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Rotherham UK
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Looking to buy a new puppy , I live in the south yorkshire area of the uk


*is tihs migac or am i sineg aonhter wlord in wihch i nveer lvied UNTILL NOW*
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Snohomish, Washington
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You might consider getting one from your local animal shelter. There are lots of homeless (and loveless) dogs and cats that eventualy get put to sleep (murdered) because no one wants them. Just a thought to consider. Good Luck Puppy Shopping Smile.

Iven Smile
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scott b.
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On 2005-03-10 15:43, irossall wrote:
You might consider getting one from your local animal shelter. There are lot's of homeless (and Loveless) dogs and cats that eventualy get put to sleep (murdered) because no one wants them.
Just a thought to consider.
Good Luck Puppy Shopping Smile .
Iven Smile

Actually (and this is a very good thing) but all the animal shelters around where I am refuse to put animals to sleep, but they used to. I dunno how many are like that though.

Thanks! Scott B.

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Hi Gareth,

I write an advice column on dog behavior and in the past, along with my dog Shaggy, did educational pet talks for the public. I also fostered for the Humane Society and am involved in Rescue. (One of my dogs was rescued from a puppy mill in Hong Kong.)

Whether it be from champion lineage, mixed breed or rescue (whose background may be unknown) I have one of each! I couldn't say one dog is better than the other as each has qualities about them that make them special.

The most important thing for you is not to get "any dog" but one that is the most compatible with your lifestyle. Great Danes, for example, are very large yet rate low on the scale of needing a lot of exercise, while a Jack Russell, tiny dog , would go crazy without constant excercise. Most people looking for a dog just consider size as a factor. It's not the size of the dog but the activity level and behavior traits in different breeds. A tired dog is a good dog. One that is bored may be destructive and may cause the owners to get rid of the dog.

In a wolf pack, if a wolf is ignored by the others and not allowed to join in, it's being told they are being punished in some way. Humans become part of the dogs pack and many people still think it's okay for a dog to be left alone a majority of the day or left outside without human interaction. In a dog's view of the world, this means isolation and punishment. Dogs are social animals and want to feel part of their pack. Yikes I'm rambling and don't mean to insinuate people do this intentionally as most people just don't know about dog behavior.

Most importantly it's a good idea to do a bit of research on what breed(s) suits your lifestyle the best - then go out and get the dog. You'll be more apt to be really happy with your buddy for life.

Even if it's a mixed breed, with some information beforehand, regarding the personality traits of that breed(s) you'll know what to expect. You'd be suprised how many people return Old English Sheepdogs, for example, after a few months - claiming they didn't know about the grooming requirements (shaggiest dogs on the planet) or their eventual size..(can grow to 120 pounds.) I have two of this breed. :O) Or another example would be someone getting a Husky with a housefull of small animals at home, (these dogs have a high prey drive) and would cause chaos to a home that say perhaps kept rabbits as well. Many dogs have genetic dispositions that no amount of training can fully change them - you just work on what they do best.

Retrievers, as another example, retrieve , Herders (like all three of my dogs)like to herd things and will often do a hip check that would put a hockey player to shame, Shepherds are in the working dog class and can become destructive and bored if not kept busy, Labs love the water and if you're a neat freak you'll dislike the muddy paws and dirty wet coats. Anyway you get the idea.

Best of luck to you finding the right dog for you and if you want any advice feel free to pm me and I'll be happy to help.

Michael Rubinstein
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And remember, make sure they are spayed and neutered, up to date on their vaccinations, and on heartworm preventative all year round! Hey Chrystal, I couldn't have said it better!
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mike gallo
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Geeze Chrystal...suddenly I have a reason to like cats!

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Hey Mike!!,

Ummm thanks for that..I think.

PS I also have four cats....they're much easier!!

You know give dogs a treat, take them for walks...they think you are a god.
You do the same for cats...they think they are gods. Gotta luv the attitude!

Great advice Michael!!! - regarding spaying,neutering and innoculations and thanks for your comment! Sigh.. I shoulda been a vet like yourself, instead I just make them wealthy with my numerous pets. I keep saying some day my dogs are going to make it in the biz and pay me back for all their kibbles. :O)

On another note, I should mention people always ask me what my secret is to staying fit and that I should write a book on excercise. The first line would be...first get three dogs...ha ha!!

Chrystal :O)
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Get a dark chow pei. They are AWESOME dogs.
go for the short hair (or fighting) version as these dogs take training very well.

Also for a larger animal, look at the dogue de bordeaux (ala turner and hooch) these are work dogs but are a beautiful breed.
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Rudolph McGuinness
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Isle of Man
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I notice you say a "new" puppy. I take it that this means you've had one before? If not I'd go for a young dog or bitch myself as puppies can drive you crazy.

Apart from the orifices at the rear end constantly discharging unwanted substances all over your house, the teeth at the front end can destroy your shoes, clothes, furniture, CDs/vinyl, doors, door jams, skirting boards, ankles (need I go on?). They can also have a habit of whining for hours on end in the middle of the night (a hot water bottle or a teddy helps although be prepared for total destruction of either); oh yes, and there is also the question of the fleas!!

I like a large dog, but not one that is over-active or neurotic. A border collie could possibly tilt your own sanity. The good old German Shepherd is a faithful friend, it reads your every thought and would die in defence of you or your property.

Good Luck.
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