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I'm one of two MC's at a show. I need intros that are preferably funny and don't insult the act. I need about 20 intros. It would really save my neck if I could get all 20. The show is in two days. I have a bunch of jokes. Here are the intros I have so far (those with asterics insult the act):

1. And now, I introduce a person who is clever and witty, and I could go on and on, except I’m having a terrible time reading their handwriting.
*2. Before we introduce our next act, let me remind you that no one is perfect.
*3. Remember folks, I just introduce them, I don’t guantee them.
4. I’m glad to be here. I followed the organizers’ instructions but I got here anyway.
*5. Our next performer can point to many amazing accomplishments in his lifetime. Unfortunately, none of them were his.
*6. We were worried that our main performer wouldn’t be able to make it tonight. But, unfortunately, due to a hole in the prosecution's case…….
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you may want to reconsider those 6 bacause in all honestly they do sound offensive, imho.

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Snap -

I have MCed 10's of shows (probably in the 40s) and my best advice is:

- Don't try to be funny. Be charming and supportive of the other acts

- Don't do 'comic' intros; almost all of them (including ALL of the ones you listed only serve to belittle the acts you are bringing out and make the audience think you don't think much of them

- If the producer expects you to be the comedy in the show, limit it to one or two short bits in the show, in front of the curtain, at an appropriate time in the show (when the next act needs extra time to set up or when you are trying to 'break up' a couple of similar acts.

Being the MC is an honor but it's also a thankless job. You are there to keep the show moving, make the other acts look good and help out (by stalling) if something goes wrong.

Don't worry, just being the MC makes the audience like you (you get to talk to them directly, are the first person they see, are their guide to the rest of the night).

For introductions, go ahead and watch the acts rehearse, review their resumes and then just come out and say something nice or impressive about each act. Get excited for the crowd and let them know that with each act, they are in for a treat.

Best of luck

peter gross
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Good advice, suspect. I would also like to add that different acts often do have intros that they would like you to read. Take some index cards and ask them prior to the show, how they would like to be introduced. Then, as Suspect said, play them up in a positive, non-comical way. It will make them, you, the show, and the venue look more professional. As was stated earlier, if you are expected to be the humor then work out three or four five minute bits. Make sure the bits can be cut or extended. Your job is to make the transition between acts seamless and to make everybody else look good. That means that sometimes an act will not be ready to go on and you will have to keep the audience entertained until they can. You must do this without the audience knowing what is happening. Good Luck and have fun!
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An MC needs to fill the time between acts as well as introduce the next act. I would think the introduction part should be non-biased. I agree witht the above posts. Scrap those 6. You also need to check with each act to see how many minutes they need to setup, then come up with a signal if they run alittle late or early. Jokes are fine, simple magic is fine, stories are fine. I can only recommend what I have already seen or heard.

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And now, coming all the way from _________, it's _________ and his amazing display of magic!

Also, I have seen with great success as a time filler between acts, to make comments/actions about the act you just saw. For instance, if they were jugglers, try to juggle, then fail, ands say "That's why I'm the Emcee"!! It's ok to make fun of yourself, but NEVER clown an act even if it was bad.
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Muzicman has some good advice
I would change only one thing.

And now, coming all the way from _________, it's _________ and his amazing display of magic!

this would be better

and now all the way from ____________, with an amazing disply of magic.Please welcome _______________!

The acts name should alway be last!
Peter Marucci
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Sound advice, here.

The MC's job is to keep the show running on time and smoothly. And he can't do that if he's worrying about getting a laugh -- worse, at the expense of the acts themselves.
If you insist on doing humor -- and ONLY if you insist -- direct it against yourself and not against the acts. No matter how well-meaning it may be, it is going to sound like you are putting them down.

One of my favorites, for an MC, is to walk out on stage, appear surprised at the size of the audience, and then say: "This is the biggest crowd I've appeared in front of since my trial." Then introduce the next act.

Remember, the acts are the stars of the show; essentially, you are just one of the props.

Not particularly nice to dwell on but it IS reality.
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About the only time you can get away with firing shots at the act is when you are an MC at a roast in somebody's honor. There it's okay to throw out some insults or jabs. But if you're doing a regular show as an MC, NEVER, NEVER cut down the acts. Someday the situation may be reversed. Would you want some MC taking shots at you and basicly telling the audience now is a good time to take a restroom break.
Always support your fellow entertainers.
Braxton Mannar
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I've logged lotsa hours emceeing on ocassions from short film events, to variety shows, circus, and headliner concerts. The emcee must be likeable, trustworthy, and a source of boundless positive energy. You are the "happy glue" that holds together the audience's collective experience. You MUST take the high ground when wearing the emcee mantle of authority. Go get 'em!

"The re-souling of magic should be the goal of the twenty first century magician"-
S.H. Sharpe
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One of my favourite that I have heard before is, " And now introduciong a well known entertainer, I know him, you know him, everyone knows him. And without further a due, Introducing... um... Er... (Look at folded piece of paper from pocket). OH YES! Introducing (Name)!
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Steve Walker does a great line when introducing a series of acts. For the first act of the night he says..."Now I shouldn't be saying this but if there was one act tonight that was the best it would be this one."

For the second act he says "Now I shouldn't be saying this but if there was one act tonight that was the best it would be this one."

By the third or fourth act he only needs to say "Now I shouldn't be saying this but........."
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Snap, those intros are good for a roast not a regular show.
"We are what we pretend to be" Kurt Vonnegut, jr.

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Harry Mandel
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Snap, I am supprise nobody has mentioned Terry Seabrook. He was the king of the MC's. Jay Marshall was also a great one.

Find Terrys book and read it. It can be ivaluable for what you need.

You are to be likable, not the show. You need to fill holes well if they happen, but not make yourself too noticed. You run the show smoothly, but are not the show.

In short you have a tremendous responsability for keeping the show running on an even keel, but not a huge part in actually making yourself known for doing it. More like a good bass drumb beat in music. If you hear it a lot, it is wrong.
Danny Doyle
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I have done a lot of MC work and a lot where magicians have been on the bill.
If you are going to MC a Roast...then you are expected to give a funny, insulting-like intro to the acts.
"We have looked high and low for acts tonight..this next act we found during the low portion of that search."
On the other hand, for a normal show, you need to give respect to acts that require it. But you can still be funny.
"This next act and the termites in this building have a lot in common. They both know how to bring down the house."
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Hear is guaranteed way to make someone not want to perform for you again to introduce them in a way which belittles them - and it is especially unfair on people who are new to performing ...
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Short and sweet is good
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