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I use mine becuase it looks cool. Other than that it just crushes my box when there are no cards in it. Oh well, a small price to pay for a l33t looking deck of cards.
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I never leave home without my guard but you all seem to keep the cards in the box and the box in the gaurd. I just dispose of the box and the card guard holds my cards perfectly well.

-Dave Smile
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On 2002-04-29 05:20, Magique Hands wrote:
In getting back to the 'Card Keepers' (the metal holders to keep cards from warping)...

Am I missing something here? I've used them to keep my cards warp free for a number of years now, but, before I do my show, I take the cards out of the device, and just take the cards with me.

I agree. A card guard merely calls out that there is something special about this deck of cards -- maybe it is a "magician's gimmick deck." And, even if your deck is not gimmicked, it may seem "fishy" to a spectator and the cards are immediately suspect. No "real" person keeps their playing cards in a metal sleeve.

Something to think about.

Joe Z.
Joe Zabel
"Psychic Sorcery"

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I have to agree with Magique Hands, keep the cards in the press or guard when not using them. When you're working, take the cards out of it before showing the deck. I have a couple of the Joe Porper guards and I have found that they are better than the other ones. Denny carries them, just give him a call. Also in a more humid climate they help.

A very inexpensive way to do virtually the same thing is to alternate face up and face down cards. This method works. Obviously you have to remember to correct them before performing.

Vinny D. Smile Smile Smile
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I have an old one my father gave me, maybe from the fifties. It has leather on the outside and inside and spring steel inside it. It's too small for a boxed deck. Without the two jokers it holds the deck perfect and tight, like a solid block. Being leather, it's nice looking and slips into a back pocket rather nicely. There is no manufacturer name on it. Does anyone know where to get more like this one?
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I use a card guard for "fixing" decks only. A tip given to me by Doc Eason is to put your deck in the card guard and then put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. You won't believe how the deck comes out. Great idea, thanks Doc! Smile
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I use my guard all the time. I keep my cards in my back pocket all the time I am not sleeping and all the times I sit down the deck would be ruined by the end of the day. Now with the guard I am able to extend the life 5 days to a week. Not being a die hard T&R guy the deck seems to last longer. Smile
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I watched a magician perform and he pulled out a deck in a deck-keeper. It looked very suave that he had one and I knew I needed one. I dont have one yet, but I plan on it in my next order. He pulled out 4 cards and presented Gemini Twins. I knew that the deck was regular because we were allowed to shuffle and all. Very professional. Very.
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I use mine during the summer when I have to carry a deck of cards around in the back pocket of my jeans.

During the winter, I just toss a pack in my jacket pocket.

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The Joe Porper Clip is the way to go.
Full Effect
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I agree. A card guard merely calls out that there is something special about this deck of cards -- maybe it is a "magician's gimmick deck." And, even if your deck is not gimmicked, it may seem "fishy" to a spectator and the cards are immediately suspect. No "real" person keeps their playing cards in a metal sleeve.

Something to think about.

Joe Z.

Here's something to think about:
Magicians aren't "REAL" people. There's nothing fishy about a card guard/clip.

For example you take a few coins out of a coin purse. No "real" MAN carries a coin purse these days. Is there something fishy about the coins? Hand them out. Let them feel and touch them. Nothing fishy there.

Someone walks in a Pool Hall with their cue stick in a case. No one's going to think anything fishy about that. Cups and Balls... what REAL person has solid brass or copper cups like that in their household?

It's a case to protect MY playing cards because I am a Professional, and I like to keep my props in good condition.

Would you want a Magician to come up to you with a ratty torn up box with a deck of warped up playing cards?

I don't know why some many of you are so worried about spectators thinking something is "fishy" or gimmicked when it's not. Hand them the deck of cards to shuffle through; give them the coins to feel. Quit being so paranoid.
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Full Effect - here, here...agree 100%
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I always keep my cards in a card guard. Haven't tried out the Joe Porper clip yet, but only have heard good things. I usually keep my Black Tiger Decks in the card guard.
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I love my card guard. Before I got it I would go through a deck maybe once a week, but now it's more like two to three weeks. Really great.

Also, I want to engrave all the suits on the side of it, and maybe a royal flush on the front, and ace of spades on the other side, for a cool, revelation. But it does cost a few bucks.
Thanks... Kyle
T. Joseph O'Malley
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If you're worried about the effect a card guard will have on a spectator, you could always remove the cards from the guard while in your pocket/bag/etc and leave it in there.

I need to use one, my body heat warps the cards something fierce, and the boxes get mangled otherwise.

Makes a good self-defense weapon too (ha!).
Brian Roberts
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Joe Porper's clip seems to work best. The even pressure keeps the cards very straight. Highly recommended! Try it with League will even condition the cardbox to be more crisp and straight, in case the clip isn't around.

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Joe's card clip made my bikes last 5 times longer and the clip looks great.

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-Rannie Raymundo-
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Pete Biro
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Kannible: Cement actual cards on the outside of the guard, cheaper than engraving.
Matt Ferro
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I used to use a card guard all the time. I kept it in my back pocket because otherwise my pockets are bulging. But after a while the metal started to wear through my jeans. Pretty soon I had the metal sticking out and holes in the back of my pants! I'm looking to do something to the metal corners or put something on it to make it better. Other than that, it keeps my cards straight and adds another week or two to a deck.
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I work in restaurants and go through the whole deck each night, so I haven't had a use for one of these.
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the saddest are, "It might have been"

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