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Topic: Resolutions for 2005
Message: Posted by: CARNEGIE (Jan 3, 2005 12:41PM)
Reading the posts of the last couple days I'm struck with how heated things have become. The ALL TIED UP area has never been a safe-zone, but it gets out of hand occasionally. It's no mystery that there are those among us with gripes and grievances against other EA. Some are born out of jealousy, some are rivalry, some have come about through antagonistic rumors, some are reasons that only the parties involved know, and some are justified and some are not. As these situations play out on the boards several things happen: certain parties leave the boards, others are run off the boards, others just stop posting and generally tempers flare. The board operators seem silent, so it just continues.

New Years is a time of reflection and resolutions. A time of thinking about the new year and what is to come. To set goals and make plans. It should be a positive time. It's also a time to put things into perspective. 150,000 people died in a single event and we squabble about who can pick locks and who uses gaffed devices.

Here is a simply suggestion, take it or leave it. Let's just agree that we all like escapology and work from there. If you have a beef with someone, take it to them in PMs. This is not a critisism of anyones pasts posts, its just a suggestion for the future to try and cool the tempers and maybe bring back some folks that left us.

One other thing. It would appear from various posts that Norm Bigelow, Manzini and Steve Baker are all planning some sort of return to performing. I think this should be an inspiration to everyone. You only live once, you don't get a second chance at life so live every moment and make the most of it. I know a lot of older people that are full of "I wish I had done this, I wish I had done that" kind of regrets. As long as you have breath in your body you are still alive, so live it. The best of luck to you gentlemen. And to all my fellow escape artists, may your journey in 2005 be an exciting and safe one.

Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jan 3, 2005 12:57PM)
Now you see why they called it all tied-up. and yes I agree evreyone needs to get along or keep quiet.
Message: Posted by: AJP807 (Jan 3, 2005 01:34PM)
Dean, very well said. I hope we can all live up to your words.
Best regards, Tony Parisi