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Sonny Vegas
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The other night I walked into a nice drinking establishment and did a few tricks with the patrons at the bar. A crowd then gathered and I was making every have a good time, as I was told. Low and behold the female bartender decided she was going to be the wicked witch of the west and proceeded to start giving away my secrets. Either she knew the magic, or she was Columbo, solving all my crimes.
It got to the point where she was spoiling everyones fun, so all I did was super glue a silver dollar on the bar(without her looking) for her tip and proceeded to
pack up my show and leave. The people I was doing magic for wanted more, but with broomhilda behind the bar this wasnt happening. I just told the patrons to thank the bartender for my exit. I bet she got crummy tips that night and I wonder if she ever got that glued dollar off the
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The Mac
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Ahh I guess such is our craft that we have so be subjected to hecklers. But here's a reframe on it: we are entertaining right? so why not use the heckler for some improve entertainment - here you can use bad taste to be your guide - such as an underwear pull out trick - or maybe if its a guy use the old hanky trick and pull our a bra (this would mean you have to carry a bra around)

I think people are just used to either David Copperfield magic of Uncle Harry's magic where they feel they have a right to be grabby and bratty cus "magic is for kids"
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OK, this is no ad, but Tudor's Heckler DVD has some good materials if you're being confronted by them.

At times, yes it works to ignore, or may be make some funny come backs. But hecklers DON'T want to ruin the show for the sake of just ruining it (at least those that I know of), they just want to show they're smarter than everybody else in the room. And when those hecklers finally becoem a smartass and think too highly of themselves (claiming that they know how to do the tricks), it's time to show them some quick, in-your-face kinda tricks.

At this point, to those questions you proposed up there, MacGyver, don't answer them (unless the person/people who ask do so politely and are not hecklers). There are many tricks that can be done in less than 30 seconds with crazy impact, and Tudor taught some (badly, though) on his Heckler DVD. Stuff such as Card to Front Zipper, Card through Glass, Card to backpocket, several Triumph effects, etc are all impromptu and can be done real quick. You just HAVE to have two or three tricks that's pure jabs without patters.

But, NEVER try to make them look stupid in front of everybody else. If you can't win them, at least you can shut them up WITHOUT having to make them look like little kids (despite their behavior).
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Comebacks for the situations as described at the start.

Can I see/shuffle your pack. Answer Yes. It's good technique to always start with a normal pack and switch to your gimmicked pack later on in the trick. The audience aren't going to stop you halfway through to shuffle/inspect if you are performing a decent routine.

Can I show you a trick. Answer Yes (if of appropriate gender) I'll meet you in my hotel room in half an hour. Yes (if not appropriate) but I can I just finish my routine first.

Can you do such and such a trick. Answer Yes and then get on with whatever you're doing.

You have two of the same cards/just lifted two. If you have then practice more if you haven't then show them.

Generally I don't get heckled when doing magic but then again I try not to set myself up to invite them. When I juggle I often get heckled and have appropriate responses. It's as much a state of your mind as it is your audience and only experience will teach you how to cope not someone elses smart answers. (and that includes mine)

I knew a man who kept saying "pliers, pincers, scissors". He was speaking in tongs.
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You should not have a problem with them checking your deck if you are using a normal deck. I hope you are not like some of the "magicians" here in south africa that call themselves that because they bought Theatrix's Box or can or whatever they call it now.

I have to agree with the other guys here. If by chance you do get caught on an occasion which does happen every now and again when you **** up, then you can use some of the above suggestions. There are some really good ones here. There are 1 or 2 that I would like to use if you guys don't mind.

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South Africa
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I saw Danny Ray perform and a lady just kept saying stuff, stopping the flow during one trick. So, he kept making her come up front and tricks like do as I do only they can't do it. Very funny. Very well handled.
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HEcklers do take it like a challenge but do not come of as an ass or other laymen might feel a little scared.
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I don't think there's any hard and fast way of dealing with hecklers. There are just too many variables.

I've had hecklers who were just good-hearted guys who wanted to have fun, and when I jived with them, they repsonded a little bit, everyone had a good laugh and we got on the with show.

On the other hand, I've had hecklers who were just idiots (a few fabulous drunk idiots, at that). I ignored them, just kept keeping on, finished the gig and got out of Dodge.

One gig was a total disaster: It was the opening of a youth center and the youths, if they ever reached maturity, might be tomorrow's ax murderers. They didn't want to see magic or much of anything else--just wanted to rant and carry on. I slapped a frozen smile on my face and zoomed through my act and that was that. Since it was a freebie, I felt I got burned on it. But I learned--and I especially learned never to go back to that place again.

Ultimately, you have to judge each situation on its own merits, or demerits. And no matter what anyone says, there's no universal rule of handling hecklers. In fact, I remember watching a musician, and someone from the audience shouted something out (can't recall it now). But he wasn't trying to heckle the musician; he'd actually said something nice. The musiciand didn't hear him correctly, overreacted and said something really nasty. It put a pall on the rest of the show.

So I'd just say whatever you do, you're probably better off making your mistakes on the side of gentleness and decency. Maybe you won't put the heckler down (then again, maybe no one can), but at least the audience'll think well of you. For the most part, audiences can't stand hecklers, either.

Final note: In 25 years of doing magic in all sorts of places, I've found hecklers are rare birds indeed. Certainly, they've never been a significant enough problem that I've worried about them. I've got enough problems worrying about keeping my act together.
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1. Can I shuffle the deck?
Not on the first date.

2. You picked up two cards (double lift).
Wow! They didn't feel that heavy.(or ingnore it.)

3. Let me show you a trick.
Oh, are you a gymnast?

4. Can you do the one where the card ends up in the bottle?(or something you're not prepared to do).
I wish!

5. let me see your deck.
Not on the first date.

6. you have two of the same cards.
Actually I have several. (Hindu Shuffle showing the same card over and over.)
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The key is DIFFUSE the situation. Make it seem that you DON'T care. Be non confrontional and make it clear that the idea of your act is to entertain not make them look stupid...

1. Can I shuffle the deck ?
-Only if you don't get them out of order.
-Sure...but only if you do it like this....(do a fancy false cut or just spring the card)
-I don't know, are your hands clean?
(depending on the trick you could....glimpse the selection and then let them or do another trick, thinking on your feet. But I don't like to give in to demands EVEN if I can! Why? because the NEXT demand might be one I can't meet!)

2. You picked up two cards (double lift)
-Sorry my friend, Mark is right, practice!

3. Let me show you a trick
-If you've got time then let them. It makes you look nice. If not...
-"And let you make me look bad? No way!"
-"Sorry, your not in the union."
-"Sure go for it!" and put your cards away...."Oh, you want to use MY cards!"
-"Sure! But not in front of the boss. I'll meet you out back in five minutes. If I'm not there, start without me."

4. Can you do the one where the card ends up in the bottle?(or something you're not prepared to do)
-"Card in the bottle?!?! I haven't done that in YEARS! Why control one card when you can control ALL of them!" (and then do OOTW or something COMPLETELY different. I wouldn't suggest doing something similar but not as good otherwise they'll compare you)

5. let me see your deck
-Undo your fly and say " DECK" Smile
-"Let me see yours"
-"No....otherwise you'll find the white tiger and the girl in the sequins."
-If they PUSH and you a gimmick you can't get rid of i.e. Invisible Deck then say "I'd LOVE to let you look at it but then you'd see how I did the trick!"

6. you have two of the same cards
If you DO - sorry, you need more practice. Smile

If you DON'T but they are a jerk-
"Yes, but only on the back, the fronts are different"
"Actually, its one card with a split personality."

Ribbon spread or show the cards BUT only as if it is the part of what you were planning to do anyway. Don't be seen to be giving in.

I often act confused by such heckles as if I don't understand what they mean and what they are doing. This has two purposes 1) It makes the heckler realise his reponse is not usual and he is acting out of the realm of acceptable behaviour and 2) It gives me enough time to a) clean up b) think of a comeback or c) change the routine!
Tor Egil
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1. Can I shuffle the deck ?

2. You picked up two cards (double lift)

3. Let me show you a trick

4. Can you do the one where the card ends up in the bottle?(or something you're not prepared to do)

5. let me see your deck

6. you have two of the same cards

1 But then you would ruin the special order of the cards.Why would you do that? It's not like I'm showing naked pictures of your wife I nailed.
2 Otherwise this trick wont work
3 Does it involve me smacking you with a 4 by 4?
4 I can do the one where my foot ends up in your ass
5 Can't you see it from where you are standing?
6 Again, there might be something wrong with your vision
The Mac
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TOR that's brutal..I think you're listening to too much George Carlin.
I love it!

WOLF funny you mention teatrix box sets . I walked past that stupid thing at gateway the other day.

thanks for all the advice guys
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I find that I feel more comfortable when I get a laugh from the audience. My style is to start off with a humourous story or gag.
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