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I always wanted to witness two things: Rapid inductions and online hypnosis demonstrations (instead of simply books). I came across the following site and bought the third hypnosis video explanation:

I must say I'm very satisfied, even if the explanation was quite simple, but I wonder if some of you have bought one of the other ones, and what you think about these inductions.

Finally, do you think that what we see is real? I mean, is the guy an actor or is it real? Well, even if the guy is an actor, I still beleive that these inductions work, but I have not tried the one I bought yet. I'm considering buying the other ones. Thanks for your comments.
The Count of Three
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No reason for a stooge. Rapid inductions can work. Keep in mind the process of hypnotic *conditioning*: the demo subject is the same in all the videos. They've worked together multiple times, which doesn't make it stooging, it's just that when the subject is familiar with what trance feels like, and trusts the hypnotist, and has a willingness to follow directions, it's that much easier to go into hypnosis. And each time, you can go faster & deeper (especially if the hypnotist has suggested this).

I looked at the site & think the material is quite overpriced. I was quite shocked that each video is only a couple of minutes long.

A much better value, to my mind, is Gerald Kein's "Rapid and Instant Inductions" video. I own it. And there's two solid hours of instruction (and the underlying theory & subtleties) on the tape/DVD. (Of course this tape is marketed for clinical hypnotism, rather than stage-style, but it's very educational.)

A few free(!) bits of advice for you:

Different styles and speeds of inductions are appropriate for different settings.

There are certain tried-and-true inductions around, but if you've learned the *principles* behind hypnotic inductions, then you can use your creativity to come up with your own!

Rapid/instant inductions work, but it's vitally important to immediately follow up the induction with *deepening techniques*, otherwise your subject will rapidly emerge.

That's why once you know how to take a person into hypnosis, that you also need a clear idea of what you want to happen next. For example, after deepening, what phenomena do you want to suggest that they will experience? Consider the importance of *convincers* (phenomena which allow the subject to convince themselves that, yes, they are hypnotized): if you don't use them, many people won't believe they have been hypnotized, because the experience is not what they expected it to be.

Good luck!
Richard Busch
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I'd like to echo (and compliment) the above skepticism from Chaldean. Those techniques shown are old fashioned, naive, inelegant, disrespectful, and a possible lawsuit just waiting to happen from touching people, jerking them around, and risking injury to their back, neck, arms, muscles, etc. What you think is cool because it seems to be "working" is taking you down the wrong road, going in the wrong direction. My sincerely best advice is: don't do it. It's not a trick or parlour game. No kidd'n. I write these words as a kindness to protect you from avoidable risk. Nuff said.
Richard Busch
Jonathan Townsend
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Richard, where can we read or see hypnosis in action? The "show" stuff is kind of scary and I'm curious what the perceptual and functional dimensions of hypnosis are for the patient/client/ (victim?)

Thanks in advance. all the coins I've dropped here
Richard Busch
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And my compliments as well to Mr. Townsend. Having a psychological background, he knows that legitimate clinical training techniques are generally private to health & hypnosis professionals in the field. He subtly reminds us to remember the difference between clinical hypnosis (patient/client oriented) and "victim" as in an exceptionally bad stage hypnosis program. Many stage hyp. performers like Ken Weber (you know him from Maximum Entertainment), Ford Kross, Paul Alberstat, Sam Hawley and others do a fine job. Many more however are unprofessional in every sense. They don't know what they are talking about and don't know they do not know. Beware of their "instant" products. The techniques they offer are relics of old-fashioned thinking and old-fashioned money makers.
Richard Busch
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Clinical hypnosis is not a spectator sport . The real thing is often very boring to watch as the real work is going on inside the mind of the client . Speed of induction is unimportant compared to genuinely evoking the clients real experience.
The whole frame of entertainment hypnosis is different .
The "subject " is being used to demonstrate something . Usually the power of the hypnotist . Hypnotists doing this are usually wanting compliance to direct commands .
They pick people who are highly suggestable or simply too embarrassed to resist.
From what I have seen so far very little of the effect is achieved by skill in hypnosis but by the power of controlling people on stage or the suggestions built in to the show . There are of course a proportion of people who want to be on stage and used in this way . I believe this is a different type of skill and is best learnt directly from those who do it professionally and safely .You want people who are "volunteering" for entertainment not someone slipping into a deep trance .
I would be very interested if anyone with a hypnosis background has seen respectful and genuine hypnosis used in entertainment .I know there are members of the Café who do work this way . Are there any recordings of them available .
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Thanks for all your comments Smile. Chaldean, I watched the Gerald Kein video link and it was very interesting. And by the way, even if I am quite satisfied with the video I bought from the site I mentioned, I must say it is indeed overpriced, and the fact that the text file that explains what happens in the video is very short can maybe make a few people "dangerous".
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Ah, yes, and everything said was certainly appreciated, but no one has given any "direction" to the source of the infamous "instant induction" - are you saying that this shouldn't be tried? Or that we simply have to pester those individuals that Richard mentioned (as well as Richard himself! <grin>) to find our Holy Grail...)

I think hypnosis is a (generally) masturbatory demonstration that can have devastating results when (all too often) not done correctly, or done without some empathy towards the client/volunteer. But this opinion/position doesn't mean that I, personally, wouldn't use it, if I could, and use it correctly, if the opportunity arose for a really good effect!

But, I cannot, because I refuse to try to learn such a technique from videos and poorly authored, if Richard was in the neighborhood (hint hint) and wanted to chat about hypnosis, as well as, oh, say, a few peeks...

Lee Darrow
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If one is going to learn hypnosis, for heaven's sake, do it right and get professional training! I simply cannot stress this enough. Hypnosis is a high-level communicative process that deals with a very wide range of behavioral modalities that makes Kentonism look like kinderspiel.

You will not learn how to deal with things like abreactions, phobic responses, misunderstood suggestions, non-directed triggering, spontaneous regression, catatonia or any of a number of other, admittedly rare (but still common enough) phenomena that you WILL eventually run into while performing. If you do not know what these terms mean, then I have further proven my point.

Organizations like the National Guild of Hypnotists (which has several trainers in the UK and worldwide) offer substantial training programs, as do the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association and any of the member groups of the Congress of Professional Hypnosis Organizations (COPHO).

Please do NOT rely on weekend wonder training from people who crank out these "learn to hypnotize anyone, anywhere and get them to do anything, instantly!" programs.

Ask yourself: Did you learn to become a professional level mentalist or magician from a DVD? What makes you think you can do it in a weekend with something as complex as hypnosis? Let's face it, Mark Lewis was one of the folks who put out one of these programs and several of the current crop of video courses seem to have borrowed liberally from his not-so-original tape. Is that where you want to come from?

The safest way to learn is in a supervised situation, where you can get the feedback you need and the help you might need, should anything happen that you aren't ready to deal with.

Get the clinical certification first. Many insurance companies are now requiring one before they will issue performance liability coverage these days anyway. Then take one of the hypnosis show classes, Like the one Ormond McGill & Jerry Valley teach. But please! Don't go the weekend-wonder route or the vidiot route! Hypnosis isn't like working with a deck of cards and you never know what you are going to run into out there.

I'm only speaking from 37 years' experience as a stage hypnotist, working all over the US, Canada, the Caribbean and a few gigs in Europe, so take the advice for what it's worth. I've also written the first e-book for working stage hypnotists that deals exclusively with the topic of safety - in fact, I was supposed to teach the first class in the history of the field on this topic at the National Guild of Hypnotist's convention this past August, but a small case of pneumonia got in the way.

So, let me step off this soap box and return from the Land of the Rant...

That's better...!

Lee Darrow, C.H.
<BR>"Because NICE Matters!"
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As a twenty year veteran of theatrical stage hypnosis I will add my thoughts regarding hypnosis and the rapid induction. The following is quite naturally my
own opinions which I submit here to be totally ignored.

I urge any would be “master hypnotist” to read over Lee’s posting above and take it to heart.

However, I would make one addition to what Lee says;

A career in theatrical hypnosis requires more than an understanding of various relaxation techniques or how to deal with induced trama. Sure, you can bluff your way through a few stop smoking sessions, con your way through a weight loss session or two, go out on the bar/night-club circuit, but your days on stage will be numbered.

A successful theatrical hypnosis show requires the talent, skills and knowledge of a stage performer. Audience management, character development (how to move, think and act on stage), improvisational skills, sense of timing, etc, etc, etc.

(O.K. Here I go again... ranting on about work, lots
and lots of training, practice, seaking professional advise and
more work regarding what really brings in the money;
being an entertainer in your own right. Why is it that
the majority of “Masters” only want to attend a two week
(or two day) workshop to earn a title?)

You will not learn how to be a stage performer from watching a video or reading a book. There are far too many “Master Hypnotists” out there who rely solely on
the volunteers(?) to be the entertaining force of the event. Much like a magician with a pretty box that does the wow thing, these people may very well be hypnotists but IMO they are hardly masters of themselves let alone the stage.

A professional entertainer strives to be remarkable and memorable. Most of these “master hypnotists” are generic and stupendously forgettable.

Also, don’t confuse being notable with being
notorious. Many new hypnotists out in Western Canada
are busy attempting to out do each other in the bar scene
with more and more vulgar X-rated shows. These types
of shows sell drinks for the bar owner but keep the
practitioner away from the real money in the corporate and
public arenas.
(Oh right ... you only make it there if you
have done your work and learned how to entertain a
paying audience).

Plus ... and this is important kiddies ... the x-rated shows taint the entire practice of theatrical hypnosis to the degree that clients with real money won't hire a hypnosis act unless it has a proven track record for delivering clean, funny material. That's good for guys like me who have been around but it makes it harder for new guys to get in the door.

Now what was this thread about again? Oh right...

In a stage hypnosis show, rapid induction is a
bit of an illusion. When you discover that some of your
guests have successfully participated in a previous
hypnosis show, you can exploit their pre-programming
and induce them quite quickly. They’ve done it before,
they want the experience again or they wouldn’t be sitting
there ... so remind them of the great feelings their past
experience provided and .....). This give the audience
immediate results and has a “follow the leader” effect on
the rest of the group while you proceed with a standard

Other than that, why would you want a repertoire of speed inductions that should only be used in a clinical setting?

Which brings us to one final thought from the questioning mind (if not questionable mind) of Mr. BlackSalt: Stop selling snake oil. If you want to offer psychological help go to school and get your degree. (oh ... right ... that would require even more work! Sorry, I just never understood the mind of the underachiever.)
Michael BlackSalt
A Vacation For The Mind!
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