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Pandora Bags are a new set of forcing bags from Creative Magic.

Curious if anyone had a close-up look at these at Magic Live?

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From the add they look like see thru change bags.....thus a forcing bag. HMMM, thanks for the post.
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The creative minds at Creative Magic have just released their “Pandora Bag”
which is a drawstring bag of white see-through netting material
with a black-velvet boarder.

The spectator(s) can add their own contents,
yet you have the ability to force (or change) an object,
will work best with things like billets I think.

A lovely idea and well made utility-prop,
that does not have that “magic shop” gimmicky look!

It has some subtle touches unseen in force/change bags!

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Hi Eric
I bought one at magic live and it looks great just like the ad says you can start empty and load the force. I'm using it to replace the plastic bag I got with Red Carpet.
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The good thing about this force bag is that you can hold slips of paper/ billets/ etc in a compartment near the top of the bag. This means you are free to release the force items when you want. This can make the bag look empty before adding billets. A great bag for mentalists.
M Sini
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I bought one of these a few weeks ago and this thing is GREAT! As stated before it does not look gimmicky or like a magic prop. One of the best items I've picked up in the last year.
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This does look good. I have a black mesh force bag that was made by Sandra Sisti and I love it. Of course does not have the option of showing the bag empty as the Pandora Bag does. This is a cool addition, but I am wondering if the large black border at the top might make it more suspitious and draw attention to the method. Or, if it is really needed. What are your thoughts on this?

If I were to get one I would prefer black. I would like to make a suggestion for Creative Magic to make them available in black. If you are using white paper for this, as I do most of the time, I believe it would be more visible if the mesh were black.

Mister Mystery
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My only issue with this bag is the HUGE black trim at the top. I would personally add some text or graphic to make it funny/have a purpose.
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I pre-ordered a set of these bags. One large and one small, plus an instructional leaflet and a DVD with a number of routines and also some stuff you can print off for the routines.

I haven't watched the DVD yet, but my first impressions are that these bags are very good.

The ones I have are extremely well made. They feel like good quality, which is always good.

I'm really not bothered by the large black border at the top of the bag. Because its a draw string bag the border has to be there for the strings to go. It looks very similar to the sports bag I used to have when I was in primary school. Except this one's see-through.

Looking at it now the border isn't really that big. I would hardly describe it as huge.

I didn't even register that the border was even there until I read this thread.

Remember that we know first that force bags exist and second that the paper being pulled out isn't from the paper that was put in.

The audience doesn't know these things.

To them they write a bunch of stuff on bits of paper. They themselves put those bits of paper into an empty bag. The magician doesn't touch anything. Then a spectator randomly pulls out one of those bits of paper. The magician can then name what ever was on the paper.

That's about as clean as that can be. The bag, to the audience, is of no real purpose except to collect the papers.

By adding something to the border you're just calling attention to it when there's no need to do that.

As for making it black, I can see that in some cases that will be useful. However, I always use coloured index cards. And generally have a stack of different colours, but no white. So for me having it white is ok. Also my costume is dark and quite often the background I stand in front of is also dark in colour so the bag will show up much better being white. Plus it matches the colour of my iphone Smile

Compared to other bags, not just force bags, that magicians use on a daily basis this one doesn't look suspicious at all. It's just a bag made from netting.

How many people still use the old change bag? How many times have you seen something like that in real life? Yet magicians use them all the time and use them well to create some really nice effects.

The Pandora Bag does exactly what it says on the tin and does it extremely well.

It'll definitely be appearing in my shows very soon and I recommend anyone who uses a force bag to get a set. For $65 you can't go wrong.
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I used mine for the first time the last night in fact I sued both in the same show one fo ra card forse with my puppet adn the other with the Adairs eggnest these are incvaluable as far as versitility
Joe Zimmer

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RVH Magic
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While I like the Pandora bag, I'm wondering why Creative Magic exposes the working of this bag on youtube:
I wish they would protect the secret a little better as now everybody can see how it works!
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I agree with Rafael. When I saw this being used in a live performance, someone from the audience shouted "Pandora Bag on YOUTUBE"...with folks having their iphones on them and logging on, it was only a matter of time when the audience realized in real-time (during the performance, I might add) how the magician did what he did...I felt bad for the magician because it's not his fault this has made it's way onto youtube, but it should stop.

Joshua Lozoff
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Boy, I'm glad I read this post. I was just about to purchase this when I saw the youtube link. That kills the deal for me. I can imagine some folks thinking it's no big deal, and very unlikely that the audience will stumble upon this clip, either in real time or after the fact. But is this where we've gotten to in magic? That teaching videos are that accessible? And worst of all, that it's no big deal to the magic community nor to the makers of the props?

I sure hope the Creative Magic folks stumble upon this thread and realize the error of their ways.
Joshua Lozoff

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The first youtube video that comes up when you search for "cups and balls" through google is Penn & Teller exposing the cups and balls using see-through cups.

A couple of videos down is a video appropriately titled "cups and balls revealed". A couple more videos down from there is "Learn The Cups And Balls Trick", etc...

So I wonder how many magicians are going to stop doing cups and balls for fear someone in their audience will shout "cups and balls on youtube!"
Ken Dumm
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If you use the bag as part of a routine, and don't call it a "Pandora Bag", I don't think you'll have folks racing to youtube to find the secret of the bag...it's just a bag....

Mr. Ree
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Older post, but still valid point about needless exposure.

Just saw YouTube video, still there, and this thread and
decided NOT to buy a “Pandora Bag”.

I will just stay with my clear “food bag”.

I was looking for another solution as due to the
large load the clear bags ultimately come apart.

No one needs to know the name of the bag, just what the bag
looks like.
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Ok, I just got these and while they are no longer made, and while I agree that the internet video would be better off removed, this prop is absolutely AMAZING on 2 fronts. First, the bags themselves are very well made and function exactly as they should. I certainly agree that they should never be referred to as a Pandora Bag. I just call it a "lingere" bag or a "delicates" bag for the washing machine that I "just picked up at the super store."

Second, but the VERY most important is the DVD! Brian and the Creative Magic folks went WAY WAY out of their way to put together a remarkable series of tips, tricks, and ideas for use of this prop. The PDF files are REALLY great and while I am not the most creative member of the gang by ANY stretch of imagination, I found myself comiming up with literally dozens of great ways to use these in various age groups from small children to teens and adults.

A prop that is well worth the cost, even if it's JUST for the DVD!
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Does anyone know where I might pick up one of these? I was about to get Guy Bavli's Inter-Net bag, but this might be a better option for me Smile
If I can find one..
Thank you for your consideration ^.^
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M Sini
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Creative Magic went out of business but you may be able to find a used one here on the Café.
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Tannen's is now advertising them.
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