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Black tiger deck.
Ghost deck.
Viper deck.
Master's deck.
The Magic Mat (11x14) by Trevor Duffy.
Emerson & west's Color Monte.
Eddy ray's 30 tricks and tips with sponge balls DVD.

Black tiger deck.

Appearance: These things look straight out evil, and down right beautiful at the same time, I have the ones with the red pips myself, and they look stunning. There is only two problems with them, the edges of the cards could be better, they look worn right out of the box for some reason, edges aren't good looking at all...Another problem with them is that the ace of spades could have a little something's just a normal bike ace. 8/10

Feel: Out of the box, my first reaction was: "Whoa." They do indeed fan like a dream, and feel like butter, so much like butter in-fact, the first thumb fan I did I almost lost grip and tossed them all on the floor. But, over the weeks I've had them they have worn down from that buttery feeling...They still feel just as good as a new deck of bikes, but not as good as they once did. The cards are also thicker, while you might think this presents a problem with double lifts, it doesn't. People have said that you can't tell the difference in thinkness...Well, if you do a DL like I do, you might have a bit of a problem "feeling" for two cards at first...they ARE thicker, but not enough to notice anything different to the eye. If you've handled bikes all your life, you will instantly notice it when you hold the deck in the dealing position. But it presents no real problem and offers advantages in durability. 9/10.

Practicalness: Now this is where a lot of people get iffy about a black deck...I've only used them once on a laypeople, and their reactions were "Wow, that's a pretty deck" and "I want one of those". With reactions like this simply to the tools you are working with, I feel as if it makes it worth it alone. How ever, I've only used them once, and based off of my ONE reaction: 10/10.

Is it worth it?: Yeah, if nothing else, it's a very nice deck to practice with.
And it's nice to look at.


Now the same time I ordered my black tiger, I also ordered a ghost.

Appearance: Now, while I like the way the black tiger looks, I honestly LOVE the way the ghost deck looks, while the black tiger is black, this deck is white, looks haunted and the red pips and the black outline around them make this deck look that much better than the tiger deck, it's honestly the best looking deck I've handled in my experience. Also, unlike the black tiger, it has a beautiful ace of spades, and one of the jokers is stepping on a ace of clubs, the other isn't. 10/10.

Feel: These do NOT feel as good as a tiger deck for some reason or another, I don't know why, it might just be me, but they are not as "buttery" as the tiger deck. 7/10.

Practicalness: I would think that this deck would be less questionable than the tiger deck...well... cause it's not black and looks more normal...although I personally feel if people were to see "ghost" written on the box, they might think that is the name of some trick deck. Although I seriously doubt people would pay that much attention to the box...Even if they do, just hand them out for inspection, that'll quickly take care of that problem. 10/10.

Is it worth it?: Yeah. While these cards might not feel as good as tigers, they honestly look better in my own opinion.


I also ordered a master's deck.

Appearance: Well, what can I say, the entire deck looks like a normal red backed deck of bikes, except the ace of spades is real pretty...And the box has "2 07 5P4D35" in the bar code...That'll come in handy...provided everybody you preform for is a l33t talk geek. If you order the deck, you got what you asked for...a normal looking deck. 10/10.

Feel: It feels like a ghost deck. 7/10.

Practicalness: It's a normal deck of cards, do what you will with it. 10/10.

Is it worth it?: Well, considering how everything about this deck seems exactly like a normal deck, you might not be in much of a hurry to have one, but if you are like me and love "the best card trick in the world" this deck will make it a lot easier to do the double lift with the blue card...If you do a non-get ready DL like I do that is... the blue card is thinner than the master cards, and it's very easy to get a double, even with out beveling the deck. So yeah, in my case, it's worth it.


Now, today my order came in with my vipers.

Appearance: Honestly, these are the least appealing of all the "novelty" decks out there...It's silver print on a black card...And there is nothing different about the ace than a regular tally-ho deck. This is not to say that they are ugly, just the other ones look better. But what it has going for it that the tiger's don't is the edges, they do not look worn. 7/10.

Feel: This is where this deck shines above the rest, the only way to get cards that feel any more buttery than this is to melt a stick of butter and pour it on your deck, they are a wonderful feeling deck, more-so than the black tiger, when it comes to handling, I love these cards. 10/10.

Practicalness: Now, more-so than any other deck, I feel this one would be the most questionable of all of them, simply because people are less familiar with tally-ho's than bikes...But it doesn't matter, just hand the deck to them. 9/10.

Is it worth it?: This is some what questionable in my opinion, it's the most expensive of all the novelty decks. Depends on why you want them I suppose.


Now, for a round up of all the decks.

If you want a deck that looks good and will get reactions: Tiger deck. (red pips)
If you want a deck that looks good and you're not afraid to mess up: Ghost deck.
If you want a deck that feels so good in your hands you could kiss it: Viper's.
If you want a deck just to last longer: Master's.

I love them all, and don't regret getting them, if nothing else, just to have them, I've got a second deck of ghost's just for myself cause I prefer them above all others.


The Magic Mat by Trevor Duffy.

This is the first mat I've purchased, and it's suiting me well.

Appearance: It's a jet black mat...Blacker than my black decks, looks great. Having a pad will make you look more professional and make your cards stand out more when you do tricks. 10/10.

Feel: It's great, cards spread on it wonderfully. It also has a non-slip back on it, works great. 10/10

Size: It's 11 by 14 it will easily fit inside of a brief case. (if that's what you like to use) I suppose you COULD fold it up for a short period of time and fit it some where on you to conceal it but not too sure about that. If you bought a pad to whip out on a seconds notice to preform your magic tricks on to a stranger, you might have some problems with it...obviously, it's not what it's made for. 10/10.

Practicalness: It's machine washable, and right now for me, it's doubling as a wonderful mouse pad...It's a magic pad, of course it's practical! 10/10.

Is it worth it?: 15 bucks? Heck yeah it's worth it, if you don't have a pad, you need one...get this.


Emerson & west's Color Monte.

Now this is a neat little trick.

Effect: The effect is great. You show 3 cards red, then 3 cards blue, lay two cards down on the right and left, and a third in the middle, ask them "do you think it's red or blue?"...It's neither. 10/10.

Appearance: Regular bikes!!! 10/10.

Practicalness: It comes with a nice small, wallet like pouch to carry it around with, that's more than I had expected. 10/10.

Ease to preform: This is a simple trick, a beginner to card magic could master this in 10 minutes of practice. (assuming this beginner already knows the most basic sleight in card magic) 10/10.

Price: This is where it shines, this packet trick is one of the cheapest out there.
I got mine for $3.95 from with the 10% returning customer discount...CLEARLY, it's worth it.

Get this, now. What are you waiting for?


Eddy ray's 30 tricks with sponge balls DVD.

Now, I am a total and complete newbie to sponge balls, I just got this today, and I had only figured ONE sleight by watching people's routines before getting this.

Quality: Top notch, professional camera recording. 10/10

Teaching: Eddy ray does a very good job of teaching the sleights of sponge balls. 10/10

Angles: Every time it shows you how to do a sleight, it gives you a split screen view of the side angle, and the front. Although Eddy's hands some times go out of view on the side angle, you get the point. 10/10

What he teaches: Mind you, I had no prior knowledge of how to do sponge magic at all, I feel this is a excellent way to learn the basics, it's great if you are new to the stuff. 10/10.

Price: 15 bucks...That isn't much to pay, now is it? It's worth it, it also comes with 4 sponge balls that will suit you well for learning...You couldn't ask for much more at that price.

Is it worth it?: If you're new to sponge ball magic like I am, it's perfectly worth it. If you are, get it.


So, I'm happy with what I got.

Hope you liked the reviews.

Thanks for reading.
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A fascinating read.

Especially enjoyed your Deck thoughts ...


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This is one of the best accessories I have ever purchased. I have used it almost every day since my wife got it for me for Christmas. It hold two decks of cards (and an Origami frog from Michael Close) with a magnet on the bottom, two aspirin tins (one holds my Copper/Silver and the other holds my Blackstone’s Dime routine) in the top pocket, four coins and small ring and string in the bottom pocket, “Toibox” tin in the thumb tip pocket (I wish it was a bit larger to hold a slightly larger tin that I like better) with a mini ITR at the bottom , hot rod and “mini” sharpie in the sharpie holder. I use the belt loop and all my stuff is always ready, and with almost no hassle in retrieval. The card decks are almost too snug, it works nice for one deck. I would like to see all the pockets just a bit bigger, they are all a tad “snug”. It seems to be wearing well and I have yet to have any problems with it. Jay’s got a winner here. I haven’t tried the Joshua Jay pouch but I’m thinking about ordering it to try out and expand the amount of stuff I can have available. I like playing out of my pockets, but my pockets (even the numerous ones in my vest) only hold so much. And, during a good 8 hour + day on the street I see numerous repeat customers. It is great to have “something else” to show them without having to go to a carry along bag or case.
The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » Magical Accessories » » Reviews on quite a few items I have purchased. (0 Likes)
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