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Topic: From coffin to trash can
Message: Posted by: sniper1 (Jan 6, 2005 04:09PM)
Once I saw a trick somewhere, where you show a cut-out of a coffin, then you fold it in half and it becomes a smaller coffin. Fold in half again still smaller coffin until finally it changes into a trash can. Anyone know the name of this trick and where to find it please?
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jan 6, 2005 04:37PM)
I wish I knew never heard of it before.
Message: Posted by: MAGICBYTIM (Jan 6, 2005 04:52PM)
It is called A Grave Mistake. You can get one for about 20 bucks at most magic stores.
Message: Posted by: TOTALLY MAGIC (Jan 6, 2005 06:35PM)
If I'm not wrong, I think it's a Dick Stoner trick. Is that right?
Message: Posted by: sniper1 (Jan 7, 2005 01:26AM)
Yep, that's the one. Thanks for your help guys.
Message: Posted by: Jailhouse Jonny (Jan 11, 2005 04:41PM)
I have one. Dick Stoner's Grave Mistake is correct. I bought it from Midwest Magic in Franklin Park, Ilinois. About $20-25 I think it may also be availble from the Magic Warehouse.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jan 11, 2005 04:59PM)
Jon I'll Bring your Close Up Mat Thursday Night and it won't end up in the trashcan or Coffin.