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Topic: Pianist / Magician act
Message: Posted by: rasw (Sep 12, 2002 05:13PM)
Does anyone know of any piano-playing magicians who do a pianist/magician act?

I would love to find a way to combine these two interests of mine.
Message: Posted by: John C (Sep 12, 2002 08:17PM)
Mike Close. Vegas. I don't think he combines them but he makes a living at both.

Message: Posted by: Shadow (Sep 12, 2002 09:05PM)
I have a brother in law that does both, but not at the same time. He does however play live as I perform from time to time

Alan Nu performs while his wife plays the Violin-Very kewl
Message: Posted by: paulapaul (Sep 15, 2002 12:04PM)
Rasw - So you are looking for a way to combine them? For stage? How about comedy... the piano player who keeps getting interrupted by "mishaps". Like - the sheet music falls from the piano, but when the piano man tries to pick it up, it floats back to piano. Piano Man returns to play, and maybe the same thing happens again. The third time, he catches the sheet music, and in frustration, tears it up. It obstinately restores itself.

Things can happen with the candelabra, the piano keys, the seat, the pianist's clothes, etc... For a crescendo, the top of the piano can end up filled with several appearing candelabras. And so much of this can be greatly enhanced by what is being played on the piano! You know how some of the old cartoons were done to classical or orchestra music?

For close up? The same idea could apply, just with closer effects. Maybe some of the close-up members can add some ideas for this. For a neat treat, there is something that Daniel Cross used to do. (I don't know if it was a published - and available - routine before he did it.)

But, to give you an idea of a type of thing you can do close up - he would tear black and white pieces of paper, lay them out, and actually play them! You could do a variation of this. Imagine the audiences surprise if you drew a piano board on their napkin, and actually played it! Even doing a duet with it! (I do a duet with the Magic Drawing Board. It does require dubbing the music in a studio, but it's worth it!) Or if you used parts of a spectator's body - like arms and head - to make piano music. There is also the art of music from glasses of water. A piece could be played alternating piano and glass.

I hope this is the kind of thing you were looking for - something to get the juices flowing.

Good luck!
Message: Posted by: bojanbarisic (Sep 29, 2002 04:08PM)
Check out this site from a very good friend of mine Garin Bader, who is a great piano player and a great magician too. I guess that he is still working for Celebrity cruise line if you would like to get in touch with him. http://www.MusicalMagic.com