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United States
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Just curious to see if anyone has accidently spent their coin gimmicks on accident.

Recently I (THINK) I spent my folding quarter gimmick because I can't find it.

Anyone else?
Jonathan Townsend
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Eternal Order
Ossining, NY
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There are probably hundreds of dime-and-penny gaffs lost in gumball machines, and likely many cig-through-quarters lost in parking meters. Thank goodness pay-phones don't seem to want half dollars anymore. all the coins I've dropped here
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I never have ( I don't use that many gaffed coins). But it does happen more often than you think. I have had casino workers bring me a folding coin or double sided coin and ask "Do you have any idea what this is? We found it in the hopper of a machine." So then it does happen.
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I have probably spent some but haven't realized it. The most common would probably be the dime and penny or something of the sort.

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Only once did I put a gim coin in a vending machine. It dropped to the return and I tried again. DuH!! Fortunately it was again returned and I realized my Duhhhh.
Now I keep them in a coin purse.
serge storms
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Las Vegas
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My wife recently put a couple of my double headed quarters into a machine which I found out about when I was looking for them, she mentioned taking them thinking they were just pocket change. Now I keep them in a small mint tin away from the other change.
"Overkill is Under-rated"
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London UK
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Most modern vending machines weigh and size coins very accurately to detect fakes so a coin that had been "worked" is unlikely to get through if the weight or other specs have been slightly altered.

I've not spent a gaff but have once let go by mistake a regular coin which I'd specially cleaned and selected for practicing with. That's very sad because some of them I've had for ages and they're like old friends if you use them a lot.
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I have never lost a gimmicked coin as most of them are american halves and my country doesn't use that currency Smile

Think outside the box, cos people are all thinking inside now!! - ClouDsss
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London UK
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That is one good reason for using coins of a different country. Every cloud has a silver lining.
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Greg McNeil Peoria,Illinois
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I have not personally spent a gimmick coin, but I've heard a few stories. Many years ago a friend worked at a bank and told me about a teller who dropped a half dollar and it "broke apart into a whole lot of other coins".

At a bar where I worked the owner asked if I could get him a two-tailed quarter. I often used one to switch for a borrowed coin in a nest of boxes routine. I had it with me so I gave it to him. It was only three days later I asked if he had won any coin tosses with that quarter. He said he had already accidentally spent it.

I found an eBay ad several months ago for a two-headed quarter that the seller had apparently gotten as change from a soda machine. The opening price was way more than the price of a good quality new double header, so I sent a note to the seller with a little information about it. They lowered the opening bid and it sold.

I've heard a few magicians mention spending Cig-thru-Quarters in soda machines, but I think there was more humor than truth involved. Mostly these stories would have been years ago when the Johnson's was pretty much the only such coin available. It's already been mentioned how coin vending machines are pretty picky about weight, etc. The Johnson's typically have a lump of thick solder on the hinge and the flap is made of steel which is attracted to a magnet. It seems unlikely that a soda machine would accept it.

A magician pal had a Cig-thru-Quarter on top of his dresser. His sister swiped a handful of change for cigarettes. At $25 to replace it that was a pretty expensive pack of smokes.

Joe Mauro
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I spent my Roger Klause slow motion bill. It was a great gaff, but it was for the best. It made me ge the Eugene Burger one, which is superior as both bills are borrowed.
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Bye bye "biting quarter" lol
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Boy am I glad to hear that other people are as dumb as me! Smile I too lost a dime and penny coin by spending it by mistake. I also spent a gaffed dollar that had $5 pips on one side. I realized it a day later, and also noticed that I got change for a pack of gum as $4 and some coins. So I guess they thought it was a $5 and not a $1 too! Oops!
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San Diego, CA
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I almost gave my [ away to a beggar. Luckily I it fell to the floor and the [ came of the coin it was on.
"David Roth is the greatest coin manipulator in the entire world.."

-Dai Vernon "The Professor"

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Washington State
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I was in San Antonio at a Grocery Store and was pulling some bills out of my pocket when the Mexican Centavo/K/half of my Sxxxxx and Sxxx goes rolling under the merchandise shelves. I'm down on the ground trying to reach under and get it, while my buddy is going 'dude' it's just 50 cents get up! Here's a dollar! Not like I could tell him...
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I haven't ever spent or lost any of my gimmmicked coins. I usually keep my folding coins in my rolled-up sleeves (they can't fall out because they are under the last and second to last tuck of the sleeve). As for my magnetic coins and shell coins, they have their own special cases.
- Tommy Magic
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Profile of implicit
I have lost gimmicked coins in the past but I've never spent them Smile. Usually I try to keep my gimmicked coins in pouches to protect them so they don't get mixed in with my spending money and they are only out of the pouches when I'm performing.
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Toronto, Canada
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I managed to freak out a clerk at a register when I accidentally handed him a 1 dollar coin that folded in when he held it. stupid =)
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I never spend gaffed coins.

Optimists have more fun.....
Dean A
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I can't imagine how you could ever accidently spend a gaff. The notion is ridiculous.

Please keep them sepeate from real money in the future and have some pride in the large amounts of money you have spent on them.


On 2005-01-31 01:07, GeorgeSantos wrote:
I almost gave my [ away to a beggar. Luckily I it fell to the floor and the [ came of the coin it was on.

Did it dint?
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