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Profile of scuppe80
I have just begun studying magic and I want to be a magican. I can do the same levitation illusion that David Blaine does but I want to learn more, can somebody tell me where I must start? Smile
Tero Yrjänä
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Portland, Oregon
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Profile of Callin
There is a video called "The Self-Levitation Video" that teaches the effect very well. However, be warned, what you saw David Blaine do on TV was not exactly what the live audience saw.

Richard Green
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Florian Rago
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Try this website
Get my drift

Tolga Ozuygur
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Istanbul / Turkey
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Tero, If I were you I would go into more magic rather than showmanship.I agree with Callin, you will not get what you expect. Buy more serious videos. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
Peter Marucci
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Blaine's best illusion is conning young magicians into thinking that what he does is really street magic!
Bird Brain
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Well, wait a minute, everyone!

Remember, our wonderful Mr. Blaine got Scuppe80 into this wonderful field of magic!

Scuppe, I think the point that everyone is making is that David is not THAT skilled compared to other magicians. I myself see that, but I also *cough cough* LIKE some of his stuff. He's got a cool style! *sticks tongue out in a friendly way at everyone sitting in the Cafe*

So you want to be a magician? Here's my advice! Go for it! It's awesome! Buy a book on magic. I would suggest Bill Tarr's "Now you see it, Now you don't - Lessons in sleight of hand". Actually, it might also be at your library!

There's also some basic magic tricks available (free) online. Try doing a search "Card Trick Central".

Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions!

And good luck! You're gonna love it.

Bird Brain
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Costa Rica
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Profile of Rafa
I'd say that first search a little bit more. What Blaine "does" in his video is NOT what you will be able to do when you learn his levitation technique.
There's a BIG difference between "magic using special effects" and "magic using special effects but trying to sell an image that you're against big illusions".
Don't get me wrong: He is great at what he does... but what he actually does, not what people think he does. I'm with Peter on this one.

Florian Rago
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Try my earlier website but with the normal http: in front
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Profile of philwalker_wba
Im new to magic too, and one bit of advice I found very useful was the difference between demonstrating tricks and presenting magic. Its the presentations of something that should have a rational explenation, but which is presented in such a way that it overides the natural instincts and therefore allows you it to appear magical. There is therefore an skill to presenting tricks but and art to performing magic. David Blaine for all his faults is and excellent presnter of magic.
If at First you dont succeed try a little magic.

Regards phil
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Profile of G-Diddy

to get more into magic consider buying books and videos on magic that are relevant to the field of magic that interests you.
for example, card magic, coin magic, stage magic can read about what is good and recommended in the messages on the respective boards...
Also consider going to a magic store to see some of the effects that they carry, and to see magicians do their magic...there is good stuff out there that Blaine does not perform.
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Profile of CardSharp You can buy some Blaine-like tricks here. though you could do a search for David Blaine and find some good how-to sites. PM me if you have any certain tricks you would like to learn, because I know how to do (or at least get the same efect of) practicly all Daveid Blaine's tricks.
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Sunny So. California
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Profile of BlakeBlair

Go to a Magic store /Retailer, Buy & Learn, Ask your Retailer to show you a demo of the item, if you like it Buy it, and ask your retailer to do a lil' Hands on Help.. He will be Glad to help you..

Find your Own Grove in the spectator friendly buisness. Please relize it does take Years of Practice with your Props, as well as getting your showmanship down to an art...

And like you'll hear from everyone.. Practice, Practice, ahhhh you know the rest...

FuFanu.. Two Cards Torn & Restored...

Are You Ready ?! Its here !!
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Profile of kasperzghost
Ok everyone in here has been pretty down on david blaine but once u get into magic more u will find that the stuff he does isn't actuly what u see BUT he still is a good show man which i beleive is half of the magic expereince but when u get more into it u will find u get he becomes less spectacular u must remeber DAVIDE BLAINE WENT TO ACTING SCHOOL and that's what he does takes good tricks and puts a big act around them but on a good note it works!! so props to him for that Smile
Pablo Tejero
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Zaragoza, SPAIN
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Please, do yourself a favour and buy a real book of magic. I don´t mind which, Tarbell Course in Magic, Giobbi´s Card College,... i don´t mind. Begin where you want, with the kind of magic you want. But please, it´s my opinion, forget all these pages that teach you how to become a blaine clon in a few days.

Do you want to become a real magician... or not?

All the best magic,

Pablo Tejero Smile
"The Magic is in the air, you just have to... breathe it!"
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Profile of Knate
I'm into David Blaines Magic and i think that it is totally cool what he does when i watch him on the t.v i am sitting there with my Bicycles Smile trying to work out how to do his card tricks...He's AMAZING... Smile
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Profile of rowdymagi5
The thing is, David Blaine, whether you like him and his magic or not, is making TONS of money. He may not be as skilled as other Magicians, but he is the one with the fame. He figured out a way to make it big. Since he did not give up, and pursued his dream, there are many who will bash him, and will be negative towards him. I really don't care what he "calls" his magic, ie street magic, etc. I enjoy all types of Magic, and feel that David Blaine is just one of us, who happened to make it big! How many of us here in the Café would refuse to take a million dollars and be on a T.V. special, just because we don't like the name of the show?? (street magic)
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Essex, England
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Profile of theamazingsteve
What you see isn't what you'll be able to do. Do a search on the internet and you'll probably find it, but it is rather tricky to perform.
After all, Blaine doesn't make programmes for magicians, he makes them for spectators, so what you see may not be what you may be able to do if you try and replicate it. He manipulates what you see to make you more amazed.

One piece of advice (I'm no expert but I've heard lots of people say this) - don't fall into the trap of buying tricks and wanting to do tricks 'because Blaine does it'

Do the tricks you like and like performing, and develop your own style. It is only because Blaine is such a good performer that people think his tricks are excellent. You can make almost any trick as effective as what he does with the right presentation.

Good luck with your magic!
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N. Ireland
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Profile of Donnay
I have to say that i enjoy Blaine on Tv but it's not so great when you know what you see on Tv is not what happens in the street. the street is his stage and he knows where all his props are. Yes he is better than me, but then agian i don't pretend to be what i'm not. Just take the loving embrace from the fellow magicians here and become yourself not someone like yourself.!
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Profile of gandolf
Read the "sticky" at the top of this forum. Priceless information, and great resources. It any of what is mentioned in there does not pique your interest, there is no magic in your future. I'll bet you David Blaine has some of that list in his collection!
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New York
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Profile of OneStarr
I think that a lot of people put down Blaine because he is doing what so many other magicians have been doing for years, only he's developed a persona to go along with his performances, and he's successful.

I think it's because of this that a lot of magicians feel slighted. Humm...

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