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Topic: The Cheetah's Handbook
Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 14, 2005 11:26AM)
The 'Heirloom Guys' at http://www.underground-collective.com would like to announce a new ebook that we'd like to bring to your attention:

'The Cheetah's Handbook'

It's a limited edition (150 copies then it's removed from the site) and is a collaboration between 10 magicians:

Kostya Kimlat, Andi Gladwin, Jamie Badman, Luke Dancy, Jack Parker, John Bodine, Colin Miller, Tyler Wilson, Rob James and Liam Montier.

Everyone has contributed material toward this single ebook. It's 50 pages in length and we've put a great deal of effort into this project to bring something that contains strong material, is well written and carefully laid out.

The ebook consists of entirely close-up material: Coins, mentalism, cards and some other more esoteric materials!

Really hope you guys like this one!

Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 14, 2005 11:48AM)
Forgot to say:

The website has a full list of contents with brief descriptions of each effect - plus it has a video available showing one of the effects from the ebook!

Message: Posted by: Aaron Lucas (Jan 14, 2005 12:31PM)
This looks very intriguing. Could someone post a review?
Message: Posted by: jgodwin (Jan 14, 2005 01:11PM)
I just picked this up - took the chance since I've never bought a bad effect from Jamie and Colin before. The book downloaded right away and I must say it looks superb! It's BIG and very nicely done. Loads of material in there, many are photo illustrated. I'm gonna work through it over the weekend - I'll try to do a review next week - but just thought I'd post my initial reactions.

Message: Posted by: Seth (Jan 14, 2005 01:56PM)
Why is it limited? especially since it's an ebook...
Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 14, 2005 02:57PM)

It's not a new concept; Bob Cassidy and Tom Stone both limit their ebooks. The guys wanted this one limited simply to make it a little more exclusive.

Message: Posted by: calexa (Jan 14, 2005 06:20PM)
Downloaded it today - first impression is good.

Tomorrow I will print it out and read through it. I will post my review then.

Message: Posted by: Aaron Lucas (Jan 15, 2005 04:12AM)
I gave in to temptation and downloaded this! Just read it all through. Thirteen effects from ten different magicians. Has that been done in an ebook before?
I like all the tricks and have run through a few of them.

I am quite looking forward to trying a trick called Hollywood or Bust. It uses a mentalism principle that lets you know what someone has written down before they have written down. There's an element of risk here but I can imagine it would really freak people out when it is successful (most of the time!!)

Also there is a cool trick where you produce someone's selected card from a mobile phone! I am a sucker for novelty card tricks. There is also a principle described here that can be used next time you are in a supermarket. You can convince whoever you are with that expensive items cost very little. I can see this principle being very useful in certain circumstances.

There are also a lot of straightforward card tricks, I liked the ones by Kostya Kimlat, Andi Galdwin, Luke Dancy, Jamie Bodman and Jack Parker - actually, forget that... I liked them all!!

I have been disappointed with ebooks before but this one is a winner :)
Message: Posted by: GReaper (Jan 15, 2005 11:15AM)
Hollywood or Bust is serious stuff! Freak em out?... It will knock em bandy! So simple but SO effective. I am a little disappointed that this idea now has a commercial release its been kicking around on the underground circuit for a while and I must admit I have always been fearful that all and sundry would get hold of this little gem, at least the manuscript is being limited to 150 copies so not everyone will start doing it! I like the book cover too! Whats the connection?
Message: Posted by: WaterTorture (Jan 15, 2005 12:08PM)
Mr Badman,

I bought your book as I was very interested in the creators. I have heard of some of them - Kostya Kimlat, Andi Gladwin and Tyler Wilson - because they have had tricks published in MAGIC MAGAZINE.

This book is a really fun read. I am surprised it is only an ebook. It would have made a perfect printed book.

Did everyone else like the book too? Please share your favourite routine! I liked Safety Zone.

Thanks for publishing this. I will read it again.
Message: Posted by: jgodwin (Jan 16, 2005 10:02AM)
Well I've had some time to work through these routines and here's a brief review of the ebook...

First, the presentation of the ebook - from the excellent cover to the concise text is a delight compared to many ebooks I've encountered in the past. This, however, was to be expected, since I've never purchased anything from The Underground Collective that hasn't valued presentation of the product as well as the content.

There are either one or two effects from each contributor. My favourite routine by far is Tyler Wilson's 'Clean Sanchez' which while not technical difficult is both entertaining and visual. Hollywood or Bust is also a superb concept for a mentalist. Jack Parker's card effect shown in the video is also of note. Jamie Badman has a routine in there which is a great approach to cards to pocket with a killer repeat!

The Luke Dancy contribution is a sweet little four card revelation that reads dry but looks really good. Andi Gladwin's effect is like a small packet rise which again, I like - you see a trend ? There's nothing in this manuscript that I can honestly say I don't like... except...

Liam Montier's the guy who created a favourite routine of mine: Henry Sugar. Well his effect in here is similar in so far as it's clever, requires little real handling and will fool you badly!

There are two coin-based routines and I've never found coins to be my thing. I'll be honest, I skipped over these - but I'd have no reason to believe these would be of any lesser quality than the other effects in the manuscript.

There's a really nice idea - not so much of an effect - by Rob James which I think will lead to some great gags as well as some excellent 'impromptu' magic.

John Bodine has a really 'off the wall' routine in which your mobile phone PRINTS a card! I've not tried this yet but it sounds as though, if you have the right kind of phone (flip-phone) it'll work a treat.

Oh, and finally the Kostya Kimlat routine is GREAT. There's an easier way to achieve the effect (which is mentioned in the notes) but the routine uses the method given in order to apply the correct pace to the routine and the final revelations. This depth of thinking is greatly appreciated, at least by myself and gives food for thought as well as just another card trick.

I know I'm gushing a little and I've not criticized anything at all. Sometimes life's just like that though: I've bought some good ebooks, some bad ebooks but never something with this amount of solid material, presented so well, for such a good price. In a way it's a shame it's a limited release because other creators of ebooks could use this as a good standard for producing quality work.

Absolutely recommended.

Downloadable from:


Message: Posted by: joeKing (Jan 16, 2005 11:28AM)
I got mine from http://www.magic-notes.com first impressions are very good, but I haven't read through it all yet.

Here is Tyler Wilson performing his Clean Sanchez:
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (Jan 16, 2005 01:16PM)
The technical requirements on this one is high. If you are not a finger-flinging technocardician, there will be many effects that are not doable for you. Otherwise, as above, you'll probably like it.

Card folks and Mentalists will love Hollywood or Bust, but working psychics will have discovered and covered this one ages ago.
Message: Posted by: jgodwin (Jan 17, 2005 04:42AM)
Personally I didn't have a problem with the difficulty level - given that the list of contents shows predominantly card effects I expected some card sleights to be required (the Jack Parker and Tyler Wilson videos clearly show effects that aren't self working!). But there's not much, if anything, beyond an average card man - stuff like a pass, elmsley, d-lift, top change etc (talking of which, the timing of that top change in Kostya's effect is just in the right place; lovely!).

I think if you're a relative beginner to card magic then you'll struggle with some of the card material in here but if you're comfortable with the standard card moves then you'll find the material straight-forward! At least I did - and I don't rate my self as some hot-shot finger flinger!

Message: Posted by: calexa (Jan 17, 2005 06:10AM)
I don´t agree with Tom Jorgenson: (Quote) The technical requirements on this one is high. If you are not a finger-flinging technocardician, there will be many effects that are not doable for you.
It is true that some sleights are required, and these sleights are a little more comlicated than a DL. But nothing really special.

Message: Posted by: tache magic (Jan 17, 2005 02:21PM)
My name is Mike and I am considering buying this book. My question is. Is this magic suitable for "workers" in the "real world"? I certainly have my "chops" but I dislike "running when not being chased" and effects which are "guilding the lilly".

I awaite your response.

your freind in magic.

Magic Mike
Message: Posted by: tache magic (Jan 17, 2005 03:58PM)
Mr Bad man,

You replide. And now its gone! You really are a cheater.

Now that's magic!.

Your freidn in mystery post deletion!

Magic mike
Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 17, 2005 04:28PM)

Well I replied then thought I really should leave this question to be answered by a purchaser, not by myself - who being involved with this ebook is undoubtedly biased.

So if anyone would care to comment, I'm sure 'Tache Magic' would appreciate it!

I will add, however, that I know for sure Tyler Wilson uses 'Clean Sanchez' in his regular restaurant gig (you can see the video earlier in this thread).

Message: Posted by: Tyler Wilson (Jan 17, 2005 04:34PM)
Hey Magic Mike,
I'm not sure what Jamie said, but let's hope I don't utter the same catastrophic words.

Being part of this project, I can wholeheartedly state that not only are the vast majority of the routines suitable for "Workers", but they were actually designed for that purpose. Remember, we actually perform these routines ourselves, so we want them to be practical for us. The fact that they're also practical for everyone else is just a sweet bonus.

And contrary to Tom Jorgenson's post, I think almost all of the card sleights used can be found in Card College Vol. 1 (or are at that level). But everyone has their own opinion. Tomato Tomato (well, I guess it doesn't translate well to print).

Mike, if you decide to pick it up, be sure to let us all know how you like it!

Tyler Wilson
Message: Posted by: Tyler Wilson (Jan 17, 2005 04:40PM)
Oops, Jamie replied while I was writing my last post.

He's a little more tactful than I am, so I guess I should follow suit and let people who have bought the book answer your question. I just wanted to give you a "behind-the-scenes" answer. Oh well.

Thanks for the diplomatic response Jamie, I've got a lot to learn from you!

Tyler Wilson
Message: Posted by: tache magic (Jan 17, 2005 05:02PM)
Thank you both of you. I am impressed by your tact and class, maguic needs more of you.

If I get one or two tricks from every ebook I purchase then I consider that to be an investment.

I am now going to get ths ebook and I will give an over view before putting the items into my "working repetoire" "in the trenches".

Your freind in anticipation.

magic Mike
Message: Posted by: magickevinCA (Jan 17, 2005 05:24PM)
I got this e-book today and took a quick peek to see what I was getting myself into. The variety of magic is nice and each effect reads nice so after I have read more tonight I will let other people know what I think. One thing I can say for sure right now is that the booklet is put together good and it's obvious that it took some time to put together. Thank you for sharing this with us Cheetahs.
Message: Posted by: jb (Jan 17, 2005 06:52PM)
I contributed to the project and I promise you I perform the cell phone trick regulary, always to good reaction. Occasionally I get a reaction way beyond what I would imagine the effect would produce, but on the whole it gets good reaction.

John Bodine
Message: Posted by: tache magic (Jan 18, 2005 11:20AM)
Wow. Is all I can say.

If pushed I could also say.

I bought this last night and I am very impressed with this ebook. The trick I liked best on first skim through was a trick called physchic weetbix.

I couldn't sleep last night because of Rick so I went to the 24 hour supermarket and tried it out there and then for Wendy! This would be great to "unleash the moment" in a supermarket. I am filming for meridian news next week and may include this.

There are plenty of items to keep me busy in the long months ahead. I'm off to try John Bodines routine which I beleive may just be "worth the price of the book".

Your freind in reviews,

Magic mike.
Message: Posted by: WaterTorture (Jan 18, 2005 01:24PM)

I'm glad you tried this. My family thought I was crazy when I did this in Safeways yersterday. It sure was fun though. I did the razor blades idea - funny (and strong) stuff.
Message: Posted by: smokinJ (Jan 18, 2005 08:59PM)
Dang! I bought this but I wont be able to try the wheetibix trick because in my area (california) they don't have scanners but it sounds awesome! He tache, I have a fone that works for the cell phone trick and it payed off right away! this girl at school even wrote her number on the card and I'm claling her this weekend!! I also did the dancy dancing trick and then straght into twisting the aces and daleys trick after that, its an AWESOME routine. next I'm gonig to learn CONFUSION because I've mastered what I need for it. maybe when I go out with erin we'll go to a movie and I'll try hollywood or bust on her!

I use severl things from this, it's AWESOME!

Message: Posted by: Aaron Lucas (Jan 19, 2005 05:15AM)
So what we all want to know is...

When is Cheetah's Handbook volume 2 coming out??! :) :)
Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 19, 2005 06:51AM)
Just a brief post to let you know there's a free card effect available (Dancin' with Dancy) on our website which is extracted from the new ebook "The Cheetah's Handbook". There's also a video clip of the performance too.

To get the clip, simply visit:


To sign up - which gives you access to our new 'members' area which currently contains this 'freebie' and which will soon contain many more free effects and videos also.


Jamie Badman
Message: Posted by: VBall (Jan 19, 2005 07:33AM)
Still waiting for someone to give a more detailed review.

I kinda have a problem with ebooks. Even though it is limited to 150 copies, there will be people out there that will just distribute/trade them... the 150 will then ben 150,000 copies. Well, that's a problem on its own...
Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 19, 2005 07:55AM)
Yeah, that's traditionally a problem (though before email, Lorayne was trying to discourage photocopying of Apocalypse; copying has and always will exist).

But both Underground Collective and Magic Notes (the two sites where these notes are sold) run an ebook security system which helps discourage copying:

All ebooks are password protected with a password relating to the buyer.

Every page of each ebook is personalised to the purchaser.

These measures are, I think, quite effective against the casual copier; you might pass it on I guess - but only to people you trust won't pass it on yet further - can you *really* trust someone else not to do that at some stage ? If they do, your copy is 'out there' and it's got your name all over it!

If we catch any illicit copies being copies around, we WILL name and shame.

Here's another issue related to photocopying. I have quite a rare book at home - I have a first edition of Derren Brown's 'Pure Effect' - it contains two effects which he chose to withdraw from further reprints of the book. The first edition was only printed in a VERY small number.

However, in some of the peer to peer systems and internet 'fileshares' these withdrawn effects exist in scanned format for anyone to download.

This from a printed book.

As I say, ebook or printed, if it's good, it'll get copied. Fact of life.

The only guaranteed way to get the material, however, is to buy it now. And the only way to keep it exclusive is if each buyer upholds the trust we ultimately have to place in them as a seller.


Message: Posted by: calexa (Jan 19, 2005 09:02AM)
Copying and selling can lead to interesting problems: for example I sell my copy on ebay (I sell the data on CD and a printed copy. If the buyers buys my copy, he is the rightful owner of this copy. But how can you control that I don´t have held back a copy of the data?

Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 19, 2005 09:08AM)
Can't control that - but I wouldn't want to sell a book with my email all over it and neither would I like to buy such a book.

The same principles apply with printed material - when I see Maven's colour books of mentalism offered on ebay, what guarantee do I have the seller has not already photocopied the pages ? Same for video and dvd.

Message: Posted by: Tom Lauten (Jan 19, 2005 09:11AM)
Here is my personal review...

The Cheetah’s Handbook

Downloadable e-book.


€ 16.00
$ 22.00
£ 12.00

The Underground collectives seem to pride themselves on being youthful, well tested and ambitious in their releases. The Cheetah’s Handbook proves this out…again.

This handsomely crafted E-book delivers a smorgasbord of card magic, mentalism and even a touch of “street sharkery”! The contributors to this downloadable product are to be reckoned with;

The contributors include: Jamie Badman, Andi Gladwin, Colin Miller, Kostya Kimlat, Tyler Wilson, Liam Montier, Jack Parker, John Bodine, Rob James and Luke Dancy.

Coins, cards, billets, phones, jewellery and even supermarkets…yes…supermarkets are all used to good effect. Weird and mind probing mentalism, funny shopping trips, unreal phone calls and stunning card transformations queue up for attention

Highlights? Where to start….
Aces and Kings?…sweet and simple!
Hollywood or Bust?…my personal favourite.
Psychic Weetabix (Shredded Wheat)?!?…(I’m not kidding)

If you are into magic at all, I am positive you will find something you will like and use in here. If you work on stage, strolling, at a table on TV or just in the pub with your friends you will come away with performance material.

Skill level:
1)You will be well served by a small repertoire of sleights and moves for some effects.
2)A number of the card and coin tricks use moves that moderately skilled magicians would be familiar with.
3)A number of tricks are easily achievable by a moderately comfortable newcomer.

Overall I would say this is an entertainingly written, well laid out collection of quality tricks at a variety of skill levels for a range of likes and disciplines. How’s that? The Cheetah’s Handbook might sound like a gamble to some people but if it is…it’s one that pays off well. Should serve performers for years to come.

...well done I say!
Message: Posted by: Andrew Loh (Jan 19, 2005 09:14AM)

Thanks for the review!

Andrew Loh
Message: Posted by: VBall (Jan 19, 2005 09:25AM)

you're right about books; they do get copied. But for me, I think they are a little different in the respect that you have something tangible even if there are copies out there. Ebooks when copied are exactly the same as the originals... that's the main difference for me.

That being said, I think its great that you guys are working towards better security and personalization of each copy. Only time will tell.
Message: Posted by: JarrodHenry (Jan 19, 2005 10:12AM)
I think that, having downloaded the Cheetah's Handbook, that they have a very adequate security system in place. Not only putting the password on but also having the personalization will pretty much gurantee that no copies of this product will get out without SOMEONE being to blame. And, the magic community being what it is, if someone DOES let their copy get out of control it's all but guranteed that they won't be getting another cheetah book, much less any other ebook out there.

So.. long and short of it is, yeah, ebooks will be copied. So will print books. (I've seen the entire Tarbell course offered online, and NOT the one http://www.lybrary.com sells) People will scan and distribute. It's just a way of the net.

Me, personally, every trick in this book is worth it. It's a low price to pay.
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Jan 19, 2005 12:52PM)
On 2005-01-19 11:12, JarrodHenry wrote:
I think that, having downloaded the Cheetah's Handbook, that they have a very adequate security system in place. Not only putting the password on but also having the personalization will pretty much gurantee that no copies of this product will get out without SOMEONE being to blame. And, the magic community being what it is, if someone DOES let their copy get out of control it's all but guranteed that they won't be getting another cheetah book, much less any other ebook out there.[/quote]

I'm sure Jamie won't mind me telling you that the security and delivery system put in place on Magic Notes and Underground Collective is very heavily based on an idea of mine. I just wanted to say that you've hit the nail on the head Jarrod, about what the system is about. I put a lot of thought into how I could secure PDF files and quickly realised that I couldn't; based on Adobe's product, it simply isn't possible at this time. So, I worked out a way based on ethics, and from watching the trends from Jamie's ebooks, it works.

I worked on the Cheetah's Handbook with Jamie (I did the cover/layout and some editing), so can't really comment too much, but I would like to say that it is a really fun book, full of really strong material. I'm really proud of this project, and I think you'll be proud of your purchase.

Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 19, 2005 01:02PM)
Hmmm... well it was derived from a brainstorm we had, as I recall ;-)

Let's settle for:

Initial concept by Gladwin
Concept development by Gladwin and Badman
Design and Development by Badman

Gotta get your credits right ;-)

But to get back on topic - what do people think of the 'Freebie' from Luke Dancy ?Like it ?!

Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Jan 19, 2005 04:46PM)

The point of my post was not to claim credit: my post just needed framing, else it would have just sounded like unfounded wittering about your sites. But yes, that's what I said: your system is based on my concept (originally devised with a conversation with Andy Leviss about our A² site), and that's a fact that has been established several times before.


P.S - Buy more Cheetah's!
Message: Posted by: jgodwin (Jan 19, 2005 05:35PM)
RE Credit for the protection system... 'Whatever'. Fact is, UC did it and it works a treat (I've bought all the UC downloads) and UC / Magic Notes provide a great service.

Sure, ebooks can be copied but so can everything. A previous poster was suggesting he'd not want to buy a limited edition ebook because someone might copy theirs and therefore make it not so limited...

Marlo's Magazines were copied left right and centre. I've seen copies of these. It's my understanding Marlo wasn't too happy about this either. But it happened then, it happens now and it'll happen a decade from now. Fact is, if something is good and contains material you can use or learn from then get it. Especially if it's limited - because despite being copied, Marlo Magazines are still a nightmare to find.

I'm glad I've already got my copy of this. Read this thread; I think there's just one guy who found it to be 'not his thing' - everyone else raves. I hope these guys do another of these ebooks. I think why I like this so much is, unlike some ebooks from an individual, there's not the usual 'fluff' here; each person has been able to consider what material to include and hasn't had to pad the book out. Wish there were more collaborations for books.

Anyway, that's what I think ;-)

Oh... the Dancy 'freebie' - I read it in the book itself and although it was nice, I didn't appreciate it as much as I should have done: The video on the UC site shows how it should look and I must say for something so simple it's really effective! Nice.

Message: Posted by: VBall (Jan 19, 2005 07:36PM)
On 2005-01-19 18:35, jgodwin wrote:
Especially if it's limited - because despite being copied, Marlo Magazines are still a nightmare to find.

I think you nailed it on the head... Even though Marlo's Magazines were copied, the fact is that the originals are still a desired item because it is something tangible(magazine, book, etc.) The originals are different from the copies(no cover, etc) where as ebooks, copies are the same making it worth less.
Message: Posted by: montz (Jan 20, 2005 04:13AM)
On 2005-01-19 18:35, jgodwin wrote:
RE Credit for the protection system... 'Whatever'.

LOL I think that's a typical magicians view, although usually with different credits, I admit! Although I agree with the other comments!

On 2005-01-19 14:02, jbadman wrote:
Hmmm... well it was derived from a brainstorm we had, as I recall ;-)

Let's settle for:

Initial concept by Gladwin
Concept development by Gladwin and Badman
Design and Development by Badman


Hmmm... sounds heavily based to me!

But anyhow, there is some kick ass stuff in Cheetah's Handbook... I particularly enjoyed Safety Zone, Hollywood or Bust, the barcode thing and Tyler Wilson's stuff was sweeter than a gingerbread mans chocolate coated bits!

Buy it, and be happy.

Message: Posted by: Andrew Loh (Jan 20, 2005 08:45AM)
Hi Jamie,

About the Luke Dancy freebie at your website, to be honest, it's AWESOME! I like it! :) - On top of that, it's a nice appearance of the 4 Aces and it's easy to perform!

Thank you very much, Jamie!

Andrew Loh
Message: Posted by: frazz (Jan 20, 2005 10:02AM)
Andrew, the Dancy trick is a good representation of the standard of material in this publication.

I am still reading through the Cheetah's Handbook and enjoying trying out the different ideas.
Message: Posted by: Muddy (Jan 21, 2005 05:02PM)
I bought the ebook. The effects are great, but personally I found the technical instruction lacking. This may be just me, but I really dislike it when in the method it says "execute a nnn" ... where nnn is a [maybe] common sleight ... especially when I know the sleight and it obviously needs modification for this particular effect ... Why not just explain all the moves in detail ... including the sleights? Its an ebook, so I wouldnt think it would matter if you had to double the number of pages to make the instructions clearer.

Also I didn't feel there were enough "position checks" in the card effects ... just a pause to let you know how many cards should be in the packet and in what order ... things like that.

So ... my opinion ... there are some really good effects in this ebook and learning will probably be a breeze for advanced (maybe even intermediate) magicians. I think it may be a bit frustrating for a newcomer like myself, though.
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Jan 21, 2005 05:24PM)

You're right that some (perhaps 50%) of the items in this book are focused more towards intermediate readers. However, if there's anything that's not clear, just email me (andi at andigladwn dot co dot uk) and I'll hapily talk you through it. And if I'm not able to help (although I should be able to, since I learnt all of the routines as I was editing it), I'll seak help from the Cheetah who created the effect, or put you in direct contact with them. You bought this ebook, so we'll all make sure you get your money worth!

Also, for anyone considering purchasing the ebook, there's a very glowing review from Steve at his excellent Magic Rants blog (which is daily reading for me!):


Message: Posted by: Muddy (Jan 21, 2005 05:35PM)
Now that's customer service!

I hope I didn't come across like I was bashing it, by the way ... the effects really are outstanding.
Message: Posted by: rannie (Jan 22, 2005 03:30AM)

Is there any other way other than paypal ? My country , the Philippines is not included in the list of countries. I really want to buy this ebook.


Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 22, 2005 05:13AM)
Rannie: Mail me at jamie@underground-collective.com and we can discuss.


Message: Posted by: Muddy (Jan 22, 2005 06:43AM)
Regarding my earlier comment that a newcomer might find the material confusing .. Andi was kind enough to help me out (as he said he would in his post) ... and he replied to my query very quickly.

I also wanted to mention that I had some difficulty with Paypal since I live in South America. Jamie was kind enough to help me out and make sure I was able to purchase the ebook.

This is great material from good people and I think you can feel good about purchasing this, no matter your level.

Many thanks to both of you Andi and Jamie ...
Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 23, 2005 05:18PM)
No problem. Glad we've helped clarify!

Message: Posted by: calexa (Jan 24, 2005 02:48PM)
Everyday I like the guys from Underground Collective a little bit more. Good material, good prices, good service....what do we want more?

Message: Posted by: JarrodHenry (Jan 24, 2005 03:29PM)

I can't think of anything. These guys are phenomenal. Maybe a bit of an explanation of specific sleights when they list a sleight.. but other than that.. nothing. I'm looking forward to the cheetahs future releases :)
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Jan 25, 2005 04:01AM)

As mentioned earlier, if there is anything that we haven't explained, but you need explaining, please let one of us know via email. We're more than happy to explain sleights used in our effects.

Message: Posted by: Doomo (Jan 25, 2005 11:52PM)
Meester Badman... As publisher of Channel One I must commend you on your latest bit o' work... Eet eez pretty good! I see so much crap that I wanna hurl mah cookies sometimes... But this waz pretty good. Believe me, this is a rave review from me.
Message: Posted by: jbadman (Jan 27, 2005 07:20AM)
Wow! Thanks for all the great comments and support. 'The Cheetahs Handbook' has sold incredibly well - far faster than we anticipated!

Sales will cease on the ebook once we hit 150 copies which isn't far away now...


Message: Posted by: jbadman (Feb 11, 2005 11:12AM)
Update: Less than 20 copies remain of this limited edition ebook. Once these are sold, the ebook will be removed from sale.

Thanks to all purchasers for the outstanding support you've shown for this project!


Message: Posted by: jbadman (Feb 21, 2005 07:14AM)
Online Visions just published a review of 'The Cheetahs Handbook' in the latest issue:


10/10 in every category ;-)


Message: Posted by: ClouDsss (May 9, 2005 03:55AM)

I cant seem to purchase this book anymore

Has it hit 150 already? sigh
Message: Posted by: jbadman (May 9, 2005 08:16AM)

Yes, it hit 150 so it was withdrawn.

We'll be doing a Cheetahs 2 later this year, however... if you liked the first one you'll LOVE the next; we already have several routines lined up for it. Should be ready in the autumn.


Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (May 9, 2005 09:57AM)
Fantastic. I was really disappointed that I missed out on the first one. But this is great news.
Message: Posted by: timofy (May 10, 2005 04:56AM)
Yeah me too, I had been trying to get it for so long and after much anticipation I was ready to buy it. But it had just gone.

Will the 2nd edition be limited aswell?
Message: Posted by: Andrew Loh (May 11, 2005 05:04AM)
Hi Timofy,

Yeah! The 1st volume the effects are excellent and I am looking forward of the 2nd volume also, not so sure is Jamie is doing the same with the 2nd volume????

Message: Posted by: Sooty (May 11, 2005 11:05AM)
Phew! I was just in time to get one of the 150 copies.
Message: Posted by: jbadman (May 13, 2005 04:35AM)
Yes, Cheetahs 2 will also be limited edition; probably 150 or 200.

Message: Posted by: Thai Mai Shus (Jan 9, 2006 05:27PM)
ANy news on the cheetahs 2?
Message: Posted by: jb (Feb 22, 2006 01:11PM)
Cheetah's Handbook Volume 2: Another Bite of the Cherry

Just over a year ago the first of what we hope to be several ebooks of original magic appeared on the scene as The Cheetah's Handbook. Quantities of the ebook were limited and the first sold out quite quickly.

This year we've put together a bigger, better version with contributions from 10 close-up magicians from around the world. Contributors include Jamie Badman, John Bodine, Luke Dancy, Andi Gladwin, Rob James, Kostya Kimlat, Colin Miller, Robert Moreland, Jack Parker, and Tyler Wilson.

This year's ebook has almost 70 pages and contains 16 items using playing cards, rubber bands, cellphones, cherries and chicken wings!

Here's a rundown of the contents:

Under Control (Luke Dancy) - A fantastic control that you'll learn in just a few hours.

Sweet Cherry Living (Kostya Kimlat) - Fuse two cherries together. Weird, original and fun!

BVA (John Bodine) - A short walkaround routine utilising the Asher Twist.

21 Forever (Jamie Badman) - One for the Blackjack players. Includes a description of Jamie's renowned Underground Change.

Meester Tweester (Jack Parker) - A fantastic Twisting the Aces routine that takes a number of interesting turns.

Cherry Bomb (Tyler Wilson) - A guaranteed fooler using just one card.

Just One Rubber & Get Your Knot Off (John Bodine) - You accidentally snap a rubber band, but restore it in a novel and fooling way.

Three Card Location Too (Colin Miller) - An alternative handling and presentation to Steve Ehler's 3 Card Location.

Full Mental Racket (Andi Gladwin) - A maths test that will fool and entertain!

Wings (Kostya Kimlat) - Impromptu magic at it's best. Chicken lovers will love this!

Two Minds Without a Single Thought (Jack Parker) - I'm not sure what's more entertaining. The trick or the write-up. You'll enjoy this.

E.J. Sandwich (Rob James) - Rob has used this trick to fool some of the best minds in magic. Now it's your turn.

Cheetah's Cellphones (Luke Dancy) - Turn your cellphone into a magical utility device.

Ascanio Spread Finesse (Robert Moreland) - The hit of the 2005 TSD convention in print for the first time.

Nightmare (Robert Moreland) - The best Cannibal Cards handling. Ever.

Whiplash (Andi Gladwin) - An original plot, detailing two new moves.

The ebook can be purchased from <a href=http://www.underground-collective.com/effects/detail.php?product_id=16>The Underground Collective</a> for the paltry sum of:

€ 17.00
$ 20.00
£ 12.00

But don't take our word for it - take a look at an example effect from the ebook by Jack Parker at The Underground-Collective!

<a href=http://www.underground-collective.com/downloads/files/meestertweester.wmv>Meester Tweester</a>
Message: Posted by: shanester (Mar 13, 2006 11:05AM)
BVA states that the Asher Twist is required- is it taught?