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The appearing fist on nose trick LOL
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one - Albert Einstein

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Any method of triumph does it for me
Pete Biro
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Guinn... you beat me to it. Those will kill the sucker.
Roger Kelly
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Burnt and restored (in the mouth) string
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Lol, LOL Lol .....I am still laughing with the fist on the nose trick..where can I buy that one? I love stealing watches from these guys, if possible. They are so focused on your hands. I usually do some sleights with an ordinary quarter(from 1 hand to the other) and tell them I can even do it in their hands. They burn your hands so badly, and glinch their fist so tightly, with a little bit of talking, you take their watch right off. I like doing this to the 13year old bar-mitvah hecklers( I am not sure if it would be a good idea to do this to a grown man, it might insult his intelligence then you look like the guy who is trying to make him look like a jerk. I personally love sponge balls and the invisible deck, or the fist on the nose trick:)
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Dice stacking and decapitating! It KILLS!
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For a heckler.. I would do this. Riffle the corner of the deck and have the spec. say stop so they can peek at a card. Catch your break and as you hand him the deck to shuffle you peek at the card as well. The very first peek I learned was from Henry Hay's book "Amature Magicians Handbook". Once you know the card you can go in a million different directions and the heckler/spectator won't have any clue.
Run through the deck and cull his/her card to the top and as you turn the deck face down just palm out the card and pull it from your pocket. That is just one of several different roads to go down. Think JAZZ man JAZZ!!

Shaun R.
Magic and Illustrations
Alym Amlani
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With hecklers I find that a solid mentalism routine shuts them right up.
There's no real explanation for those!
Logic Defied
The Mighty Fool
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So NFW dosen't have a clean getaway?
Everybody wants to beleive.....we just help them along.
Peter Marucci
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Listen to those who point out that "life is too short" to deal with hecklers and the like.
Challenge magic is a lose-lose situation: If you fool him, you lose the respect of part of your audience; if you don't fool him, you lose the respect of the rest.
Move on!
Kent Wong
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Very wise words Peter! Just because you can perform magic, does not mean you have to. Although I will always have some type of magic trick on me, I will often choose not to perform because the moment isn't right.

But, if you are being paid to perform strolling magic, that is another situation altogether. You may get faced with the heckler. In that case, you have two options: perform or move on (with the possibility of coming back later in the evening). If your performing experience doesn't give you the ability and confidence to effectively "manage" the heckler, then you should move on. Otherwise, you will face that lose-lose situation that Peter talked about.

As time goes by, however, you may come to the realization that the truly effective way to manage a heckler is not by altering your tricks (for then you give the heckler control and reduce the range of your tricks to the lowest common denominator), but by employing effective psychology to bring him in line.

Tommy Wonder has written some amazing essays on this topic and I would highly recommend them. You can find them in his two volumd set, Visions of Wonder.

"Believing is Seeing"
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I often reverse the Invis Deck. Take one card out of regular deck, don't let them see it. Place it in reverse direction and put in case, then pocket. Tell him you are sending him a card to his mind. Ask him to name the card that came to mind. Take out the INVIS. deck from same pocket, spread and remove card.

"Master of the Obvious"
Smoke & Mirrors
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On 2005-04-06 02:48, The Mighty Fool wrote:
So NFW dosen't have a clean getaway?

Clean, as in- HAND them the cards?
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I actually handle the situation by calling attention to the person’s keen sense of observation. I tell them that they have been watching me like know body has ever watched me before and that is a good thing I then welcome them by asking for there assistance by holding out there hand.

Once I have an outstretched hand I go into a modified version of Dr Daleys's last trick (the end result is the same my handling is just a bit different). I have found that this works well in that situation because you are rewarding them by telling them how good there sense of observation is and at the same time you are fooling the pants off of them with a great trick.

Knock on wood I have never had this approach back fire on me where I have been in a position where the audience was agents me or the spectator. As a matter of fact the person who was just a heckler usually becomes my biggest supporter after the effect is done. All in all it is how you the entertainer handle the situation that is important and not the trick that you do. If you respond to there heckling in a positive manner where you are welcoming and positive in your reactions to the heckling you will get much better results than by just trying to stump the person or by doing a sucker effect that draws attention to the person by attempting to make them look like a fool. This in most cases will just fan the fire and the persons desire to make you look bad or worse you run the risk of looking like a mean spirited person and both cases know one wins.

“Indubitably, Magic is one of the subtlest and most difficult of the sciences and arts. There is more opportunity for errors of comprehension, judgment and practice than in any other branch of physics”. William S. Burroughs 1914-1997 American Writer
Paul D
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An effect I do that gets anybody anywhere I have not put in print The effect is this magician reaches into pocket pulls out a black card wallet opens it to take out a piece of paper hands the wallet to spectator magician lights up paper with a lighter flames shoot from fingers lollipop apears everybody is happy.
Astonishment as Therapy...?
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