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Topic: Magic as a topic in a comedy routine
Message: Posted by: Magic79 (Dec 27, 2004 12:26AM)
I am working on a comedy routine where the topic is "magic" but I don't do any magic, I just talk about magic, performing, etc.

I have some good ideas but am always looking for new angles on the topic. If you have any funny/interesting stories about performing please share!
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Dec 27, 2004 05:56AM)
What tricks are you going to be Doing ? oops what kind of Audience do you have to ?
Message: Posted by: templemagic (Feb 14, 2005 05:11PM)
Sounds an interesting idea. The UK comic Jack Dee used to do a sketch about David Copperfield. I must admit even though he put him down quite a bit during it I did find it funny and I think magic could have a lot of room for observational comedy without putting anyone or anything down.

Let us know how it all goes down...
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Feb 19, 2005 03:02AM)

Female assistants (and their boy friends / or the other way around)
Magic wands
Reactions from spectators about tricks
Most asked questions to a magician
Rabbit in a hat - feather flowers - no normal man is walking around with a silk handkerchief but magicians do.
The way magicians talk to each other "look if a have a new invisible watch" -"that's nice, do you want to see my wand?"
Message: Posted by: LFoxx (Mar 19, 2005 10:56PM)
Mitch Hedberg does a one liner about magicians about keeping stuff up thier sleeves.

To write stuff for a comedy routine for people outside the magic industry you need to look at what most average people know about magicians. So I think feather flowers isn't widely known by non-magicians, you don't want to spend too much time explaining thing in your set ups.

Some topics are:
Stuff up your sleeves
playing cards with a magician
rabbit in your hat
sawing a person in half
Doing magic for an odd group (blind people etc)
Message: Posted by: Nick Wait (Mar 20, 2005 04:53AM)
Talking about the assistant's willingness to get locked up, sawed in half etc.
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Mar 20, 2005 05:18AM)
You could talk about in a magic convention such as Blackpool you go into the toilet cubicle and the next thing you hear is a knock on the door and its a guy with a pack of cards asking 'do you want to see a trick.' If you were at Blackpool in the toilets you would of sworn at the night shows this was going on.

Message: Posted by: Popo (Mar 20, 2005 10:56PM)
Another route to go would be to do some impressions of famous non-magicians doing a magic trick. Examples would be Al Pacino doing a kids party or Bill Clinton trying to make the Statue of Liberty disappear. Just some thoughts.
Message: Posted by: Steve Dela (Mar 21, 2005 03:40AM)
This would be very hard to do for Lay People as you would have to talk about magicians that they know about.
you couldn't talk about props too easily because they wouldnt know what they are.
hummm, will take some working to get right.

good luck

Steve Dela
Message: Posted by: Jailhouse Jonny (Mar 24, 2005 09:40PM)
David Blaine could yield plenty of material. Do a Blaine impersonation - just stand there for 2 minutes pretending to be in a box. Come up to a stranger and say "I've got something in my pants I want to show you."

Magicians and women: You have to love magicians, they meet a woman and the first thing they want to do is make her disappear. You bring a woman back to your place and you try to explain why you have more silk hankerchiefs than the guys on the Bravo network, 3 pairs of handcuffs and various fake body parts. Don't worry honey, that's just rubber doggy doo. Here have some nuts (spring snake).That gets the chicks every time! Hard part is buying the props- you try walking into a shop and asking with a straight face "Excuse me sir, do you have sponge balls?"
Message: Posted by: Sonny Vegas (Apr 4, 2005 12:59PM)
In my comedy act I borrowed a trick I used to do when I bartended. It works quite well if the audience is adults only. It can be done with 2 simple restuarant props. Large cloth napkin and a butter knife. It's the same principle as the zombie ball. Take a cotton napkin and a butter knife, Hold the 2 tops of the napkin with each hand using the thumb and first finger. On the inside you have the butter knife pinched between the back of the napkin and your first finger. Make sure the knife part, NOT the handle part is between your fingers. Place the napkin waist high and minipulate the knife and your magic mid-section. Raise the knife under the cloth, keeping the handle right in the middle of the napkin and "Presto" You have RISEN to the occasion. This will make the crowd roar.

If your still questional about this set up ...PM me and I will answer your questions.

Message: Posted by: Flec (Oct 21, 2006 08:29PM)
Why are we willing to spend $50 to learn how to make $1 dissapear.

as steve dela says, it might be hard to find material that lay peopel can relate to. remember...we see magic every day, lay people see it once a year at the christmas party (if they'r lucky!) ;)

I cant pull a rabbit from a hat, but I can pull a hare from my backside...(the oldies are the best)
people say "can you make $50 right now" well I wouldn't here if I could would i!

you could probably say a couple of jokes you use in your patter, and stretch them out a bit. would b interesting! no harm in putting the odd trick in...and then commenting on it?
Message: Posted by: thecardtrick (Oct 23, 2006 01:09PM)
A Blaine impersonation could be hilarious and quite easy to do. Plus, everyone will get it. Making fun of his stunts is easy to do. Maybe that's how you could start your act -- pretend to be frozen in a block of ice, or submerged in a tub of water, and see if the audience can guess who you are. Then go into your shpiel.

This could provide some inspiration. Might not be able to work it into your act, but it's funny, and dirty, too : http://www.bash.org/?111338