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Hi, I'm wondering how close up can we get to the audience without them noticing the TT ? thanks
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I find it just depends on the person. You can get right up in the face of some people, do it over and over again and they still won't see it. Some people will study every move you do so you might want to conceal it more. You can tell what type of person they are when you begin.

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No, no. It doesn't depend on the audience. It depends on the performer. I, and many other magicians, use the tt in close-up performances all the time. The reason the audience never sees it is because it is almost never in a position where they CAN see it.

Look, a lot of novices seem to think that a tt is supposed to be a realistic replica of a thumb. In fact there is a guy on this board that will make you an exact replica of your own thumb for a lot of money. This is a huge waste of money. A tt is not a prosthesis designed to replace a missing body part and fool observers. It is not even supposed to be seen by the spectator. Why? Simple. Because everybody knows what a human thumb looks like. A tt is never going to fool someone close up.

Take a look at Silvano's handling of the silk and hanky on his Steven's Emporium tape. He uses the tt over and over to vanish and produce the silk in a close-up routine. But the tt is almost never visible to the guy he's performing for.

I've heard people say that you should be able to perform right under their noses with a bright red tt. I think this is hyperbole. A realistic tt adds to your confidence, and that's important. But handled correctly the standard Vernet tt is all you need. If you want to, get a wire brush at the home store. It looks like a toothbrush, but with silvery wires for bristles. Take that to the tt to dull it down. Then study some of the pro's routines like the Silvano one mentioned above.

Lastly, remember that this device is widely known to the public. My seven-year-old niece got one in a kid's magic set the other day. So try to come up with uses that aren't as obvious and even those who know will be fooled. You might want to consider eschewing it's use to vanish a cigarette and use a pull instead or a ff ala Billy McComb. Ya' know, just to screw with the wise guy's heads. When you finish waggle your thumbs at them.
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I totally see where you're coming from and I was wrong when I said it was about the people you do it for. I understand when you say almost every kid has a tt. My little cousin just got a kit from me and it had one in so I totally understand where you're coming from.

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It's very difficult to palm or hide a T.T. (Toyota Transmission). I try to not use it in close-up, though it's a great final load when doing the cups & balls.

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Alym Amlani
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On 2005-06-16 00:05, mormonyoyoman wrote:
It's very difficult to palm or hide a T.T. (Toyota Transmission). I try to not use it in close-up, though it's a great final load when doing the cups & balls.


Now that would win a competition for you!
Produce 3 finger tips and end w/ a thumb Smile
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Well, let's see. You could stand in a very crowded elevator and raise your TT hand and point to the ceiling and say... "Hey what's that” and NOBODY would notice the TT.
In fact, you could point with the TT itself and get away with it.
So... very, very, close.

The radius of possible exposure or ... ROPE is inversely proportional to your successful level of performance or your... SLOP.

If you know that nobody will notice, they won't. If you suspect that someone could notice, then your body will experience physiological changes, however small, and you might tip them off.

It's up to you.

Frank Hand Crafted Magic
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Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
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I perform Richard Osterlinds "Borrowed Bill to Borrowed Cigarette" close up table hopping. And that's pretty close up, and the TT is not exactly my color and I never been busted. I sometimes shake their hands with the TT on - try it - let another magician shake your hand with a TT on - you will not notice.

Secret: Frank is totally right on - it's all about you own ability to disregard it - to totally disregard the fact that you have the TT on while performing. If you are not "aware" and bring attention to it, neither will the audience.

Don't handwash and don't challenge the audience by unnecesarry pointing with your hand. Only when its absolutely needed to show that an item has vanished shuold you flash your dirty hand - otherwise just use that hand as natural as possible.

It's like getting used to palm cards without feeling guilty. Walk around with the TT on and get used to it - walk around with it and realise that nobody notices. Just like walking a round with a card in your palm - just to get used to the feeling.
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I don't remember who the magician is who is known for this technique...but it is one I have used right under the nose (literally) of the spectator. Here's the stand behind the spectator, and reach around them to vanish the silk streamer or what have you. By doing this, the spectator sees the fist that you are poking the streamer into, and the back of your "stealing" hand. You are right in their face, but it is impossible for them to see the TT, unless you keep your fist too open and they glimpse inside as you are poking the silk streamer in. Short of that, it's fool-proof. And, "You just can't get any closer."
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I went to a function the other night as a guest.During the dinner,a magician came up to the table and did a vanishing silk routine.I had to laugh inside as he flashed the TT numerous times.He retrieved the silk from a spectators sleeve in the usual fashion and seemed to me to be a bit obvious.However no one at the table had any idea as to how it was done and they couldn't stop talking about the dissappearing silk.
I also saw another magician doing the same trick on the street and he made no attempt to cover up the tt.No one picked up on it!

Glenn Godsey
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Watch Cellini on the "Art of Street Magic" DVD vol. 3.

Best regards,
Glenn Godsey
Erik Anderson
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Magicians as a rule suffer from too much guilt. They know they are hiding something and their body language can give away the fact that "something" is happening. The audience doesn't know what but they know something isn't right. That's when they start looking for something, and that's when you get caught.

I was doing a bill switch with a TT in a restaurant once. The table was stunned. It was all they could talk about. One guy said he had a "fake t**** thing" once a long time ago and asked if I'd ever seen such a thing. I lied and said "no, I don't think I had." (I was still wearing mine.) We talked for the next minute or so before I ditched it. I wasn't worried, and I didn't act like it.
Erik "Aces" Anderson

"I never let my schooling get in the way of my education." ~ Mark Twain
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I understand when you say almost every kid has a tt. My little cousin just got a kit from me and it had one in so I totally understand where you're coming from.


-I hate that, and I have the same problem when I use the Svengali deck. luckily I don't do both unless I am real pressed for ideas
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What about using a finger tip?
How to become a professional magician:
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Correct me if I'm wrong but, I beleive there was was a famous magician who used a green tt and was so good, it was never spotted
(handy if you are Kermit the frog I guess!!!)
Charlie Justice
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With proper misdirection and routining you can get closer than they want you to be.
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The question is... "Why would you need to be that close?"

Erik, I had the same situation working a bar one night. Regular bar visitors know about the plastic thumbthat you push a cigaretter into and make it vanish.
Well I told him I didn't need one of those plastic thumbs and vanished a cigarette.
I DID use a tip and he was just completely blown away. It is in my handling of the tip that makes it invisible.

Think less convincing and more controlling. Don't try to convince the people that there is no thumb tip. Control the situation so that they watch what you want them to watch.

Hope it helps
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Jonathan Brown
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There are so many more uses for the tip than on the thumb. If you are really worried about it, look at Slydini's work. There are really good ways to steal, load etc...without those "tell tale," signs that some spect. are used to seeing. Eg: Jamming your thumb into your fist and then showing the item gone. You just need to develop a style that fits and this kinda stuff falls into place. Eat a bran muffin and let it go!!!

All the best,
Justin N. Miller
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For those of you who do not know..the FIRST tt was metal and black.The idea is not to HIDE the tt but to use it in such away that it becomes a part of the fLOW of your effect or routine. I have placed on my t a black metal tt and did the EXACT routine as a vanishing silk and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON said "why is you t black and metal?" do you know why? Same reason when you do a p..s nobody can see it...It isdone on the off beat not on a one or two count (to you music majors that makes sence).
Justin Miller
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I remember when I saw my first TT and thought that will never work, nobody is going to think that's real.
Then I saw a good magician doing some vanish work but I didn't see the TT at all.
Funny about that. Smile

I agree with the posters above - if you are performing thinking "OMG I've got this funny coloured plastic thingie on I hope I don't get caught", chances are you will.
Escapemaster-in-chief from all sorts of houdingplaces - Finnegans Wake
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