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Liquid B
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Well, I've recently come across a chop cup, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good routines they have seen or read?

Thanks in advance.

Liquid B
Georgia Boy
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There's a new one today over at http://www.allmagic.com looks like a matrix routine might be pretty good? Smile
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Is it part of cups and balls, or just a chop cup on its own?
Robert Black
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The best or most fun routine for the audience in my opinion is the Don Alan version. But Don's delivery and performing style has a lot to do with it also. It's a Stevens tape. The book and tape I believe is available as a set. I have both and very worthwhile to have.

Robert Black
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Dennis Loomis
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The Chop Cup Books, Props, and Videos
Compiled by Doug Atkinson (email: magicref@lycos.com)

Last update 04/02. Added Sankey's Sankedelic and Jim Sisti's Working Professional Chop Cup routine to Books; Paul Wilson's Restaurant Act to Videos, and Electrofun Chop Cup and Millenium Chop Cup to Products.

The following is a partial list of books, videos, and products for the Chop Cup. This also includes single cup & ball routines that don't require a chop cup. These, of course, could also be performed using one cup from a standard Cups & Balls set. This list should include most of the major resources currently available. Prices are estimates and may change. I'm always interested in updates and comments!

Comment: The chop cup is a single cup and ball routine that uses a gimmicked cup. Since chop cups don't have to nest with any other cups, their size and shape can vary quite a bit from model to model. Chop cups come in many varieties, including soda cans, tea cups, dice cups, and metal cups. Get the one that suits your routine! Also, many of the sleights used for Chop Cup routines are similar to those used in Cups & Balls.

Jump (on this page) to: BOOKS VIDEOS PRODUCTS

Alan, Don: Chop Cup Routine. The Don Alan routine is in a small pamphlet sold by Magic Inc. As it doesn't appear in their catalog, you should e-mail them for details. It also appears in Don Lawton's "Lots of Lawton". It is short but concise, to the point, and entertaining.

Ammar, Michael: Encore III . Among other effects listed here is Michael's Beenie Weenie solid single cup routine using a "Beenie Weenie" can. Flash Coins; Coins Thru Silk; Yeast Card; Card on Ceiling; Beenie Weenie; Two Dollar Bill Tear; Roger Klause's The Name is The Same; Bill Switch; Sponge Ball Up Sleeve; Horace Bennett's Absent Minded Miracle. Silver Sponge; Mike Gallo's Magical Change; Two Dollars to Four Halves and more. $20

Brewer, Doug: Unexpected Visitors. Includes 9 excellent walk-around coin routines as well as Chopped Taters: a Chop cup routine using a shot glass sized chop cup, 3/4" balls, a wand, and two tiny potato loads. $30

Colombini, Aldo: Laser Cup routine. Uses differently colored balls, with a giant ball load of mixed colors. Routine and special balls $25, routine with aluminum chop cup $38. Mama Mia Magic.

Colombini, Aldo: IMPACT . 145pg. 59 routines including ropes, cards, coins, 3 cups & balls routines, 3 linking rings, ring & rope, Laser Cup, and comedy. $22.50/. Mamma Mia Magic

Dr. Bob: The Chop Cup Routine. Dr Bob's Complete Chop Cup Routine $5. Goblet chop cup and video are also available from Dr. Bob's site.

Fedko, John: Magic Treasures Compiled and Edited by Tom Clifford. Hardbound. 54 effects using Coins; Cards; Silks; Sponge Balls; Rope; Wallets; Beads; Card Boxes; Flashlights; Chains; Envelopes; Matchboxes; Wands; Bills; Wooden Blocks; Spot Cards; Chop Cups; Cups and Balls and more. $45

Fraps, Thomas, et.al.:The Book, or Don't Forget To Point (Kaufman). $40. Magic with cards, ring and rope, coins, nuts and bolts and more. Includes: The Tweezers coin production, Scrooge McDuck coin in cigarette packet, Fruit Cups two cup (one chop cup) routine, If Worse Comes to Worse (cards), Symphathetic Ten (cards), Cupid Joker finds mates, Chameleon (cards), Double Blind card to rubber bands, It's Shoe Time card in shoe, Bombshell fused cards, Mismade Warp, Chaos Cut false cut, Thumb Tips ditch, A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose production, Theory, and more.

Galloway, Andrew: The Ramsay Legend, the Magic of John Ramsay. 62 pages. Includes: Biography, Basic Coin Technique, Three Coins in a Hat, Coins in Glass, Coin Transposition, Marked Coin Transposition, New Pocket Coin Trick Two Coin Vanishes and a Repeat Coin Thru Hand, Thimble Vanishes and Transposition, Ten Thimble Production, One Cup and Ball Routine, Cut and Restored Rope, Eight Cards to Pocket, Ramsay Color Change. $10

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Volume 2 . 286 pages. Contains section on sleeving, linking ring routine based on Dai Vernon's Symphony of the Rings. Well written close up magic by many contributors. No card magic except as props. Some of the effets are: Cut and Restored Silk, Bennett's Bones, Note in Cigarette, Three Rings for Dai Vernon by Lewis Ganson (routine adapted from Symphony of the Rings but using only three rings. The moves are explained well); Mental effects, Rapping Hand, Chinese Matches, Glass Levitation, Flash Business Card, Torn & Restored Napkin, Chink A Chink, Rope Thru Neck, One Cup Two Balls (by J. Van Rinkhuyzen "Rink", short routine using chop cup & two balls), Horace Bennett on coins (coins thru table, change purse, Okito routine, etc.), David Berglas on Sleeving (includes Cups & Balls info!), Benard Switch, Devano rising cards, the Egg Bag by Lewis Ganson, and more.

Garcia, Frank: Close Up Magic of Frank Garcia, Part II. 102 pages. Cards, coins, Chop Cup, thumbtip, dollar bills, salt routine. $18

Guinn, Scott: Great Scott! It's A Magic Lecture! Lecture notes contain cards, coins, ring and string, and Great Scott's Table Hopping Cups and Balls Routine: Uses 2 cups from Combo set (one Chop Cup). Includes a large ball climax. $10

Harris, Paul: Magic of Paul Harris. Cards, coins, business cards, and a chop cup routine using a paper bag. $12.50

Hollingsworth, Scott: Strolling Chop Cup Routine - Simple & Basic professional routine. Includes a vanish, appearance, penetration, audience participation and a surprise climax. $10.00 Scott Hollingsworth

Jennings, Larry: On Card and Coin Handling. Published by Jeff Busby, 1977. Lots of good card magic. Also includes Chop cup routine using shot glass and silk.

Kaps, Fred: Kaps Lecture Book. Coins Thru Table, his Twisting the Aces, One Cup Three Ball Routine, In Debt money monte routine, Real Magic Silk effect, Newspaper to Dollars, Tenkai Card Production, Red in Blue Deck, Sound Coin Vanish, Silver & Copper, Close-Up Working Area, Dreibeek Variations, Coin Change & Vanish, Kap's Theory. $6.00 Denny & Lee's

King, Bob: Bob King's Close Up Tutorial 6: Chop Cup Routine. Professional routine for the Chop Cup. Includes set of special balls. $15 Bob King Magic

Korem, Danny: Korem Without Limits. Haunted Deck, non-prop stand up magic, coins, ropes, cards, mentalism, matrix, New Wave Chop Cup (with stand up final load), ring & rope, torn & restored bill, and more. $35

Lavand, Rene: Magic from the Soul. Expanded translations of Slow Motion Magic I and II together with the unpublished third volume and Lavand's bread crumb and teacup routine. Also includes Rene's life story. 228 pages, hardbound with dustjacket. $45

Leveridge, Mark: 3rd British Close Up Magic Symposium. 52pg large size comb bound. Trevor Lewis, Simon Lovell, Steve Bedwell, Mark Leveridge, Dave Jones, Richard Wiseman, Graham Jolley, Al Smith, Chis Payne, Walt Lees, Michael Ammar. Coins, cards, matches, mentalism, chop cup routine, table hopping cap and pence. Mark Leveridge magic.

Lewis, Martin: Martin's Magical Inventions Lecture. 1999. 36pg Spiral. Prismatic Pencil (color change), Torn & restored cigarette paper, technicolor prediction, cardiographic routine, Cheap Cup (chop cup routine), Come Back Card, Point of Arrival, Whispering Joker, Queenie, Lucifer's Card, and Maskelyne's 24 rules for magic performance. $15 H&R Magic Books, Denny & Lee's

Marcom, Ralph A.: Marcom Presents Magic. Original routines with macarbe themes. The Monster, Eropetion, My Father, the Pirate (with cards, balls, and a coin assembly), Alchemist's Corner, Vampira Revamped, Bean Trick, Three Ring Rhapsody (Frank Caple's), Brass Bowl and Four Sponges, Chop Cup routine (uses a small elf), and more. $9. 70pg Magic Inc.

Maxwell, Mike: The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings. Over 85 routines. Contains a single cup and ball routine (not a chop cup) using a silk. 288 pages. $40.00

Mendoza, John: Mendoza Cup & Ball Routine. Uses the Combo Cups & Balls Set, with minimum sleight of hand, performed seated. $5

Miller, Hugh (editor): Rink's Magic From Holland: Includes cards, coins, closeup and more. Features Indian Cups and Balls routine, a start for Chop Cup, a Chop Cup prelude, and a Double Chop Cup routine.

Nelson/Walking: The Chop Cup Book (Mark Wilson). 100 pages hardbound. Hard to find! $30

Ouellet, Gary: Two Goblets. 32 pages. Ouellet's two cup (one a chop cup) and ball routine produced by Camirand Academy. $12.50

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams , Marlo without cards. 67 effects with coins, bills, cups and balls, silks, mentalism, dice, linking pins, sponge balls, chop cup and more. Hardbound. 100 pages. $40

Racherbaumer, Jon: In a Class By Himself, The Legacy of Don Alan . HB 269pg. A broad collection of the magic of Don Alan, including video stills from Steven's Greater Magic Library Volume 28 on Don Alan, and the Magic Ranch series put out by William McIlhany. Includes Chop Cup, Cap and Pence, Benson Bowl, Scotch and Soda, and lots more. $45

Raucherbaumer, Jon: Magie Duvivier - The Magic of Dominique Duvivier. 30 card routines (includes versions of Triumph and Ace Assemblies), Duvivier Omnibus card to Wallet, 3 coin routines (including the Duvivier Coin Box), Duvivier Cups and Balls (a fourth cup appears at the end and uses a chop cup!), Linking Pin effect, and the props for the card effect "Printing". 179pg, $40

Riding, Joe: New Chop Cup Routine. $18 (used) Micky Hades

Sankey, Jay: Sankedelic Magic. Includes Raising Sugar Cane (torn & restored sugar packet); Pandora's Envelope (signed card visibly appears in envelope), Chop Cup Subterfuge (add to your routine); Stuck-Up (card appears between stapled cards); Extended Credit (cut and restored credit card); Sweet Bread (bill and sugar packet transposition in spectator's hand). 20 pages. $12

Shute, Merlyn: How to Book of the Chop Cup. 45 pages. In depth coverage of the Chop Cup. History, moves, loads, variations, and routines. 34 pages, highly recommended. Morrissey Magic Ltd

Sisti, Jim: The Working Professional's Chop Cup. Second in the Confidential Manuscript series. Includes a color change to throw off even the observant spectator, and the spectator is never made fun of. "Six-phase routine that's been tested under fire for thousands of performances for restaurant and bar audiences alike". Wire-bound softcover, 16 pages, 28 photographs. $9.95 Jim Sisti Magic

Swain, James: 21st Century Card Magic: Mostly a card book with: Departure; Metamorphosis; The Miracle Deck; and Two effects by Bill Malone. It also includes Swain's handling of Jennings Famous Chop Cup Routine $45.00

Willmarth, Phil: Trevor Lewis ESOLC (That's Close Up). 98pg paper 1981. Cards (including Monte), dice, Benson Bowl routine, Coins, Comedy, a sponge ball routine, Brema Nut, and commercial Chop Cup routine. Nice book! $12.50

Wilson, Ron: Uncanny Scot (Kaufman). Way Out of This World, Color Changing Silk, Card in Wallet, Chop Cup, Mental Miracles, Linking Finger Rings, Ring Flight, Rope Restoration, Torn and Restored Newspaper, Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper, and more. $35

Wonder, Tommy: Tommy Wonder Entertains. Canned Craziness chop cup routine with a soup can and a meatball. Cough Cough routine. Jos Bema Cups & Balls routine. 50pg. $12.50

Yee, Shaun: The Lecture Book 1998: "Stunning Effects and Ideas". 31 pages with 16 effects and ideas including: Coloured Gypsy Thread, The Mirage Knot, Colour Chance, Knotted Ring Escape, Easy Dice Routine, Chop Cup Rainbow Routine, Triple Colour-Changing Silk, Time Travel, Spirit Images, Magnified Pips, Finger Printed, Loading/Switching/Vanishing a Card, SY Forcing Deck, Transposition Surprise, The Chinese Prediction and A Bloody Card Stab. Price: Euro 8.00

Zavis, William: Diverse Deceits. Paper cups, crochet balls, coins, rubber balls, cards. Cups &balls w/one cup. 80pg. $15.00

Alan, Don: Greater Magic V28. Includes Chop Cup, rising cards, nickel on forehead, cig thru quarter,invisible deck, little to big cards, big deal, 31/2 of clubs, card stab, Ranch bird, scotch & soda, Don Alan's bowl, Don Alan's big Nut production, Coat Hanger from Purse, Ring Flight, Fex Load (not all explained). Steven's Magic

Alan, Don: Don Alan's Magic Ranch Series. Four videos of historic television footage. Features Don Alan performing close up magic and special guests for each show, such as Jack Gwynne, Johnny Platt, Clarke Crandall, George and Betty Johnstone, Al Flosso, Richard Himber, Jummy Reneaux, Sam Berman, Karrell Fox, Jay Marchall, Chan (Vic Torsberg), Ralph Pierce, and Neil Foster. Includes performances of Don Alan's chop cup routine, Himber's Linking Rings, and an Indian cups & balls routines, among much more. $98 Steven's Magic

Ammar, Michael: Videonics Program #62 Michael Ammar World Class Close Up video. Striking Vanish, a beautiful move, taught with Michael's One Cup and Ball routine with a sausage can. Gallo Pitch: do the coins thru table without lapping. The Card on the Ceiling. $35.00

Ammar, Michael: Early Ammar V2: World Class Close Up Video. Beanie Weenie (single cup routine), Striking Vanish, Coin in Pen Cap, yeast card, Ambitious Card Bluff move, one handed card fold, coins across, gallo pitch, card on ceiling, $2 Bill into 2 ones, Coins in Silk, Gary Ouellet Moves on the Ambitious Card Deck Vanish. $29.95. L&L Publishing

Burt, Brad: Video #8, The Chop Cup: Included: Performance of the routine; Intro to the Equipment; How to Handle a Chop Cup; The Roll Vanish; The Sneider Vanish with a ball; The French Drop; Ball Thru Cup Move; How to handle the Large Loads; The Routine Explanation. $40 Brad Burt's

Carney, John: Classic Carney, The Video. Eight routines from Carnycopia, including a chop cup type routine using a coffee cup and a bill. $45.00

Cloutier, Carl: Carl Cloutier's World Class Magic Video, 90 mins. Includes: Sports Illustrated - Miniature sports balls vanish, appear and transform; Smoker's Delight - flash appearances and vanishes; Pencil Through Coin; Lit Cigarette In Coat; Single Cups & Balls - Miniature cup and balls routine. The cup appears, the balls appear, change color, grow and vanish; Candy Cards - Cards, candy bar, and a roll of Lifesavers; To Bounce or Not to Bounce: Bounce; Simple Battery - A battery is produced from a deck of cards; Money Madness. $30

Dr. Bob: The Coin Box Video. A complete 6 phase Okito Box routine with a bonus Chop Cup routine. $30 Dr. Bob's

Guyatt, Terry: Presents Close Up Magic: One Cup & balls routine, Magic Knife, Expansion of Texture, Relflextions/Do As I Do, Wand through Hanky, Erdnase Colour Change. 90 minutes. Steven's Magic

Harris, Paul: Immaculate Close-Up Stars of Magic Video #12: 90mins. Immaculate Breakthrough (any deckmelts through the top of the card box); Uncanny (A solid cup routine using a can of beenie weenies); Bleached Black Jack ( an unbelievable card transformation); Okawa's Cellophane Surprise (a new technique for extracting a cigarette from its pack); Stapled; Double Decker; The Perfectionist; Over Exposer; The Splat Move; Tap Dancing Finale; Galaxy plus Paul Harris' Immaculate Video Scam $30

Jennings, Larry: Thoughts on Cards video (Latest release includes 2 volumes on one tape): Outstanding Triumph, Nothing Yet Aces, Twisting the Aces With a Twist, Flawed Tranposition, Single Cup & Ball, Estimated Toss, LarRoy Reverse, Deck to Pocket, Cannibal Kings, Sucker Punch, Oil & Water, Aces for Experts, Card Up Spectator's Sleeve, Tips on Top Card Cover Pass, Tips on Gambleer's Cup, plus a live performance at the Magic Castle. $30 L&L Publishing

Johnson, Roy: In Person (Originally German, released in English): Colour in View - Revelations of a selected name, The £80 Trick-A close-up or cabaret betting game, One at a Time - 'Coins Thru' Table with a gimmick. Instant Aces - Amazing close-up card transposition without skill. Chopper - The chop cup ... with a difference. $55 Tannen's Magic

Jon, Finn: Pierre Mayer Finn Jon vol 5 Stage Magic. Inlcudes Three billiard ball routine, Chop Cup routine, among others. $31 Steven's Magic

Lancaster, Lou: Lou Lancaster teaches Classic Routines, International Magician's Society (IMS) Volume 10. Teaches the Miser's Dream, Billiard Ball Manipulation, Larry Jennings Chop Cup Routine, Coins Through A Table and more. I. M. S. (International Magicians Society) (516) 333-2377 fax (516) 333-6328

Lavand, Rene: Three Bread Crumbs Video w/props. Coffee Cup and bread cups routine $47.50 Steven's Magic

Mendoza, John: John Mendoza Live V2. Final Four Aces, Five Star Prediction, Coins Thru Table, 3 Pound DrillBit Production, Chop Cup, Coins Across, Cups & Balls, Torn & Restored Card $31 Steven's Magic

Menoza, John: Routined Close Up. International Video Magic Series Vol. 1. Chop Cup, Collectors (Performance Only), Dice Stacking, Coins Across (Performance Only), Ambitious 1,2,3,4,5, Torn & Restored Card(Performance Only), The Squeeze, Cups & Balls (Performance Only), Routined Poker Mental, Mendoza's Cups & Balls $50 Tannen's Magic

Novak, John: Two Cups, One Ball. $16 video One regular and one chop cup routine. Plus how to make your own. Steven's Magic

Videonics PROGRAM #20 GARY OUELLET Vol. 3 1 hour. The Photography Trick; The Two Goblets two cup and ball routine with all the advantages of a three cup routine combined with a chop cup and no disadvantages. Threshold torn and restored card effect; the Ouellet Switch, a move that you will undoubtedly use in other effects. $35.00 Denny & Lee's Magic Studio

Various: Videonics PROGRAM #58 4 STARS LIVE. Dai Vernon performs the Linking Rings and Three Card Monte. Gary Ouellet performs Lips, The Silver Passage, The Two Goblets, the Homing Ring, and his Super Shells routine. Michael Ammar performs Vernon's Travellers, Visible Expansion of Texture, Card on Ceiling, the Ambitious Card (Yeast Card), Derek Dingle's Rollover Aces, and his One Cup and Ball routine. Steve Freeman performs Vernon's Slow Motion Four Aces, plus a number of his own effects. In this tape no explanations are offered. $20.00

Various: Magic of France, Greater Magic V48. Socrate: Perfect Voodoo, International Newspaper (perf); Alpha: Fireworks from Hand (perf), Handkerchief in Fire, Hell's Bank Note, Flying Fireball; Hanry Mayol: Coins Through, Self Bending Spoon; Bernard Bilis: Four Jokers, Paranoid; Duraty: Magic Salt Shaker, Topsy Turvy Vanish; Majax: Fantasy with Thimbles; Etienne Lorenceau: Ungimmicked Chop Cup, Subtleties for Cups & Balls; Tabary: Rope Sequence, Ring & Rope; Georges Proust: Musee de la Curiosite Tour Steven's Magic

Wilson, Paul: Restaurant Act by A-1 MagicalMedia. Includes: Vanishing Silk, Sponge Balls (table hopping), Ambitious Card, Card to Wallet (table hopping), Chop Cup (spectator involvement), and Strange Intruder. $30.

Zavis, William: Videonics PROGRAM #17 WILLIAM ZAVIS Vol. 4 1 hour. Single Cup and Ball (not Chop Cup). A Lesson in Subtraction jumbo card routine. Up His Sleeve card routine $20.00 Denny & Lee's

Arjan's Professional Copper Chop Cups & Ball Combination Set. Made from polished solid brass. German made. Supplied with hand knit balls, no instructions. $90. Arjan's Magic Shop, Netherlands

Caliph's Cone by Viking Manufacturing. Tall Chop Cup of hammered brass, 6" tall. Cone, balls, routine $30 Viking Manufacturing Co.

C&M Productions Leather Chop Cup. Borrowed Bill in Walnut. Leather like dice chop cup with gimmicked U.S. dollar bill and routine. You receive the gimmicked dice cup, the gimmicked bill, a shot glass, four dice, a giant dollar bill and full instructions $30, $6 for replacement bill. C&M productions (no current web site)

Chop Cup Goblet by Crosewl Magic. Wood Goblet chop cup, no instructions for balls included. Hand-turned on a lathe. Can be made from Cherry, Mahogany, or Walnut. $49.95 Crosewl Magic

Daytona Magic Brass Chop Cup: Made in New England, maker not specified. Made from solid piece of brass. Measures almost 2 ¼" high and as a diameter of almost 1 7/8" at the base. Highly polished and comes in its own draw string bag with two balls. $60 Daytona Magic

Dr. Bob's Chop Cup. A beautiful Brass Goblet. Stands slightly over 3 1/2 " tall. Comes with 2 balls and booklet with Dr. Bob's routine. $50.00 Video and written routine also available seperately. Dr. Bob's Magic

El Duco Golden Combination Set by El Duco. Two normal cups and one chop cup. Brass cups are ground, polished, and burn-lacquered. With 4 red balls (one gimmicked) and cloth bag. $100 El Duco's Magic Supply

Electrofun Professional Metal Chop Cup. Seamless spun aluminum. Approximately 3" diameter, 3.5" high. Comes with balls, Pom Pom climax ball, and manuscript of moves and routines in a knitted wool carry bag. Made in India by Electrofun.

Hale, Howard Chop Cup & Chop Stick. Beautifully hand-crafted from select African Padauk, Wenge, Zebrawood and American Red Oak and match perfectly to each other. The Chop Cup is standard size and will hold a "normal" final load. The Chop Stick has a graceful, tapered design, 15 inches long and although one end is smaller than the other it is balanced for the "wand spin". Complete with small balls, travel bag and a full routine. $255 Stevens Magic

Kaymar Magic Leather Chop Cup. This is a black leather dice cup gimmicked as a chop cup. Comes with balls and a routine. Contact Morley Budden of Kaymar Magic, 189a St. Marys Lane, Upminster Essex RM14 3UB, England. Telephone: (44) 01708 640 557

Kiss Off by Gregory Wilson. Chop cup routine using a can of Hershey's syrup and candy kisses. The climax includes production of two jumbo kisses and the result that the syrup can is sealed. Comes with 2 jumbo kisses, small kisses, and video. Hershey stopped making the can, so you have to get your own. $40. Available at MagicSmith

Millennium Chop Cup: Looks like an "ordinary" plastic cup, and uses a crumpled up dollar bill rather than the balls. for a more "impromptu" appearance. Also has a feature for the Miser's Dream where coins are plucked from the air and can be seen and heard as they are dropped into the cup. Fits a large load such as a baseball. $25 Daytona Magic

Morrissey Chop Cups & Balls Combo: Two normal cups and one chop cup. Use the chop cup alone for many of the standard chop cup routines, or use in combinations for some unique variations of the standard cups & balls. Morrissey cups are a good step up from the plastic sets and come in aluminum or copper. The tops (bottoms?) are indented, but not greatly. The copper is preferred for durability. Comes with four knit balls (one gimmicked) and drawstring bag. Large Aluminum $32, Large Copper $50, Mini Aluminum $32 Mini Copper $50 Morrissey Magic

Morrissey Chop Cup. The design of the chop cup is different than the single cup from the Combo set. Some reasons for the design differences are outlined in Shute's How to Book of the Chop Cup. Available in aluminum or copper. Again, copper is preferred for durability. Large Aluminum $22, Large Copper $24, Mini Aluminum $15, Mini Copper $19. Morrissey Magic

Murray, George: Chop Cup Tea Cup. A nice looking Japanese ceramic tea cup gimmicked as a chop cup. Can hold a small lemon for a load. Includes two rubber balls, one gimmicked. Other chop cup balls may work in this cup, but the balls included may not work in other chop cups. $45. Nielsen Magic

Mycroft, Roger: Chop Can: A beverage can gimmicked as a chop cup. Available in Coke, Pepsi, Lite Beer or Bud. Comes with two balls. $25 Hank Lee's Magic Factory.

RAR Magic: Little Flat Chop Cup. This cup is unique in that it leather and can be unfolded (not gimmicked)! Includes a routine with four different endings, and you can use a borrowed banknote. Includes balls. 32L. RAR Magic, UK

Rogers, Mike: Miniature Baseballs. Mike Rogers produces a set of miniature baseballs to be used for the cups & balls or chop cup, as well as a larger, but still mini, load ball to be used for a final production. Highly recommended by many. Available in 7/8" or 1" size. $24 set of 4. $15 set of chop cup balls. Available from Steven's Magic

Solari, Bob: Major Development. A chopped 35mm film canister with full routine and props. Climax is a roll of film. $12 complete. Solari Magic

Solari, Bob: Mini Chop Cup Goblet. A mini brass goblet gimmicked as a chop cup. It stands 2 1/2" tall and comes with a velvet carrying bag and two balls (one gimmicked) and one load ball. $38 Listed at Tannen's and Hank Lee's.

Star, Tim Style Deluxe Chop Cup (Don Alan design?) by Hank Lee. Deluxe Chop Cup (The Cadillac of Chop Cups) $26.00 (10.208) Chop Cup Comes complete with the Cup, Small Balls, and the entire routine. $19.50 (10.035) Mini Chop Cup (Aluminum) $14.00 (10.036) Mini Chop Cup (Copper) $17.50 Hank Lee's Magic Factory

Star, Tim Style Combo Cups & Balls. Hank Lee's Magic Factory

Tannen's Ultimate Chop Chop Cup. Designed after the original Al Wheatley Chop-Chop cup with modifications. Spun from aluminum, anodized to satin finish. 4" tall with 3" mouth for large loads. Includes balls, routine and bag. $55 Tannen's Magic

Trickery Shop Combo Cups & Balls. Brass combination cups & balls (two normal, one chop cup). Three balls rest comfortably on top. Includes four balls (one gimmicked), oak wand, and bag. $125. Also available in mini size (2.25" high) in copper for $75 (no wand). The Trickery

Viking Haenchen Wooden Chop Bowl/Benson Bowl Routine. Bowl can be used for Benson Bowl routine, but is also gimmicked like a chop cup! Comes with polished hand-turned solid wood bowl, two crocheted balls, 4 sponge balls, and a 4" production donut. $82.40 Stevens

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Wow what a list! This needs to be published in the archives.
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Actually, it shouldn't. Instead a link to the original source should have been provided (tsk, tsk Dennis).

Here is Doug's reference site (I happen to be a contributor):


Steve Pellegrino
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And don't forget Andrew Pinard's "The Hole-y Grail" from his Shared Experience - The Nuts & Bolts video. You can find it here:


Not only a great routine (the final loads will completely fool you!), but the video will teach you how to be a stronger performer. I've been doing magic for 25 years and I learned a lot from it! ALL the routines are great!
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I think John Bannon's is one of the best.
His can be found in "Impossibilia", a fine book.
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I was wondering if there are any good chop cup routines that do not require loads from the pocket? If anyone could give me a source I would much appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Smile
Monte, as in the 3 cards.
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An excellent load, not from the pocket is given by Tommy Wonder on the first DVD of his set. It is used for one of the final loads.
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To the original poster here.... MAKE UP YOUR OWN NEW ROUTINE... just give it a lot of thought and you will be richer. Smile
STAY TOONED... @ www.pete-biro.com
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But you always need a starting point to refer back to before you start building your own. Smile
Monte, as in the 3 cards.
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Don't forget David Regal's book, Closeup and Personal.
It has a very original chop cup routine in it that I use myself.
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I have a chop cup routine that does not use a chop cup and is in my opinion one of the best. This is by Paul Harris on one of the early Tannen tapes.

You use simply a little can of spaghetti, the type with a pull type lid that is covered by a plastic lid. In this unbelievable routine a little rubber ball vanishes from the can to your pocket, travels all over and you end up with a billiard ball that "thuds" to the table. Now the "kicker"- you show the can of spaghetti was NEVER opened! All can be passed out. Look for this tape, the routine is tops. My suggestion is that you sell your ordinary chop cup! Smile
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Why use a chop cup at all...try the Master Ring and use a regular cup.

Note: there are limits...but, it looks more imprompue.

Jeff Smile
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Hey Dennis, I don't think I saw Bob Kings Routine in your List... Pls correct me if I'm wrong...

"Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face" Mike Tyson
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