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Ottawa, Canada
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Whats the one thing you hate most that a spectator sometimes does?

I hate it when someone in the audience has some sort of knowledge in magic and somehow feels it's his responsiblilty to let everyone in on the workings of a particular trick. Thanks for ruining the fun....
Sammy the Kid
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Southern Illinois
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I hate it when they want to touch stuff. Especially bad with my mom and my father-in-law. Fortunately, when I let mom shuffle the stripper deck, I was still able to "find" her card.

Sammy the Kid
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I hate it when they give me ZERO respect. turning over cards left and right, asking to shuffle the deck, asking to inspect coins, picking up coins and cards in the middle of a routine, asking to see my hands are empty, insisting that I do a trick again and when I say no they say I can't repeat it because I am not a real magicain (which may be true, but that's not why...), starting to talk about random stuff...

Generally when they just don't give me any respect. Hopefully when I am an adult I will be considered a magician, and people will treat me like one, and won't be jerks.

Hopefully I will get better at using these "people" to my advantage.
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Northern California
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Rmax, are these friends and family you're talking about?
If so, they will never change. I would not worry about it too much.
In fact, think hard about when this happens. What you do to coax them into asking.
Analyze. Is it always the same point in the same effect? Study yourself.

If you start to perform profesisonally, you'll find that this happens very little. One reason is that people you don't know at all will be naturally more polite.

And they won't really know that you're NOT a "real" magician.
No kidding! Hand Crafted Magic
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Sam Tabar
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Austin, Texas
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I hate it when performing for a group a certain person will whip out his "mr. know-it-all" attitude.
"Knowledge comes from finding the answers, but understanding what the answers mean is what brings wisdom." - Anonymous
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Eternal Order
Northern California
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P.s. listing pet peeves is great but more important is helping each other
know what to do in that case....

Grabby, big egos, self-proclimed comedians, jerks, and @sses.
These types will always be around. Coming out of the woodwork when you least expect it.Consider it a challenge.

When you leave their table, strive to have them be the one to shake your hand and applaude the most. The others WILL notice.

This way, you will not focus on their neurosis.
You will have a goal. Practice it. You'll need it.

Take notes on what worked and what did not.

I remember an individual from about 3 years ago that still gets under my skin.
You do not want to remember things like that.
Make them the hero. Don't try to fool them. You don't need to do the sucker effect.
Drop it.

Some people cannot stand the idea of a magic performance.
They are terrified they will get fooled...
If getting them on your side is not possible after a few attempts, thanks them.... and walk away.

Thinking that they might get fooled is not your fault. That is some other magician's fault, or perhaps their parent's fault. Not yours. Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
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Stockholm, Sweden
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In life you will meet plenty of people who behave in ways that are difficult to understand. I've met a guy who walked away from me in the middle of a sentence when someone more famous entered the room. I've met a guy who treatetd me like a coat hanger. I've met a guy who screamed four letter words a few times a minute. I've met a guy who didn't know how to tell the time. I've met many of people who were manic or depressed. None of them were evil; a few of them probably could be assigned a diagnosis, such as Tourette, Asperger or manic depression. All of them were magicians. Learning to understand and handle people is a life long mission. And yes, in a few rare cases, the only solution is to flee.
Matthew Bennett
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Louisville, KY
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Aside from all of this are the 19 out of every 20 people who say "THAT...WAS...AWESOME...I love it - show me again - show me something else!!!"

I have a lot of pet peeves with people. But in most cases it was my own fault. (...If someone picks up a card and looks at it too soon in the trick, my instructions weren't clear enough)But all of the annoyances are worth the looks of amazement, the laughter, and the wonder that the majority of people have when they see magic happen.

The annoying people I can live with...

Matthew A Bennett
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While thinking about these kinds of things it might be a good idea to think about the things we, as performers, are doing that annoy the specs.
Eric Leclerc
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Ottawa Ontario
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Magicians annoying spectators!?!?!?! NOOOOOOOO

Because we interrupt them in their conversations? Or maybe we make them feel stupid with our tricks. Our maybe its the corny unbelievable patter we deliver? Maybe its the generic black tuxedos we love so much? Maybe its the "i'm better than you" look on our faces after a trick? hmm I cant imagine why people hate magicians..

hehe as far as what spectators do that annoys US.. Well this is the walkaround and party stroller forum right? We have the ability to walk away when we don't like a group.

I was once doing a huge banquet for a high school's national basketball tournament. I was getting great reactions from each table. applause and screams, creating a lot of interest. There were tables of 10, when I got to this table I said my opening line and asked if they wanted to see magic, all of them nodded and one girl said "not really" so I said "not really? ok!, thanks guys have a good day" and I left to another table. Her friends made her feel badly enough for acting up, I didn't have to do anything.

If you get annoyed by a spectator, just walk away, they will get the idea....
Lee Darrow
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Chicago, IL USA
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My biggest pet peeve is trying o figure out what to FEED the (^#@# thing! I mean the people at Purina (the dog chow folks) gave me a really funny look when I asked them if they made Pet Peeve Chow! I mean, they make Horse Chow and Cat Chow and even Duck Chow, but ask for Pet Peeve Chow and they look at you like you're crazy or something!


Heck, they even make Tornado Chow! Of course, they label it "Trailer Park" so something like that! But, if you look at a trailer park from the air, through infra-red goggles, the roofs all have the Purina Tornado Chow label on them, plain as day!

Just couldn't resist!

Lee Darrow, C.H.
<BR>"Because NICE Matters!"
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Well Frank, I try to analyze when these occurances happen-- When did this happen in the routine? Was it something that I said? Did a make a weird face at this point? Did I mess up in some way? Did the patter stop for a couple beats?

Things like this-- yes, I try.

If I am not doing a party (which some folks are still not as respectful as they should be) I am generally performing for friends at school or family. At school, I am considered "the magician" everyone knows me, and they all think I am really good. They're so naive Smile.
Even my mom starts talking in a routine, and not when I am just performing for her, but for like 10 other people. For instance, someone will say something like "wow, that was REALLY smooth" my mom will go on about how that's all I do is practice my little wand spin thingy... It's a pain.

I am working on my patter and presence, and presentation so that I have an answer for every situation/comment. I ahve a feeling I will be working on this for the rest of my life. Hopefully I am wrong.
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Some people can be very annoying ,If I get someone who I can tell is going to try and be clever etc I usually smile and explain that is surprising that the way the brain works that usually the more intelligent you are the more likely you are to get fooled as some of the greatest minds in the world have enjoyed magic.
It seems to work
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I think the most annoying is when they ask you to do something, but could care less what you do. And they're pretty much being really passive and rude. Usually if someone tried to belittle me by saying they know how a tricks done. Or they're just being obnoxious, I'll be more than willing to stop performing completely. This works best with their friends around, because they'll usually be the enforcer I need to have a trouble free performance. They'll put them in their place...
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I hate spectators that ask you to repeat an effect again and never stop bugging you. I remember doing a very simple coin bend to several friends. After doing it, they would hand me a coin and ask me to bend it for them every time they see me.

"Ok guys, if he says yes, burn his hands so try and spot some sort of switch."
"Ok that's nice, enough with the card/coin/rope/whatever trick, how about bending that coin again?"

Same with vanilla192, I also hate spectators who have some sort of knowledge in magic. Just last week I approached a lady and began showing her a couple of coin effects. Whatever I do (false transfer, no-so-false transfer, ya you get the point) she would yell out, "The coin is in that hand... no wait... the other... open it up!!" Turns out that she had been interested in magic before, but quit because she thought it was too hard.
Al Angello
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Collegeville, Pa. USA
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It is an art to know when you should show off, and when you should shut up. If there isn't at least one person begging you to do a trick, chances are when you start no one will pay any attention to you. Indifference is not good.
Al Angello The Comic Juggler/Magician
"Footprints on your ceiling are almost gone"
Steven Steele
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Hesperia, California USA
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Being asked to a table to perform and then have somebody else walk up and begin talking to everybody (while I'm in the middle of a routine) and then the people turn around and begin talking to this new person, forgetting what they were just doing.
Skip Way
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Frank Starsini has it exactly right...people look askance at magicians because they hate to be fooled. I've always concentrated on comedy and used magic as a means to that end. This way, I'm entertaining with laughter and the magical resolution is secondary...yet still amazing. Everyone has fun!

One of my favorite responses to "I know how that's done" is, "Oh Yeah? Hey! Me, too!" I like to do a version of the Ball Vase using a duplicate ball as a second or third bit. As soon as I bring it out, kids and adults alike get this smug look on their faces. I do the basic routine and someone ALWAYS mentions the gimmicked lid. I pull the gimmick and set it aside, replace the lid, admit that they caught me...but, hey...that's I remove the lid and reveal the ball inside. I vanish and replace the ball three or four more times with the gimmick sitting in plain sight. Well, wha d'ya know! It IS magic!

They're fooled...but they are laughing so hard they haven't noticed. I really think that laughter is the key here. But...that's MY style.

:o) Skip
How you leave others feeling after an Experience with you becomes your Trademark.

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