not
(For reasons that I failed to understand),
Though I knew I should act at once.

I puzzled over it, hiding alone,
Watching the woman as she neared the gate.
He came, and I saw him crouching
Night after night,
Night after night
He came, and I saw him crouching,
Watching the woman as she neared the gate.

I puzzled over it, hiding alone-
Though I knew I should act at once,
For reasons that I failed to understand
I dared not
Put him to flight forever.

A closer look (he seemed to turn) might have
Revealed in the ragged moon
A momentary glimpse of gleaming eyes,
A shape amid the shadows,
Blackness that moved.

Peering furtively from behind a bush,
I saw him, for the first time,
Entering the lonely house with my wife.

Moving on to the tangent about anagrams, here's a great poem, written in 1936 by David Shulman, entitled, "Washington Crossing the Delaware":

A hard howling tossing water scene
Strong tide was washing hero clean.
"How cold!" Weather stings as in anger.
O silent night shows war ace danger!
The cold waters swashing on in rage.
Redcoats warn slow his hint engage.
When general's star action wish'd "Go!"
He saw his ragged continentals row.
Ah, he stands--sailor crew went going
And so this general watches rowing.
He hastens--Winter again grows cold;
A wet crew gain Hessian stronghold.
George can't lose war with 's hands in;
He's astern--so, go alight, crew, and win!

What does this poem have to do with anagrams, you ask? Each of the 14 lines is a perfect anagram of the title, "Washington Crossing the Delaware"!
Message: Posted by: Niko (Mar 30, 2005 07:48AM)
Elba saw I was able!

What is the longest ONE-WORD palendrome you know?

I'd have to say the longest I know is rotator :)
Message: Posted by: sharingan (Apr 1, 2005 03:08PM)
What is the glamour of the first story? How can it be read other way.
Message: Posted by: Jordini (Apr 3, 2005 05:50PM)
Message: Posted by: magicjohn2278 (Apr 3, 2005 06:51PM)
On 2005-04-01 16:08, sharingan wrote:
What is the glamour of the first story? How can it be read other way.

If it is written out, letter by letter backwards, you end up with exactly the same story!

(Who on earth thinks these things up - and how!?)
Message: Posted by: swatchel-omi (Apr 23, 2005 12:42PM)
On 2005-03-04 21:38, Patrick Differ wrote:
That's 'cause pi are squared.

Actually, Pi are round, cornbread are squared :)

Message: Posted by: mvmagic (Apr 27, 2005 04:18AM)
An interesting tidbit... world's longest palindrome word that is linquistically accepted and correct is actually Finnish "saippuakivikauppias". According to several scientific sources anyway-as according to them palindrome stories don't count. But I am not saying this is the absolute truth, just passing on something I read :)

And in case someone wonder what "saippuakivikauppias" (dang I wrote it backwards!) means, it is "soapstoneseller" which make more sense in Finnish...
Message: Posted by: Roger Kelly (May 5, 2005 05:44AM)
On 2005-04-27 05:18, mvmagic wrote:
According to several scientific sources anyway-as according to them palindrome stories don't count. But I am not saying this is the absolute truth, just passing on something I read :)

Am I to believe from this then that the Finnish have invented the longest word palindrome and don't even know it? :)
Message: Posted by: drkptrs1975 (May 8, 2005 07:46PM)
You have way too much time on your hands.
Message: Posted by: highmagic (Jun 10, 2005 12:11PM)
And I thought I was strange
Message: Posted by: Stephen Buxton (Jun 10, 2005 03:41PM)
Mozart wrote a musical palindrome of sorts, a Canon. It was written for two violinists who would stand either side facing the sheet of music. Each would start at their top, which would be the bottom of the sheet for the other. For those who can read music, the E on the bottom of the ledger lines would be an F when turned upside-down.

Apparently, a more perfect musical palindrome was written by Bach, his Crab Canon. Read more about these pieces here:

Message: Posted by: KidkangarooMajordomo (Jun 20, 2005 02:54PM)
On 2005-03-13 03:52, Daegs wrote:
Ahaha... Al Stanger(a friend and magician, creator of the poker machine sold by mendoza and hocus-pocus) has first comment on this.... pure gold!
I love Al's Poker Machine which I bought from John Mendoza! Is there a way to contact Al? Thanks!
Message: Posted by: MyersMagic (Nov 15, 2005 10:50PM)
Go hang a salami I'm a lasagna hog.
Message: Posted by: squando (Jan 17, 2006 03:11PM)
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Feb 8, 2006 08:35PM)
In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.

(we go into the circle by night we are consumed by fire)
Message: Posted by: Rafael Benatar (Apr 12, 2006 03:52PM)
And the oldest: Madam, I'm Adam.
Message: Posted by: leapinglizards (Apr 12, 2006 05:41PM)
Anyone familiar with Gerges Perec- He wrote several Lipographs as well as a children's book that was a giant palendrome.... In french alas.

I do have his book, A Void, which is a lipograph.... something written with a purposeful attempt to avoid any words containing a particular letter.

In this case, the entire book was written using absolutely NO words that contain the letter 'E'. It was translated into english, STILL with no E's.

Fun to read!
Message: Posted by: stanalger (Apr 13, 2006 11:50AM)
Perec? Yes!

I have a poster of Georges above one of my bookcases.

Occasionally, my sister-in-law spends the night on our couch.
She always insists that I cover the poster...since Georges's
picture gives her the "creeps."

I just did a quick online search for the poster. This may not
be the EXACT same photo that appears on the poster, but if it's
not the same, it's pretty darn close.

Stan Alger
Message: Posted by: Cory Gallupe (Apr 16, 2006 03:44PM)
WOW! You mean when you read those, then read them backwards, it says the same thing? Some people have too much time on their hands.
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (May 16, 2006 09:19AM)
On 2006-04-13 12:50, stanalger wrote:
Perec? Yes!

I have a poster of Georges above one of my bookcases.

Occasionally, my sister-in-law spends the night on our couch.
She always insists that I cover the poster...since Georges's
picture gives her the "creeps."

I just did a quick online search for the poster. This may not
be the EXACT same photo that appears on the poster, but if it's
not the same, it's pretty darn close.

Stan Alger

Ah Perec!

The Oulipo writers have created many masterpieces experimenting with 'rules' of writing....If anyone is interested, 'Atlas Press' publish many of these works in English...

Did we ever find out what the longest single word 'english' palindrome was?

I need to know!

Message: Posted by: stanalger (May 16, 2006 03:40PM)

You can find it in Webster's Third New International Dictionary of
the English Language, unabridged. It is given as a variant spelling
of "kinnikinnick."

The OED contains James Joyce's "tattarrattat." Has anyone other than
Joyce ever used this "word"?
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (May 21, 2006 03:36PM)
Thanks Stanalger

Perhaps we should make up a new longest palindrome, as they are both quite short...If Joyce can do it so can we...

I'll have a think,

Message: Posted by: Lawrens Godon (Jun 20, 2006 06:12AM)

I know one in french...

"élu par cette crapule, Esope reste et se repose"

Ok, I'm unable to translate in english...but once translated, no more palindrome, right?

Message: Posted by: leapinglizards (Jun 20, 2006 06:57AM)
[quote]Ah Perec!

The Oulipo writers have created many masterpieces experimenting with 'rules' of writing....If anyone is interested, 'Atlas Press' publish many of these works in English...

Did we ever find out what the longest single word 'english' palindrome was?

I need to know!


Any more info on what books and where to find them.
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Jun 20, 2006 03:19PM)
If you are still interested, here is a website that gives longest palindromes in English, as well as Polish, Hebrew, and a few other languages:


Amos McCormick
Message: Posted by: pradell (Sep 17, 2006 06:43PM)
Was it a cat I saw?

Message: Posted by: chrismatt (Sep 19, 2006 07:40PM)

(my two year old's palindromic magic word)
Message: Posted by: Harry Lorayne (Sep 20, 2006 04:37PM)
Many interesting, terrific, palindromes in the Ellipses(...) colums in APOCALYPSE. HARRY LORAYNE.
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Sep 21, 2006 12:36PM)
When I lived in California, I could easily visit the Yreka Bakery (Yreka is the name of the town), the Yrella Gallery (next door to the Bakery) and Elite Tile (in another town)!
Message: Posted by: Hayre (Oct 26, 2006 02:10PM)
The best book with/on/about palindromes is
I Love Me - Vol I
(a palindrome in itself as well)
Message: Posted by: Vinnie Laraway (Apr 9, 2007 02:02PM)
Mr owl ate my metal worM

that's the best I can do.
Message: Posted by: The Mighty Fool (May 16, 2007 01:25AM)
What about....
1) An elevator inventor is told to plant his hindquarters on a starch-frying device?

2) The shortest expression for "I don't understand"

3) A cake & pie loving person describes his meal order

4) spoiled offspring of celebreties
Message: Posted by: stanalger (May 16, 2007 11:46AM)
I'll get things rolling here.

I'm not really up on my history of elevators/ elevator inventors,
so I'm not sure if this is the correct answer to #1:

Squat on a corn deep-frier, Mr. Eirfpeednrocanotauqs.

(Probably not. A google search didn't return any results for
"Mr. Eirfpeednrocanotauqs.")

Message: Posted by: TomasB (May 16, 2007 11:57AM)
Sit on a pan, Otis!

Or something,

Message: Posted by: stanalger (May 16, 2007 02:57PM)
Tomas...to the rescue!

Posted: May 16, 2007 5:58pm
But it's not simply a frying device; it's a starch-frying device.
So let's add a word:

Sit on a potato pan, Otis!
Message: Posted by: The Mighty Fool (May 17, 2007 12:48PM)
Bingo to Stan!
Message: Posted by: landmark (Jun 5, 2007 03:12PM)
On 2007-05-16 12:46, stanalger wrote:
I'll get things rolling here.

I'm not really up on my history of elevators/ elevator inventors,
so I'm not sure if this is the correct answer to #1:

Squat on a corn deep-frier, Mr. Eirfpeednrocanotauqs.

(Probably not. A google search didn't return any results for
"Mr. Eirfpeednrocanotauqs.") [/quote]

I think I found your problem. When I typed in Mr. Eirfpeednrocanotauqs into Google, I got an error message which said "[i]did you mean[/i] Mr. Eirfpeeednrocanotauqs ?"

Jack Shalom
Message: Posted by: Doug Peters (Jul 27, 2007 04:43PM)
Here's a use for Palindromes in card magic: The Alien Stack...from the magic book I'll never publish ;)

This is not a heavy duty item, but it is, I believe, original: an out-Faro-invariant red-black stack. Ew, it sounds ugly, but it is really rather devious. The object of this exercise is to set up for Paul Curry’s “Out of This World.” Essentially, this is a stack that looks random when it is spread face-up, but it has two useful properties. First, the positions of the black and red cards are easily remembered. Second, these positions are unaltered after a perfect out-Faro. Imagine spreading the deck face-up to show that it is well mixed, performing any number of false shuffles and real out-Faros, and then show its mixed condition again. Now, in the process of explaining to a volunteer what will be expected of her, you deal the deck into two piles. Collecting the piles, you hand the deck to the volunteer who then proceeds to perform Out of This World....
Even if you cannot perform a perfect out-Faro, the mechanics of the dealing procedure are likely to be of interest. As long as you have enough to say while you deal a deck into two seemingly random piles and you do not pay too much attention to the dealing action, you can divide the deck into red and black without anybody having any inkling about what is going on. In fact, once the effect is complete, the audience should not even remember that you dealt the deck out into two piles, since the point of your actions were to describe the experiment to your volunteer.
Here is a schematic of the stack:
1 2 1 1 3 2 3 1 1 5 1 1 3 2 3 1 1 5 1 1 3 2 3 1 1 2 1

That is, the top card is red, the next two are black, the next two alternate red and black, the next three are red, and so on. The gaps in the schematic are simply there to highlight the hyper-palindromic nature of the stack. That is, the stack is a palindrome of palindromes. As a result, it is a simple matter to commit it to memory, needing only remember four palindromes (sequences reading the same forward or backward):
A 121
B 13231
C 151

That the stack is out-Faro invariant is more fun than valuable, but it is easily verified with the stack as outlined. Just give it a try: create the stack, do an out-Faro, and the red-black nature of the stack will be maintained.
Now, when you are ready to perform Out of This World, give directions to a willing spectator, looking at her and not the cards being dealt:

• "I would like you to deal out two piles"
[deal top card to left (1L), next two to right (2R)].
• "Just like this. They don't have to alternate"
[1L : 1R, 3L, 2R, 3L]
• "In fact, you can deal a number in the same pile"
[1R : 1L, 5R]
• "It really doesn't matter as long as they are roughly equal size"
[1L : 1R, 3L, 2R]
• "The important thing to remember is to follow your instincts"
[3L, 1R : 1L, 2R(*)]
• "There is really no pressure on you at all. Don't feel you need to go this quickly, either."
[3R(*), 1L : 1R, 3L]
• "As I said before, this is just a little experiment in ESP"
[2R, 3L, 1R :]
• "Are you ready?"
[1L, 2R, 1L]

Note the (*) above indicates a hesitation in the dealing procedure. Cards are dealt to the right hand pile before and after the hesitation. Once again, the colons simply delineate the individual palindromic sequences. Note that the patter, with reasonable and appropriate pauses takes about 30 seconds to deliver. With competence, the deck can easily be dealt through in that time-frame.
Collect the deck, and as an afterthought (if your favourite OOTW variant requires it) remove appropriate "indicator" cards. Proceed to drive your audience out of their minds!

cheers, Doug

Posted: Jul 27, 2007 6:02pm
...and while we're at it:

2) huh?
3) stressed desserts (?)
4) stars' brats
Message: Posted by: BenHFarrar (Jul 28, 2007 07:01AM)
Ah! Satan Sees Natasha
No Casino Con Is A Con

My two favourite

Message: Posted by: kcg5 (Oct 23, 2007 11:50PM)
***!! that guy stole my post about the book with out the letter e!!! what can I write now?

please excuse my dear aunt sally?
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Oct 31, 2007 05:03PM)
On 2006-06-20 07:57, leapinglizards wrote:
[quote]Ah Perec!

The Oulipo writers have created many masterpieces experimenting with 'rules' of writing....If anyone is interested, 'Atlas Press' publish many of these works in English...

Did we ever find out what the longest single word 'english' palindrome was?

I need to know!


Any more info on what books and where to find them.

Only just saw your request, my apologies, I seem to have forgotten this thread.
Here is a link to the Oulipo Compendium, wonderful book and reasonably priced:

Its a great place to start, if you are interested in the oulipo or indeed 'pataphysics.


Message: Posted by: Magical John! (Jun 9, 2008 03:09PM)
On 2005-03-04 21:38, Patrick Differ wrote:
That's 'cause pi are squared.
nuh uh, Pie are round!
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Mar 15, 2009 09:44PM)
I'm using a palindromic deck stack which principle is described in
Message: Posted by: MagicMunkey (Mar 15, 2009 10:02PM)
Both my wife and daughters names are palindromes: Eve, Hannah.
Message: Posted by: MagicMunkey (Mar 16, 2009 02:25PM)
My wife, of course, was aware of this long before I figured it out :rolleyes:
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Mar 21, 2009 06:59AM)
Several of my companies also have palindromes as names (WAAW, MAXXAM...)

Here are a few in French
Radar, Rotor, été, ressasser, Engage le jeu que je le gagne, La mariée ira mal, Satire: Veritas, Elu par cette crapule, Ésope reste ici et se repose

and some in English
Sit on a Potato Pan, Otis (…not on a dock on a bay), Live Devil, "See, slave, I demonstrate yet arts no medieval sees", Lid Off a Daffodil, Drawn inward, Madam I'm Adam, Seven Eves, Nine men in, Word row, Go Hang a Salami, I'm a Lasagna Hog, So Many Dynamos, Olson in Oslo, Mad Amadeus Sued a Madam, Amoral Aroma, Sun I saw was in us

But I like Mike Maguire poems better (they are each a long palindrom)

[b]Daoro Road[/b]
Same nice cinemas,
same nice café.

We talk late.

We face cinemas,
same nice cinemas.

[b]Drawn inward[/b]

To lay aside life,
draw, set age.

Never one deed unfit
can a deity do
(by no mere ceremony).

Body tied-
An act if nude Eden or Eve
negates war.

Defiled, I say a lot.

[b]Embargo grab me [/b]
Wars I led at.

I call after fire.

Here, verse I bury away.

A liege is now a fossil
by my subtle final plan.

I felt busy,
my bliss of a won siege
I lay away.

Rubies revere her.
I fret, fall.
A citadel is raw.

[b]Seven Eves[/b]

a frail aria's timid tone dam*ed rage.

So ran I,
to order a note we both sang.

I laid low,
on miserable bald locations.

Sent I was,
all it is, I was.

I wondered,
Is no cost set as I deliver debts I made?
Will a foe rise?
Dare I pass or can I leer?

In eve's yawn,
it left some gain.

On I age,
most felt in ways even I reel in.

Across a pier,
a desire of all I wed,
a mist bed.

is a test so considered.

Now I saw.

Is it ill as a witness?
it a cold label bares.

I'm now old,
I align ash to be wet on a red root.

In a rose garden made not dim,
its air, a liar,
fades pale.
Message: Posted by: Dan Paulus (Jun 8, 2009 02:57AM)
My favorite has always been, though it was mentioned here already,

Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.

the longest that I know of, can go on forever minus a day, is;

a six is a six is a six is a...

go as long as you like, as long as you end with " is a"

Posted: Jun 8, 2009 4:00am
Now I know it's time for bed!
If I was willing to post that piece of trivial drivel.
Good Night!
Message: Posted by: Mike Webb (Jun 15, 2009 06:35AM)
My head hurts!
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Jun 15, 2009 06:46AM)
Xi's six

I know it's 11 btw
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Jun 15, 2009 12:55PM)
At [url=http://norvig.com/palindrome.html]17,826 words[/url], here's the longest effort I've found:

A man, a plan, a cameo, Zena, Bird, Mocha, Prowel, a rave,
Uganda, Wait, a lobola, Argo, Goto, Koser, Ihab, Udall, a revocation,
Ebarta, Muscat, eyes, Rehm, a cession, Udella, E-boat, OAS, a mirage,
IPBM, a caress, Etam, FCA, a mica, Ojai, Lebowa, Yaeger, a barge, Rab,
Alsatian, a mod, Adv, a rps, Ileane, Valeta, Grenada, Hetty, Fayme,
REME, HCM, Tsan, Owena, Tamar, Yompur, Isa, Nil, Lorrin, Riksdag,
Mona, Ronn, O'Conner, Kirk, an okay, Nafl, Lira, Robi, Rame, FIFA, a
need, Rodi, Muharram, Ober, a coma, carri, Hwang, Taos, Salado, Olfe,
Camag, Kdar, a hdkf, Jemina, Nadler, Ehud, Rutan, a baster, Ebn,
aedegi, a gals, Ira, Tepper, a minim, a gowd, Ulda, Ogawa, TSgt,
Callida, Rodl, Ewart, seraphs, Ain, Newgate, Vaden, navettes, Sabah,
Swat, Luci, Pam, Arda, pools, a boar, Akira, Gally, CSC, Avalon, a
tuba, AAM, Artima, AFB, Selah, wellies, Ronald, BArch, nullos, Uni, an
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Comdr, Ibanez, OEM, a canal, Panama!
Message: Posted by: Callisto (Sep 9, 2009 02:14AM)
A good one :

A man, a plan, a canal : Panama
Message: Posted by: wcoach (Oct 13, 2009 12:16AM)
Message: Posted by: kenwebster (Jan 4, 2010 10:43AM)
Why ?
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jan 10, 2010 12:49PM)
When people who cannot spell palindrome and cannot choose the proper way to spell "too" for the context of the sentence start trying to write palindromes and/or anagrams, I figure the end of the world is near.

The lame are leading the halt.

(That's not a palindrome, so don't try to figure it out.)
Message: Posted by: LVMagicAL (Jul 3, 2010 11:07AM)
Now there goes 27 minutes of my life I'll never get back.........
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jul 3, 2010 11:21AM)
On 2009-09-09 03:14, Callisto wrote:
A good one :

A man, a plan, a canal : Panama

Perhaps if you know the name of the man and can own up to the plan.
Message: Posted by: danmarimba123 (Sep 19, 2010 08:55AM)
UFO TOFU.....the title of a piece of music by Bela Fleck that uses musical palindromes
Message: Posted by: TedLashley (Oct 7, 2010 11:31PM)
In case someone would like to see the lyrics to BOB, a song by Weird Al Yanckvic that's on the UFO TOFU (the 6th track), here they are. Every single line of the 4-stanza song is a palindrome.

I, man, am regal - a German am I
Never odd or even
If I had a hi-fi
Madam, I'm Adam
Too hot to hoot
No lemons, no melon
Too bad I hid a boot
Lisa Bonet ate no basil
Warsaw was raw
Was it a car or a cat I saw?

Rise to vote, sir
Do geese see God?
"Do nine men interpret?" "Nine men," I nod
Rats live on no evil star
Won't lovers revolt now?
Race fast, safe car
Pa's a sap
Ma is as selfless as I am
May a moody baby doom a yam?

Ah, Satan sees Natasha
No devil lived on
Lonely Tylenol
Not a banana baton
No "x" in "Nixon"
O, stone, be not so
O Geronimo, no minor ego
"Naomi," I moan
"A Toyota's a Toyota"
A dog, a panic in a pagoda

Oh no! Don Ho!
Nurse, I spy gypsies - run!
Senile felines
Now I see bees I won
UFO tofu
We panic in a pew
Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo
God! A red nugget! A fat egg under a dog!
Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.