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What trick would you pull from your arsenol on someone who really wants to know if you can do magic and is a heckler and just blow him away. I like In a Flash by Jay Sankey, B Wave, and NFW. Any other ideas???
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On 2005-03-14 19:26, Elmagic32 wrote:
What trick would you pull from your arsenol on someone who really wants to know if you can do magic and is a heckler and just blow him away. I like In a Flash by Jay Sankey, B Wave, and NFW. Any other ideas???

For me, personally, if someone is a heckler and they want to see "real" magic, then there is no way I would bust out a gimmick. I would want everything to be examinable.
Larry Barnowsky
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I agree. Do an effect with ordinary props which can be examined. A ring off cord effect, Cardwarp, sponge balls etc. I almost always have four silver dollars with me so I will usually do an effect from my repertoire such as Digestible Coins, Boomerang Coins, or Four Coins To Pocket.
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Uh, I'm the one on the right.
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I like to finish with a color changing deck, vanishing deck, or an anniversary waltz type of routine I do based on Seth Kramer's blank ambition.
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Well if you have a trouble spectator in the audience that wants to be the center of attention then you would not want to go up against him/her unless you are very very confident in you material and your ablilty to change things up on the fly. Because as soon as you make it a competition that you can fool him/her then they will be watching a lot closer just trying to bust you. A common idea that I have heard and/or read from many workers is that if a spectator wants to be the center of attention then do a trick that makes him/her the star. Now as for the part about trying to prove that you can do real magic that opens up an entire different problem. It determines what your idea of real magic is. I personally never claim any supernatural power or anything of the sort, I see and use magic as a vehical to entertain. So I would never try to prove that I could do real magic, such as being able to really float an object or make something dissapear, I would rather choose one of my most entertaining routines. I would use something like card to forehead, chop cup, or cards across. But if you want to prove that you can do real supernatural things then I would suggest mentalism or spoon bending since I think people would be more willing to believe that these things are real. Espicially since they can't look towards the props for answers to how the magic worked.
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If a heckler is at the table I will choose one of the following 5 effects leaving him no where to go to find the solution.

1) Ring and string symphony (Jay Scott Berry and Gregory Wilson Style endning with the ring penetrating the string and ending upon a magic wand held by the spectators) - purely sleigh of hand effect.

2) Card Warp, Roy Walton

3) Borrowed and signed bill to borrowed cigarette (Richard Osterlind)

4) Vanishing a lit cigarette directly in your fist, or in a handkerchief if you prefer that version.
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For situations like this I like jay sankey's mr clean coins across however I would just shorten my time with this type of group and move on to another group as I'm not in to challenge magic.
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On 2005-03-14 19:26, Elmagic32 wrote:
What trick would you pull from your arsenol on someone who really wants to know if you can do magic and is a heckler and just blow him away. I like In a Flash by Jay Sankey, B Wave, and NFW. Any other ideas???

I would reach into my arsenal and pull out a swift kick right between his L***. No just kidding for the heckler I like to do the following:

Dr. Daley’s Last trick
Crazy Man's Handcuffs
Twisting the Aces
Card Warp
And a few other classics

I have found that working the classics on this type of personality really takes them off of there game. I am not sure why that is because the spectator should not be aware of any moves regardless of if you were doing a trick created yesterday or 200 years ago. I just think that it has something to do with the timing of the trick and relation to the patter. Who knows but it works for me.
“Indubitably, Magic is one of the subtlest and most difficult of the sciences and arts. There is more opportunity for errors of comprehension, judgment and practice than in any other branch of physics”. William S. Burroughs 1914-1997 American Writer
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Card Ward and Predicta
Rik Taylor
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No gaffs or gimmicks, let them touch what you use.

It's very hard to get caught with the Crazy mans handcuffs.
...less is not more, less is less you have to carry, more or less...
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Profile of twistedace
For the heckler - I usually catch their eye and say we're going to work together on this to make some magic happen. They usually get the message and stop. If they don't and they are really heckling bad...which really doesn't happen to me often at all thank god, I simply thank the table for their time and tell them to enjoy their meal. The other people at the table know why I left and then they are upset with the heckler.

As far as routines? You need surefire stunners - card on ceiling (I work in a restaurant that allows me to do this), anniversary waltz, chop cup with 2 jumbo loads, card to wallet or kennedy's mystery box.
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Ummm, for a heckler? I just move on. Life is too short.
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Card Warp
Presto Printo (because everthing is examinable)
A nice Cups and Balls Routine
Cannibal Cards
Corey Harris
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I find that there is more than one type of heckler and it matters as to how I respond. In every case, the best approach is to give in gracefully. You are hired to make the restaurant look good, not yourself. Here are some typical situations: First, the heckler is good natured. I will try to engage this type in conversation without doing any magic for a while. I have also offered to take a request, when I felt that the individual was not really a mean heckler.

Second is the mean heckler. Generally the sooner you can exit gracefully, the better. The only time I may joust with a mean heckler is when the party is large and it seems that they will support me over the heckler. Even so, I suggest you find a more interested group.

The one type I always avoid (when I recognize the situation) is the jealous boy friend. You can really get into serious trouble here, especially when the party has been drinking. I hope it is obvious that you should never be drinking while working.

Just a few stray thoughts.
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I tend to agree with Tex Austin, I don't feel it my responsibility or obligation to trick the heckler or "get him".
If someone doesn't want to enjoy it or "believe" or whatever then they are free to not be entertained.

But to offer up a legitimate answer to the question... I would consider OOTW... let them do everything and end up blown away at the outcome of that one!

"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway" - Griffin

"Any future where you succeed, is one where you tell the truth." - Griffin (Griffin rocks!)
Whit Haydn
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Chicago Surprise. This is what it was created for, and what it wants to do.
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Card Warp
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Perhaps Eddie Fechter's "That's It".

But you're probably best off practicing Rik Brooks' advice up a ways. Hand Crafted Magic
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Scott F. Guinn
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"Great Scott!" aka "Palms of Putty" & "Poof Daddy G"
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Dunbury Delusion or Card on Forehead. Something where he thinks I've blown it and then he sees I didn't. Use his overconfidence against him! Definitely nothing with gaffs or gimmicks, though. All you need is for him to grab that trick card or coin, and...
"Love God, laugh more, spend more time with the ones you love, play with children, do good to those in need, and eat more ice cream. There is more to life than magic tricks." - Scott F. Guinn
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